Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All Our September Elevenths

The WTC and Jan III Sobieski

Nobody who reads this blog needs a reminder of what today is.

This time last year I told the story of the other September 11th.

On this day in 1683 King Jan III Sobieski of Poland arrived at Vienna to break the siege of the Turks and rescue the Christian West from the Hosts of Mohammed. The rout of the Ottoman troops before the gates of Vienna by the Polish hussars gave us a little breathing room, a coffee-and-croissants break that lasted for the next three hundred and eighteen years.

But no longer. From now on in, every day is September 11th.

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personalrep1 said...


Osama bin laden was a man with a plan – the creation of an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East that would be expanded to include all Muslim countries and then the entire world.

The only way this plan could succeed is the forced withdrawal of the US from the Middle East.

The US by failing to respond to Bin Laden’s attacks since the first trade center twin tower bombing in 1991 and indeed the appeasement of the US by ignoring other murderous attacks such as the Kenya embassy slaughter and the Cole attack made 911 inevitable.

The 19 Muslims who seized the 4 jets were the cannon fodder for Bin Laden’s vision.

Islam provided the religious and moral basis for the murder of 2700 people. By teaching hate of infidels – that killing and murdering infidels is the Law of God – these 19 Muslims were following EXACTLY the teachings of Islam – THEY WERE FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THEIR EVIL LEADER MUHAMMAD. You can hear Muhammad Atta yelling – Praise Be To Allah – over and over as he smashed the jet into the first trade center tower.

These righteous Muslim killers were obeying Koran 9:111, 9:29. 9;50 so they could ascend to the highest levels of Paradise and each be rewarded with a 1000 virgins that they could molest and sexually abuse for all eternity. The evil vision of Paradise with its eternal hard – on and virgins who re-virginate each time after sex promised to Muslim men who achieve martyrdom is a powerful motivation.

The 700 evil teachings of Islam created the hate in the hearts and souls of these Muslims and allowed them to kill as a religious duty – making “SLAUGHTER IN THE LAND.”

Larry Houle

Profitsbeard said...


Don't forget that bagels were also invented to commemorate Sobieski's saving of Vienna.

They recall his horsemen's stirrups.

Kiddo said...

I'm still amazed at how few know the historical significance of the date. Glad that you guys at least posted on it, though, of course, you are the "Gates of Vienna" and it is expected ;)