Tuesday, December 25, 2012

“Germans Are Considered Easy Prey”

Lebanese clans in Germany

As a lacuna in today’s Christmas cheer, consider this article from Sezession about the ascendancy of Lebanese and Kurdish criminal gangs in parts of Germany. The criminal “youths” are able to act with near impunity, with the police and society at large almost helpless in the face of their violent criminality.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Germany: a “society of prey” — Kurdish-Lebanese clans and the helplessness of the constitutional state

While the federal government and the opposition in the Bundestag adamantly regard immigration as an indispensable contribution to Germany, the intensity of the conflicts between some groups of immigrants and German society is steadily increasing.

One example of this are many social problems caused by members of Kurdish-Lebanese clans in Berlin, Bremen, and Essen, cities which according to declarations from judicial authorities are out of control. As a consequence, the state and the society may face helplessly phenomena associated with this, such as violence and crime.

Regarding Lebanese clans, hierarchically organized groups meet strong ethnic self-awareness and a strong family cohesion which is supported by a large number of young men ready to fight a modern society composed of small families and with liberal institutions that can hardly assert themselves when facing this challenge.

An employee of the LKA Berlin had already pointed out the problem in detail in 2002. The Berlin youth court Judge Kirsten Heisig accused the Lebanese clans of “unrestrained degradation of society”, while the Berlin chief public prosecutor Roman Reusch warned in connection with them of “civil war-like conditions” in the city. An anonymous crime investigator mentioned that this group considers Germans to be “a society to be looted, both as born victims and losers,” and the sociologist Ralph Ghadban sees their behavior as a “threat to social peace.” A confidential report of the Conference of Interior Ministers stated several years ago that any attempt of integration regarding this group had failed and that the dismantling of these criminal structures with a corresponding ethnic background would be possible in the best of cases “only in certain areas”. The chairman of the Police Federation in Berlin, Eberhard Schönberg, spoke in this regard about “the state’s complete loss of authority”.

The police often meet aggressive groups of men while patrolling the streets, men who are part of families in which ten children per woman is not a rarity, who are available in large numbers and can be quickly mobilized because of an unemployment rate of 90% and the culturally-conditioned tendency of men from these groups to remain in the streets all the time. The police must more and more frequently retreat and even traffic stops against members of these families can be made only with extra police presence.

According to the Commissioner for Integration of Neukölln, the male members of the Lebanese clans are generally prone to a special level of aggressiveness. The children in these families increasingly realize that no German can be in a position to set limits for them. The mere mention of their family name would be enough to force others to give them money and other goods. An admonition in the school or a mere criticism of a neighbor is seen as an attack against the collective honor of the community, to which one is ready to respond with violence. Individual members of a clan can always count on the support of many male relatives. For example, in March 2012, when the German Sven N. fatally injured a Lebanese in Neukölln in self-defense, he had to leave the district after receiving threats from the Lebanese clan. The attacker who died was, however, considered by many of his relatives as well as by Arabs and Turks in Berlin as a martyr and buried in a ceremony in which several thousand Muslims were present.

At their main centers in Berlin and Bremen, members of these clans appear as a group strongly prone to criminal activities. According to the central police department in Bremen, 1000 out of the approximately 2,600 Lebanese in Bremen (mostly men) are registered as suspects of having committed crimes. The statistical result is that almost every male Lebanese in Bremen was at least once a potential subject of a legal proceeding. In Berlin, the crime rate among Lebanese youth in cases of aggravated robbery is about 16 times higher than among ethnic Germans. The overall incarceration rate is 14 times higher than the average of the male population in the same age. Even amongst heavy offenders, Lebanese are strongly overrepresented. The former Berlin Attorney Roman Reusch spoke of “proper training for professional criminal activities” in some Lebanese clans. Police sources reported similar information. Male family members would often begin committing crimes as early as elementary school age. Imprisonment would be understood in their environment as a kind of an initiation rite.

Hostility to Germans is extremely blatant among many members of the Lebanese clans, who according to a report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “despise everything that is not part of their culture, first and foremost the Germans.” According to information from the media, an internal report made by the Berlin police described the situation of the Germans in places with strong Lebanese presence as follows:

“For German youths residing in districts that are dominated by ethnic gangs, the situation, according to the criminal police experts, has already become dramatic. Their withdrawal with defensive behavior was perceived as weakness, which meant a loss of honor — and also danger: The number of German teenagers being beat up or robbed because they were an easy target was significant in ethnically dominated conflict-ridden neighborhoods”.

