Wednesday, December 05, 2012

“Using the Evil of Democracy Against Democracy”

As we reported yesterday, a courageous Belgian citizen was recently ejected from a swearing-in ceremony in Anderlecht when he rose to object to the accession of a member of the Islam Party to the local town council.

The newly-elected councilors for the party have made no secret of their contempt for Belgian democracy, nor do they hide their long-term goal, which is to transform Belgium into an Islamic state under sharia law. The dissident who shouted his angry objections emphasized that “sharia is incompatible with Belgian laws, with democratic laws, and with the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Vlad Tepes has combined the footage of the incident in Anderlecht with earlier news reports about the Islam Party to demonstrate what the party really stands for. There’s also a relevant clip from the CAN interview with the leader of Sharia4Belgium: