Saturday, December 15, 2012

Interview With Imran Firasat

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim and proprietor of who now lives in Spain. He collaborated with pastor Terry Jones on the movie The Innocent Prophet, which was released this morning.

After being pressured by the Spanish government and threatened with deportation to Pakistan, Mr. Firasat disassociated himself from the release of the movie. Below is an interview with him that was shown on Thursday on Spanish television.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:05 The video will be released, not by me, but by pastor Terry Jones.
0:10 From where will Pastor Jones release it?
0:13 From the USA. I told him that I cannot be part of…
0:18 I sent him emails, messages, which I showed to the judge today, that
0:24 Look, Pastor Jones, I can no longer take part in this project, not out of fear
0:30 of Muslims, and not because the (refugee) status will be revoked, but
0:34 I see that Europe is on alert, and people are worried, and
0:40 I don’t want to be remembered as someone who made violence erupt.
0:45 I hold on to my view that Islam is a danger to society, and
0:50 we must fight it, because jihad and terrorism originate from Islam.
0:56 But now I see the situation that because of my film,
1:00 all governments are in alert, and I feel bad, so
1:05 before the government talked with me, or brought me to court, I did not
1:10 know they’d do it, I went to the Belgian embassy and gave them a document
1:15 that I will postpone my film…
1:17 Did you not ponder that perhaps Pastor Terry Jones may eventually
1:22 be linked to you by the USA, and a judicial process ending in an
1:26 extradition to America might take place?
1:30 - An extradition? - Yes, for example.
1:32 No, it cannot be, firstly because I withdrew, I sent him messages,
1:37 and if the USA wants to judge,
1:42 they will judge Terry Jones, and not me, because I’ve never been to USA,
1:47 I never spoke ill of, and neither I am doing anything against the USA.
1:52 The one to blame here is the Spanish government,
1:57 I told them about it them already in September, and in November,
2:02 when I was making the trailer, I told them about it, I have all the papers,
2:07 and they never contacted me, and I had already sent the video to
2:12 Terry Jones, but if they had contacted me, seen my film,
2:17 and told me that ‘this is not good, this has to be changed’, or anything else,
2:21 they are so many, and it’s impossible that all of them are busy. If they had contacted
2:26 me, I wouldn’t have sent it to Terry Jones, but I did, because they never contacted me.
2:32 And you told the judge that perhaps you may release it?
2:35 No, I told the judge that 4-5 days ago I told Terry Jones that I am no longer
2:40 part of this project, but if he releases it, that will be his responsibility, not mine.
2:45 Do you work alone, or are you backed by any organization?
2:50 I have links with almost
2:55 all USA bloggers dealing with this issue, (and also) in England,
3:00 France, Germany, but we do not operate like a gang,
3:05 it is not like that.
3:10 But I can publish my articles at their web pages,
3:14 and we are in contact; if I make a project, they help me to spread it.


Anonymous said...

The video is a lill thin, but its pretty much stating facts nothing more.

To Mr. Imran Firasat :

It dont matter who do it and what they do muslims will always find something to go nuts about. So rest in peace. You didn't do anything to fuel islamic hate, they have more than anyone can handle.

babs said...

Interesting that he sent the video to the U.S. to be released under protection of our 1st ammendment right to free speech.
But I wonder, under the EU regs, wouldn't Spain be in violation of deporting a person to a country where they would be under threat of persecution or bodily harm based on religious/political beliefs? Certainly, sending this man back to Pakistan would qualify.

Green Infidel said...

@babs - seems that a right not to be deported to a dangerous Muslim country with a risk of torture only applies to the likes of Abu Qatada, the terror-inciting cleric who recently avoided deportation from Britain to Jordan. Imran Firasat does not fit in this bracket - he is merely someone who has not attacked Spain or Europe, or its values. Perhaps if he made a video inciting terror against the West, or accusing Christian holy figures of paedophilia, he wouldn't now be facing deportation...