The Integration Commissioner of Neukölln reported a typical case of intimidation by a Lebanese family:

“Not long ago Arnold Mengelkoch received a phone call from a couple. They lived in a rented house in which one of the infamous Kurdish-Lebanese families also lived. They said they would not reveal their names out of fear, but that they were being harassed on the sidewalk by the youngsters from that family. ‘We wanted to go out with our bicycles, but they did not move theirs away, so we picked them up and put them to one side. Then the youngsters jumped up and spat at us, kicked, insulted, threatened us saying “We know where you live!”‘ — Because they live in the same house. And they trembled, and they said they did not want to file a complaint and reveal their names in the document, because then the family would turn rabidly against them. Things cannot go this way; this is not a lawless place, and those families have to stop this!”

The mayor of the district of Neukölln, Heinz Buschkowsky, had in this context pointed to different cultural conditions that hinder self-assertion on the German side:

“The enemy is the hated Germans, they are the target of their aggression, and they have nothing to counter the flash mob which gathers in a few minutes via a circulated SMS, a group of people who immediately display a threatening attitude. Germans are considered easy prey… We raise our children to be non-violent. We reject violence at these encounters and teach this attitude to our children. Others teach their boys to be strong, brave and ready to fight. The starting situation is simply not equal.”

Government employees are being increasingly threatened and intimidated, too, and therefore they avoid conflicts with the clans. There were also examples reported in Bremen in which the police no longer investigated complaints made by Germans in cases involving Lebanese clans. Judges and prosecutors who are involved in cases against them are under police protection due to threats from members of those Lebanese clans. The Berlin youth court Judge Kirsten Heisig said she had been threatened by a clan after she sentenced some of its members to prison. Shortly afterwards she committed suicide under circumstances that have not been fully clarified. According to the head of the department of Organized Crime in the Berlin public prosecutor’ office, it is possible for the clans to “clearly exercise any kind of influence on evidence” due to their capacity to threaten. Video recordings document the disproportionate behavior of Lebanese against legal personnel, who do not dare to oppose them. A judge allowed herself to be insulted in court for nine minutes without even daring to contradict the accused person. Many Lebanese criminals receive remarkably mild punishments, and if they have to go to prison, they enjoy privileges and continue their illegal activities from behind bars, while acquittals are hailed as victories over the German state.

Wherever measures are taken against crimes committed by the Lebanese clan, the court and the authorities often face a lost cause and are left in the lurch by official policy. The former Berlin chief public prosecutor Roman Reusch was removed from his post by the Senator for Justice after he publicly called for stronger action. Instead of fighting Lebanese gangs, the policies are aimed apparently at involving their members more intensively in police activities: The senator for integration in Berlin called on immigrant youngsters to promote these policies inside their gangs. A CDU member of parliament was also demonstratively in proximity with a prominent person associated with criminal Lebanese gangs.

Being under pressure from all sides as they are, the police cannot even count on the support of large parts of society. Pro-immigration activists either deny the problems exist, or judge Germans to be responsible for them and mention the phenomena described by the police as “criminalization of minorities” and “institutional racism”, while associations of immigrants manifest themselves similarly and demand a “de-nazification” of the police and less “racist” pressure on suspects with an immigrant background. Social workers often see themselves as opponents of the police in any case. Meanwhile, leftists try to mobilize Arab youngsters as allies against the police, and the liberal journalist Malte Lehming explained the problems as an expression of social progress and said of Lebanese and other youth gangs:

“They are young, brave, mobile, hungry, willing to take risks, initiative. The country needs such people.”

Viable solutions are not in sight, and a further escalation of conflicts is to be expected, since the number of Lebanese is growing rapidly and the next generation is less well-integrated than that of their parents.

According to the police in Bremen, well-integrated Lebanese from important clans are an “absolute exception”. It is too late for deportation, as most of the younger Lebanese have German citizenship. Sooner or later, the observed development of the situation will therefore reach a point where the constitutional state must either take decisive action or make the embarrassing admission that it has failed.


Anonymous said...

I am Englishman, i live in Berlin, and i can tell you that this articule sounds 100% correct, and that germany is a very violent and dangerous place in my opinion, especially on weekends.

Going out in Berlin especially on weekend evenings, there is a sense of danger and fear in the air, especially travelling on the s-bahn and U-bahn public transport.

There are always large groups or gangs of muslims who are preying on the local native population and tourists.

These muslim gangs and groups are well organised, and they use mobile communications to summon Flash Mobs, large groups of there friends or gang members to back them up if they get into any confrontations.

