Friday, December 14, 2012

“Norwegians Need to Wake Up”

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about tomorrow’s rally in Oslo organized by the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE)

A note from the translator:

This will be the first time that NDL and SIOE have demonstrated in a neighbourhood with a large Muslim population. The Gamle Oslo neighbourhood encompasses the notorious Grønland area where earlier this year Muslims wanted to establish a Sharia Zone, and where sharia police have been known to operate previously.

The translated article:

Anti Islamists are set to demonstrate in a multicultural neighborhood of Oslo on Saturday

The Norwegian Defense League (NDL) and the Islam-critical organization SIOE Norway will hold a rally against what they call the Islamization of Norway.

The Norwegian anti-Islam movement will for the first time demonstrate in a neighborhood where there is a large Muslim population, a tactic which has been used by the English Defense League several times in the past.

The Norwegian Defense League has helped organize the event, which will be attended by several prominent foreign leaders within the movement who are going to speak at the rally, according to NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation].

The leader of Stop The Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), the Danish national Anders Gravers Pedersen, is one of the key individuals that will be present at the event

“It’s only a matter of time”

Anders Ravik Jupskås, researcher at the University of Oslo believes that the rally could bolster support for radical groups such as the Prophet’s Ummah.

“It is not unthinkable that this could lead to increased support for more extreme Islamists,” he says.

The leaders of the Norwegian branch of Stop The Islamization of Europe (SIOE), Kjersti Margrethe Gilje and Merete Hodne from Sandnes [city on the west coast] in Rogaland [Norwegian County] have dedicated their lives to the fight against Islam. The alternative is civil war, they claim.

“It’s only a matter of time. It might not happen within the next ten to twenty years, but it will happen,” says Hodne.

Want to wake up moderate Muslims

Kjetil Kjønli, a member of the board of the NDL told Klasskampen [“Class Struggle” — Communist newspaper] on December 3 that the rally will be held in Klosterenga Sculpture Park in the old part of Oslo [Gamle Oslo].

Klosterenga Sculpture Park is an artistically designed recreational area that celebrates the multicultural society. Old Oslo (Gamle Oslo) is among the most immigrant-dense neighborhoods of the capital, and there are five mosques in the neighborhood.

“The reason why we want to hold the rally there is because we want to wake up not only the Norwegians, but also the so-called moderate Muslims and expose the extremism which can be found in their religion,” Kjønli said

“People need to get up from the couch”

Rune Hauge (44) was elected as the new leader of the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) in April of this year.

He has been a strong advocate of adopting tactics used by the English Defense League, which include demonstrating in neighborhoods with large Muslim populations.

“I won’t be satisfied until there are hundreds or even thousands attending our rallies. We want to emulate the EDL. People need to get up from the couch and start demonstrating,” Rune Hauge told TV 2 in June.

“Our main message is that people need to start waking up. The Islamization process is increasing continuously. The demands made by the Muslims are proportionally linked with the arrival of Muslims in Norway,” he points out.

Wears a bulletproof vest

When the NDL held a rally in Stavanger in June only 25 people showed up to listen to Hauge speak.

“How many people showed up today?”

“You could probably count them yourself. It is a pitiful response from the Norwegian people.

“I have to wear a bulletproof vest, and there is a reason for that. There is also a crowd over there screaming. There are lots of Muslims spreading hatred. We are not the ones who hate; they are the ones who hate,” Hauge told TV 2 back in June.

“Are you a bunch of racists?”


“I am never afraid; I was born without that particular gene. When the counter-demonstrations have finished things are probably going to explode here. They are the ones causing the troubles, not us.”

“Are you allies of Breivik’s?”

“No, not at all. Those who try to link him with us are unaware of the values that NDL and SIAN represents. The Norwegian people support us, but they are afraid to show up.”

(TV 2 © NTB)


Anonymous said...

Every year since the end of the second world war, a christmas tree is put up in trafalger square in central london england.

This christmas tree is cut from the norwegian forests, and is presented as a gift to the people of Great Britain as a thank you for the sacrifice that was made by the british people to help norway escape from the evil clutches of fascism and the nazis!
It seems to be ironic, or the norwegians have forgotten there history, and now just 67 years later the norwegian people are cowering under the shadow of marxist totalitarian ideology and politcal correctnes, and allowing a bunch of left wing traitor political leaders to lead the norwegian people to there deaths at the hands of the NEW NAZIS - Islam!!!
remeber you history you norwegian people! and wake up NOW!!!! you dont have much time.... to go.
Get rid of the left wing marxist traiotors and the the left wing traitor media, and get your country back NOW!!!!
support the NDL and SIOE and start to fight back and save your country before its too late!!!
get rid of islam, and muslims from your shores, ban the book of hate and murder which they call the koran! ban it!!!! its 100 times worse than mein kampf!
wake up NORWAY!! this is London Calling!!!!! John Sobieski British Freedom Party England!

Anonymous said...

Anders Jupskas must be a total halfwit, although he has realised that action and reaction are equal and opposite. Was that an invitation to Prophet's Ummah to up the anti? It seems that the Civil War in Norway might be here sooner than the NDL anticipate.
By the way, why hasn't their leader been arrested yet and thrown into prison has happened in police state Britain with Tommy Robinson?

I am sure that the British prime minister and his fellow party leaders would be happy to send over a planeload from Unite against Fascism to beat the NDL up.

If the Civil War starts in Norway then perhaps it will spread across the continent from there.

As for Britain, the leader of Marxist New Labour, the New British Ed Milliband has today reacted to the census results show the white flight of the White British (i.e. Old British ). He thinks that mass immigration has been a good thing after all, like all in Marxist New Labour he thinks like his fellow mp Jack Straw that England and the English are not worth saving.

But he adds that Labour did make some mistakes. No they didn't Mr Milliband ( one day to be buried with his dad near Karl Marx in Highgate Cemeteray ); they flooded the country with immigrant New British to accelerate their aim of the Marxist Multicultural One World Revolution with Britain as a test bed.

And they got a whole load of new New British voters to keep them in power until they have ethnically cleansed the Old British who would have no truck with Marxism.

Last night the BBC on its Panorama programme showed the plight of the homeless indigenous English in Croydon. We know that there are not many indigenous English left there because of the imprisoned Emma West's cri de coeur on the tram on our behalf. One family was in a vermin infested hostel run by Africans who could barely speak English. Another man was sleeping in a park and getting soup from a soup kitchen where he was the only Englishman.

That's fine, New Labour want the English working classes to have their homes and jobs taken away from them by the New British. But they hope that the dupes will still blindly vote for them until they have ther New British voting base in place then the Old British can take a running jump as far as they are concerned.

Trollman said...

It's time for people to stop campaigning on change and start rallying for improvement.

This is your weapon.

Anonymous said...

Norway is a classic case of the frog in the warming water, as a few people have already mentioned. The day by day situation viz-a-viz violent Islamic expansionism in a small place like Norway goes
unnoticed by the comatose majority
until one day when it is too late
people start to wake up as if from a long winter hibernation. Sadly we can all recognise that Islam is not really like anything else we have experienced, and there can be no doubt at all that there is no 'after Islam' scenario.It is like a heavy ball at the top of a hill, once it is moving down it can't be stopped, ever.