Saturday, December 22, 2012

Deportation Papers Served on Imran Firasat

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat, the Pakistani ex-Muslim who collaborated with Terry Jones on the recently-released movie The Innocent Prophet (watch it here), has now been served with official documents revoking his status as a political refugee in Spain. As an apostate from Islam, if Mr. Firasat is deported to his native Pakistan, he will likely face the death penalty for his “blasphemy” against Mohammed.

Below is the press release that was just sent out by Stand Up America Now:

Imran Firasat has been served the official documents by the Spanish government confirming that his residency status has been revoked.

The authorities quickly hand-delivered the official revocation documents to Imran on Friday evening, December 22nd, giving him no chance to consult his lawyer or plead his case. Through these actions, Spain has proven to the world that it holds Islamic law in high regard, even above its own laws.

Firasat is an ex-Muslim from Pakistan who has taken a radical stand against Islam since his conversion to Christianity. He has received many death threats from Muslim individuals and groups in various Islamic countries for seven years because of his criticism of Islam.

Spain, a free western nation, had given Imran welcome asylum to protect him from these violent and radical Islamic groups.

Imran has been involved in the co-production of the Youtube, The Innocent Prophet, with Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now. The Innocent Prophet was released to the public on Youtube on December 15, 2012.

Imran officially backed out of the project when the Spanish government threatened to revoke his protected residency status and have him deported to Pakistan where the death penalty is waiting for him because of his criticism of Islam. Firasat did his best to cooperate with Spanish authorities by presenting documented proof to them that he had backed out of the project. Despite this, Spain quickly revoked Imran’s protected asylum status during a period of approximately ten days. This would normally take the government about six months to process.

Imran has not committed any crime according to Spanish law. He has only exercised his right of free expression concerning his views on Islam. Nevertheless, his residency status has been revoked and he faces imminent deportation to a Muslim nation where the penalty for blasphemy against Islam or Muhammad is death.


Anonymous said...

What an utter disgrace!

Anonymous said...

He ought to leave the country quiet-like and head for the UK - no problem signing up for legal aid etc there & avoiding deportation back to Pakistan because he could expect the death penalty over there - seriously - he ought to make a run for it & head for the UK.

Anonymous said...

The irony of this decision by the Spanish.
Yet here in Britain we tolerate islamic nutters and accommodate them because their human rights can't be guaranteed if they are extradited.
I sincerely hope this chap is not sent back to Pakistan.
What a total dhimmi response. They must be desperate for Ayrab bail out funding, no other logic.

Anonymous said...

So France gives asylum to Khomeini, yet Spain revokes asylum from Firasat, the world is turned upsdie down

Rich Tee said...

Spain is a member of the Council of Europe and therefore must abide by the code of the European Council of Human Rights. That includes the right to free expression.

Anonymous said...

Someone, with authority, really should investigate this case.

Its simply unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

It's those in authority who are PERPETUATING this case. He will be quickly killed in Pakistan. There have been several Christians publicly beheaded or hung in various Islamist regimes over the course of this year.

Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

This is an outrage. Is there nothing that can be done legally? How about an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights? A lawsuit? If not, then I hope he goes into hiding, and I hope he succeeds in making it to someplace safe.

By the way, he is the man whose motion to ban the Koran was or still is being considered by the Spanish Parliament. What irony that he should be deported to nearly certain harsh punishment or death. This is depravity.

Anonymous said...

Spain cannot deport him full stop, to do so would be illegal and almost certainly a death sentence at the hands of a baying mob just like the 200 rabid fanatics that tore the head off a mentally ill man for desecrating the curry.Britain can't even deport terrorists and war criminals.

Anonymous said...

Please every one who cares about freedom and the appeasement of this cult of death, email your Spanish consulate or embassy and demand they protect this man's human rights. Just Google Spanish embassy in your country and send it off. Doesn't take long. And send a request to your friends to do the same. Tks

Anonymous said...

I am just so horrofide that they are deporting him all because he is telling the truth about Islam.. yet muslims can march on our streets screaming behead us nonbelievers, burn our flag, attack our police. yet they are never deported. this man to me is a hero for making a stand, not sent back to face a terrible death.. SHAME ON YOU SPAIN..