Travelling in any large German cities, it is reccomended to be armed, at least with a pepper spray or other weapon, as you may end up with only 2 choices if you get in a situation where youre going to be assaulted by these thugs. fight back or be murdered or seriously injured by these anti white anti christian racist thugs and murderers!

The koran MUST! be banned, itsa murder manual of racist hate and violence, and it has to be banned now!
then we have to deport all muslims back to middle east or other muslim hell holes where they belong.

we have to do this and NOW! or we are going to be in world war 3 with these savages pretty soon.

The political traitors who have allowed our nations to be swamped by these saveges need to be rounded up, tried and hanged.

you know who these traitors are ?
the blairs, browns, merkels, camerons and obamas of this vile bunch of treasonous traitors who are engaged in the destruction of western european civilisation in the pursuit of persoanl wealth and luxury.

its time to stand up and FIGHT Back!!


british freedom party

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the LebMuz (have to distinguish from Lebanese Christians)urban gang in Australia that refers to gang rape of white Australian women as "Love Leb-Style."
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

" ... clans, hierarchically organized groups meet strong ethnic self-awareness and a strong family cohesion which is supported by a large number of young men ready to fight a modern society composed of small families and with liberal institutions that can hardly assert themselves when facing this challenge."

The underlying narrative of this article - European societal atomization and the dislocation of association at street level, makes it one of the most foreboding articles posted on GoV.

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

Scariest story about Muslims I have ever read on this blog. The worst is there is no solution.

Unknown said...

YAWN... I'm in my late 60's and remember the last years of what was the "real" Germany full of indigenous Germans which still existed in the late 60's and early 70's. Beautiful Bavaria. Lovely old towns like Regensburg, Nordlingen, Wurzburg, and those wonderful Baroque churches that dot the landscape.I also remember the lectures by not a few self-righeous Germans about our crime in the inner cities and race relations in the USA.

The Germans get no sympathy from me. Neither do the Swedes, Dutch, English, French and all the rest of the Euro wimps. They begged for all this,. They couldn't live in their happy homogeneous countries and let things alone. For some unknow self loathing reason they had to invite the 3rd world into their national homes, marry their daughters, and are now wrecking their countries doing as they please as this article illustrates. When you invite the 3rd would into your country you become the 3rd world.

Live with it Europe. These articles about 3rd world crime and Muslim terrorists in Europe are starting to get boring.

Anonymous said...

The best antidote is our 2nd Amendment. People are not created equal. A 60 year old, in general, is not the equal of a 30 year old (with several friends). A 115 pound woman is not the equal of a 260 pound man (or men). The cops can't protect everyone. You are on your own. The 2nd Amendment is the great equalizer.
I recognize violence for what it is. I will not allow violence to visit my family or my person. Folks are sitting ducks for the thugs of the world. Their governments won't protect them. What is the difference between the SS and the thug? None when the people have been disarmed. The difference between the SS or thug when the people are armed is far fewer SS and thugs and people being left alone.

DaveJ said...

@ McGee
The EU let 'em in at first for labor, 1st the Germans w/ the turks, then the rest of them as their birthrates fell through the floor. Somebody had to pay for all that welfare, the six weeks vacation, 35 hr workweeks, etc.

If even the Germans are giving up on the rule of law, Europe is about gone. We are not far behind. The trends, PC solutions, and gutless short term political policies are here already. Children are more a burden to selfish, permanent adolescents than a blessing; cheap, increasingly unassimilated labor easily available; and undemanding, statist policies that will fix anything constantly touted to an increasingly less educated population.

If we can't look at Europe, through information such as this article, and back off our current course, we are doomed to follow them into chaos.

Especially in education, we must reverse the leftist hold on this country, or we will be another Europe in 5-10 years, and a wasteland in another generation or, at most, two. God help us!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4
You say there is no solution - yes, there is a solution, deportation and immigration reform with regards to the problem immigrant groups.

The problem is that the leftists in the government will not act even when Germany is being sacked and burned by the muslim invaders. The same problem that exists in England and France and is just beginning in America as well.

Anonymous said...
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Balkaner said...

They are right. Germans are easy prey.

Think about it, if german woman resist rape or german man resist violent attack... he/she will be labeled "RACIST!"

The word "RACIST" is very powerful and can ruin someone's life.

Mr. Rational said...

It wouldn't even be necessary to wait until the boys start committing crimes.  From the description in the article, the hostile socialization of these children is apparent in elementary school.  When this starts to appear, the obvious action is to cut or eliminate social subsidies as a penalty.  If it continues, deport the entire family.

