Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa Brings Us Another Win!

Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom reports on another successful mosque-busting operation:

Santa Brings Us Another Win!

Few of our liberal-left opponents have any real guts.

We get plenty of abuse, which is one of the things that keeps us going.

Otherwise, it tends to be the moral exhibitionism of people anxious for the good opinion of those who agree with them. People with such needs tend to be too selfish to do much. And there are few other reasons — e.g. being a treacherous nutcase — for a non-Muslim to cut a pro-Islam pose.

Substantive opposition is usually self serving, especially if money is involved.

E.g. if you sue someone for non payment of a bill, their response is that it is beneath their principles to cough up to an Islamophobe. Or if a BBC guy wants to pose as macho, he’ll pick on an Islamophobe.

This behaviour is as far removed from principle as you can get, based on the assumption that an Islamophobe is a weak target. And they get a surprise.

And this was the case with the Cricklewood mosque in Camden. We briefed a printer, who shafted mis-served us. When we informed him that there might have been a problem, he told us baldly that the issue was “sensitive”. I.e. it was our own fault and he kept the money.

So, a few weeks ago, I thought it would be my hard lot to explain to you, Dear Readers, that we had lost the case by lousing up the case. Because getting taken advantage of by the supplier you’ve selected is no excuse. There are no excuses in this line of work, full stop. When you louse up, you own up.

Not fun. Losing a case is kind of inappropriate for an organisation whose motto is “We Win”.

Never daunted, we scrambled into rearguard action and we managed to turn it around despite a major setback. If you have any idea how hard it is to change a Council’s mind once they’re in a mindset, then you’ll know how pleased we are with ourselves.

Our tactics were clean, lawful, and effective. And we won. The Council decision came just as Santa was doing his rounds on Christmas Eve: “Decision: Refused and Warning of Enforcement Action to be Taken 24-12-2012”.

We know how keen the Taqiyya artists are to proclaim their reverence for Jesus, so we hope this news didn’t spoil their celebrations of His birth.

This was a miserable application — as they tend to be. There was a history of lack of candour with the Council. The mosque outfit claimed to have been operating unlawfully, without planning, since 2009. And to have been “offering services to our community members since 2004”, despite having claimed in a 2007 application that the property “is used as A1 leased shop and will remain the same”. This was not the case. And now they claimed that it was used as a “library”, and not a bookshop after all, and that that use would continue.

Funnily enough, this outfit lists itself as “Masjid (translation: ‘mosque’) Rawda” on Somali related websites. Watch below for some interesting brainwashing. See the little twerp speaking for 3 minutes from the 7:05 mark (“imitating the Kuffars”) for some less than cohesion-enhancing stuff. Yes, I think we can say this place is a mosque.

The Council had fallen for the string of Islamic half truths and evasions, as public apathy always tempts them to do. Until we got involved.

Take a step back and ask yourself precisely what a mosque is doing in Cricklewood, the butt of every suburban-London joke since the Carry On films. Had you offered Hattie Jacques, Sid James, and Kenneth Williams the chance to appear in some slapstick about “Up the Cricklewood Mosque!”, they would have thought it too contrived.

However, truth is stranger than fiction and reality is zanier than comedy. Thus we found ourselves briefed to do the business with the Cricklewood Masjid Rawda. And it was nice to win despite, or because of, the hindrances.

In the meantime, you might like to contact the Camden Council Planning Enforcement Department, especially if you live in London. Here is their page to “Report a Suspected Breach of Planning Control”, where you can let them know just what this property is used for. You may like to include a link to their YouTube vid below (“Ardayda Masjid Al Rawda Cricklewood Cnt 08 04 2012 Somali Channel”), and point out the bit from 7:05 to 10:15, where junior shows off what they preach about the Kuffar, and the Kuffar’s reverence for Jesus, at this unlawful mosque.

It usually takes something to rouse a Council enforcement department, and you can be that something.

Once again, Merry Christmas, and a mosque-free 2013 to you and your neighbours!

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Nick said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mr Boby I admire your courage but wonder if you already have 24 hour protection like Geert Wilders. I fear that soon you may need it. There was a strange article in our local paper about a chap who had been found dead in his own home. The police said it was natural causes but some of his friends said he had been active in anti-government activities in Saudi Arabia and were questionning this.

And who is it that funds the majority of mosques in this country? and probably elsewhere in Europe and in North America.

For somebody who was a child in the 1950s and a teenager in the 1960s life is beginning to seem more and more sureal. In those days we still had virtual white hegemony. The world was run by Europeans in a very ordered way. Totalitarianism was a long way away east of Vienna. As for Islam, although the Pakistanis were beginning to take over northern mill towns we still seemed detached from it as they were one step behind me in the schools I attended. Now, of course, they can sway elections in many of our towns and cities.

Here in Britain, people seem to carry on their lives probably totally unaware of Gavin Boby. In my part of the country they have been taken up with Christmas shopping and are mostly so poorly educated that they have no conception of or interest in what is going on in the world. They certainly have no idea that they are living in a nascent police state.

Europe now seems to be a few short years away from anarchy. The same is probably true also of the United States, Canada and Australia. And yet nobody but the likes of those who log on to sites such as this one seems to be aware of it. It is most bizarre.

Anonymous said...

"There was a strange article in our local paper about a chap who had been found dead in his own home. The police said it was natural causes but some of his friends said he had been active in anti-government activities in Saudi Arabia and were questionning this."
You're absolutely right and making statements like this means that you have to remain anonymous, sadly.
I worked in Saudi for many years in the 70's and 80's. Up until the end of the 90's I tried to comment about the growing threat of islam in the media here in the UK.
I had many letters published in local papers and then the situation changed.
I realise now that if I continue to rail against islam, I could be bumped off. Accident when out walking my dog, whatever. The Saudis have a network here in the UK that will snuff out the opponents of islam. I would gladly put my life on the line if it made a difference. The fact is that my death would be quietly reported and swept under the carpet.
It's too late now.
Look at Tommy Robinson. Still imprisoned and not a word in the media.
Britain is effectively subdued and there's no way back as I see it.
There's no happy new year......

William Gruff said...

Anonymous 12/28/2012 4:34 PM: Don't be afraid of anarchy: it can work as well for us as those who oppose us. In an anarchy oppressive laws cease to have any authority, which at least means we don't have to worry about 'The Police' assaulting and killing us on the pretext of upholding 'The Law'.