Monday, December 31, 2012

Will the Truth Set Muslims Free?

The editors of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo seem to have a death wish. Not content with publishing Mohammed cartoons (twice), having their offices fire-bombed, and living under police protection, they are now preparing to publish a biography of Mohammed in cartoon form.

We’ve all heard of “suicide by cop”. Is this a new syndrome, “suicide by fatwa”?

The editor of Charlie Hebdo proclaims that his new project should be acceptable to Muslims, given that it will be a sober account based on the factual history of the prophet’s life, as recounted in Sirat Rasul Allah, the traditional authoritative compilations comprising the biography of Mohammed.

Unfortunately, “mere facticity” may not be enough to save Charb’s skin. As Steve Coughlin has demonstrated, a non-Muslim may state the exact truth about Islam while quoting correctly from authentic Islamic sources, and still be guilty of “Islamic slander” — and thus deserve the death penalty.

If the words of an infidel cause harm to Islam, then they violate Islamic law — period. And nothing is more hurtful to the Islamic cause than revealing the life of Mohammed in all its gory details to non-Muslims.

Memo to Charb: invest in Kevlar, and consider plastic surgery.

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Charlie Hebdo will publish a “halal” biography of Mohammed

Charlie Hebdo has done it again. The magazine will publish a special edition on Wednesday with the title “The Life of Muhammad”, a “perfectly halal” cartoon biography made up from texts of Muslim chroniclers. It was Charb, the editor of the weekly satirical magazine, who announced this on Sunday to AFP. But the newspaper’s management promised that this time the tone will not be provocative.

“Neither a cartoon nor a satire”

Charia HebdoIt will be neither a cartoon nor a satire, but a detailed account taken from serious bibliographical sources. This fact is certificated in a foreword by “Zineb”, a Franco-Moroccan sociologist of religions and co-author of this publication.

“This is a biography authorized by Islam since it was written by Muslims. It is a compilation of what was written about the life of Muhammad by Muslim chroniclers and it has simply been drawn in pictures,” Charb added, rejecting the idea that his action constitutes a provocation. “I do not think that (even) the most learned Muslims will find anything substantial to complain about,” says Charb, whose magazine has caused a stir several times after publishing Mohammed cartoons.

As for criticism that will surely be voiced regarding the fact that depicting the prophet is blasphemous, Charb replies that “It’s just the tradition; it is absolutely not found in the Qur’an. Insofar as Mohammed is not ridiculed, I do not see why one could not read this publication as one read the stories of the life of Jesus in the Catechism.”

“Muslims are willing to laugh at themselves”

In November 2011, after the publication of a special issue of the magazine named “Sharia Hebdo” which containing caricatures of Muhammad, the headquarters of the satirical newspaper were burned, its website hacked, and Charb received death threats. Since then he has lived under police protection. More recently, new cartoons published by the magazine Charlie Hebdo sparked strong criticism on the part of many Muslim countries to the point that the French government had to take steps.

Although this time the approach is quite different, Charb expects that he will not please everyone. “If people want to be shocked, they will be shocked, but this will not be done in order to shock. Muslims themselves are also willing to laugh. If we begin to think of them as people handicapped in their capacity to laugh, then one cannot link them with a peaceful Islam, but with an extreme one. One should stop being afraid of Islam, (because) the more you fear Islam, the more scary Islam will be,” he says. He thinks that “it would be a good idea to bring it to the schools; even Muslim children can read it in that they accept that Muhammad is represented (in the cartoons).”


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Happy New Year! I am so happy I am laughing, but there's an undercurrent of more substantial joy and hope there as well.

News of a plan does not equal news of an event, so part of me is still on guard, but this looks like it could be a hard blow against Islam, perhaps one of the hardest blows Islam has ever taken, and perhaps even in the long run a fatal blow.

The more publicity it gets the more its contents are likely to become known and discussed among Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

I'm hoping for episodes about Muhammad's "Dead Poets Society"; his massacre of hundreds of Jews at Khaybar; his sexual enslavement of women, including one whose husband and other male family members (if I remember correctly) he had just had killed after they had surrendered in battle; his convenient revelation about his adopted son's wife; his six-year old bride and their sexual adventures . . . "But wait! There's more!" as they say.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

In my excitement over this news, I forgot to thank you for the humor in this article of yours. I found it very funny.

I often laugh as I read your articles, though this one gave you more to work with than most and you rose to the challenge. In my opinion you are both very funny writers, as well as very gifted serious writers. That is another way in which the Gates of Vienna is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Please take a moment to say a prayer for all of the people who actively fight against jihad that they may be surrounded by angels who protect them from harm.


Anonymous said...

Islam is a stupid tale for even stupider teenagers. e.g. "we, moslems, will conquer the world with our women´s wombs" translated for teens means you will rule through sex, and laugh all the way to the bank, and in the meantime if you have to blow yourself up there will be some 60 young norwegian vestals in line waiting for you, nice ain´t it?

Anonymous said...

Do not wish to jump the gun on this one but there is the danger that as islam has become the “co-owner of Europe” likewise it becomes the co-owner of European cultural expression.

Rather than being the evil character worthy of ridicule that has gatecrashed into the cultural expression, the prima facie co-ownership of the expression becomes a truth that propagates the lie - a (subconscious) Clark Kent converts to islam storyline.

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

Yes, one wonders just how much of their prophet's life is actually known to most "rank and file " muslims.

Do they think that us untrustworthy infidels are making this stuff up?

Anonymous said...

There is zero chance that the truth will penetrate the thick skin of Islam, no chance that it will be understood by even one Moslem. They already believe that they possess
the truth, so why should they even
contemplate looking for it. There is no point in attempting to reach out to Moslems, to 'cure' them of their
destructive ideology, those that do this only show that they don't understand Islam.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Jolie Rouge-- I didn't think of that. It gives me a chill. I hope it doesn't play out that way.

Anonymous, 1/03/2013 4:17 AM-- Coptic priest Zakaria Botros, who now lives in hiding, has had tremendous success with his TV or Internet broadcasts in which he reads from problematic Islamic Sunna or Koran texts and points out the obvious. His Muslim viewership is in the millions, according to what I've heard. That apparent fact alone suggests that Muslims are susceptible to this kind of thing. It only needs to be done well and receive adequate publicity.