It's ironic that "nothing can be done" because the children were born in Germany and are ipso facto German citizens, because that is an artifact of a recent change to regularize the status of multi-generation "gastarbeiter" families.  The solution is to change the law back.  If EU laws or treaties forbid it, it's just more proof that the EU must go.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised people keep asking why this situation has been allowed to happen because the answer has been out there for a few years. Put briefly, the EU and the USA have allowed themselves to be blackmailed by the arab oil producing countries into taking their surplus population and promoting their backward ideology. Failure to do so will result in the termination of oil supplies and subsequent economic collapse. The arabs are crazy. The old deal was oil for food but the arabs are now offering oil for world domination and they are getting it. Every EU declaration concerning Israel and Palestine has been dictated and approved by the Arab League. The only solution is war. First we topple our dhimmi governments, then we drive out the muslims.

Baron Bodissey said...

Anonymous --

Gates of Vienna's rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.


Anonymous said...

I have a very high respect for german peopple. Muslims don't understand that they are playing with fire here. Germans are wery good, wery efficient in everything they do. Whetter it is manufacturing cars, machinery etc. or running a holocaust. If muslims keep acting this way, and they do, I believe a new Hitler could emerge. I wouldn't like to be muslim in Germany then. About these gangs. Media coverage here in Europe is minimal about these kind of incidents. There will be a time when native gang confronts these savages and kick the [odious substance] out of them. Then we will see media coverage, then these savages will be whining all over about racism. Europe is slowly waking up. Muslims have started this too early since there simply are not enough of them when europeans start really fighting back. I fear there will be an ugly backlash when this happens. Many good muslim peopple will get hurt by this. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about the source Sezession ? The few covers a the top of the page with young german in B&W doing gymnastics (http://www.sezession.de/heftseiten/heft-46-februar-2012)

or with a leather boot

is leaving me confused... The imagery is at the least clumsy for association with far right symbols is immediate.

Anonymous said...

You can see with your own eyes the powder keg that is Europe, the natives are getting sick to the back teeth with being victimized by the savages and now are seething beneath the surface.It is only a matter of a short time and an egregious act by the savages to set the whole thing in motion, and by that I mean the retaliation by the natives will be brutal and the police will look the other way since they feel kinship. The socialist govts are scared to death of their own native people because they know they are responsible for events as they are now. The backlash that is coming is going to make the Serbs and Croats look like Sunday school children with the added flavor of Germanic ruthlessness and effinciency. The rise of nationalism will catch the commi/progressives by complete surprise, much to their horror.The reason you never hear much of what happens to aggressive muslims in Eastern Europe is because the folks with the support of police and intelligence services deal with them quickly and quietly with utter ruthlessness. The muslims, no matter the stripe, are going to be an endangered species and they will have brought their demise upon themselves.

Elby the Beserk said...

To John McGee

"begged for it"? Rubbish. None of the peoples of these countries "begged for it". Rather, we had it forced down our throats. In the UK it was a deliberate policy by the last Labour government, intended to disrupt society.

Your abuse is both unnecessary - and idiotic.

dymphna said...

All the talk about people rising up and beginning to fight back is just that- talk.

I'm not saying it would be a bad thing. What I am saying is that the socialist entitlement culture has hollowed out any chance of that happening. Even now in the US, large swathes of "flyover" or midtown America is being seeded by lots and lots of primitive ("3rd world" would be an improvement) tribal immigrants who are brought in by the feds in collusion with religious groups like Catholic Charities. These folks are plunked down in small towns and even as they become slave-labor in Big Meat and Big Food production, they also become a huge drain on the local infrastructure. Many of them would never pass a health test to get in here to begin with. They bring TB and HIV, etc. Guess who ends up having to treat them and find housing??

Follow Ann Corcoran if you want to see what's happening.Google Refugee Resettlement Watch. I've pasted her URL here many times, but if you google it, you get some choices re the areas of focus.

Top of the site right now is the fact that white Britons are now a minority in London.

This is not the average Englishman's wish and Brits did not bring it on themselves. Like all of us, they were deliberately schooled in "government is here to help you". What other information, pray tell, is there? And how is it possible to go against the grain anywhere in the EU and have a life left once you've spoken up?

What is being done to Tommy Robinson will serve as a warning pour les autres...DO NOT MAKE WAVES. He was himself warned not to persist...

Life under modern totalitarian government means: "nice little life you have there. Would want to see anything happen to it..."

Those who stand in judgment on people like, say, the average German, for what is being done to them don't seem to notice the quicksand on which they themselves are standing...

This is a World Disorder and there is no escape. Some can forestall it, and some few are truly wealthy enough to mostly avoid the disasters & even profit from insider info...

But becoming Argentina or Greece, which is the fate that will rain down on most of us - even leaders like Merkel - there is no exit from that. And for ppl like Obama this is a good thing, this revenge on the capitalists. That he himself has profited thereby is irrelevant to his belief system.

Hermes said...

Anon at 12/26/2012 12:40 PM

Sezession is by no means a far-right publication. Here is a PDF version of one of the issues you mention, that of the germans doing gymnastics: http://www.sezession.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Sez46.pdf

At the last but one page there are some comments to this publication made by top newspapers such as Die Welt or Tagesspiegel:

"An intelligent magazine"

"the compulsory reading for the new right intelligentsia"

One can hardly imagine top german newspapers praising a far-right magazine.

And here is a publication company featured in the issue, which among others, publishes Fjordman's "Europa Verteidigen", a collection of selected essays in german: http://www.edition-antaios.de/

Anonymous said...

The Germans could consider bringing back something like the FreiKorps that was formed to fight the Communists after WWI. The only problem would be the lack of sufficient numbers of former members of the military. There are times when force must be met with force.

Hermes said...


"Life under modern totalitarian government means: "nice little life you have there. Would want to see anything happen to it..."

Yes, but our life will be ruined either way. If not by the security forces of the modern totalitarian governments, then by clans of immigrants. We are reaching a point in which there is virtually nothing to lose. No way out. Fight for survival or die.

Anonymous said...

Re comment from Anonymous 12/26 10:25 am

Yes, I have been surprised that there has not been more, explicit recognition of the fact that the Western world is being blackmailed by the Muslim world because of our dependence upon Middle Eastern and north African oil. That's the "elephant in the room" that most commentators on GoV seem to ignore.

Perhaps everyone is aware of this and this knowledge is in the background and informs all counterjihad thinking. But somehow I don't think so.

It seems to me that this issue must be addressed or it will be difficult for the counterjihad to get to gather the momentum that it needs.

Anonymous said...

Germany killed its peace-loving Jews, and imported Muslim savages. One of the stupidest moves in the history of humankind.

dymphna said...

Hermes said:

Yes, but our life will be ruined either way...

History is full of sudden discontinuities, so predicting the future is not something I do very well. However, the ruination you mention is already here for many, many people including the young and not-so-young in the US.

The white male "college grads" who were promised the Good Life once they had a diploma have nothing but debt to show for their academic slog. They have a huge albatross hanging 'round their necks and not much else.

Recently graduated lawyers in California are beginning to sue their law schools because they're hugely in debt with little hope of employment in the field of law. Their experience flies in the face of what they were promised when they signed up for law school and took on those huge tuition bills.
A fellow in a very large metropollitan area was telling me about a 30-something IT specialist whose employment contract ran out. While he hunted frantically for another job -any job - he slowly maxed out all his credit cards. So now he is moving back to his parents' house, after having been on his own for more than a decade.

IOW, the age cohort of 18-35 is reaching a dead end in the job market unless they can find government work in one form or another. Funny about that: the government bureaucracy is growing fast and it *is* hiring at the moment. So when people land a government job and join a public sector union, they don't have to worry anymore. They become dependable cogs who don't cause trouble.

It is amazing how similar this situation feels to the stories I read about the economic and cultural climate between the wars, but particularly in Europe. A job in the system was safe and there were few, very few, jobs outside the system. If, thru some of his connections a young man could possibly land a safe, middle class job, his position as a "clerk" made him the envy of his friends. For sure, he wasn't going to make waves for those outside the fold.

This appears to be happening again.

Will the lawyer rebellion spread or turn ugly? Hard to say. However, the lean times are definitely spreading upward from the underclass, just as the other cultural degradations have. The unemployment rates for both groups - the underclass uneducated and the overeducated middle class - are astoundingly high.

Anonymous said...

"Germany killed its peace-loving Jews"

Excuse me but your ignorance is showing...ever heard of a Chekist?


Anonymous said...

I heard the "Lebanese" are Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. And I've heard from Lebanese that their Palestinians are much more clannish than native Lebanese. Is their truth to this?

Anonymous said...

The problem for Germany is it is a country of law. These gangs take advantage of the laws to do "their thing". State Governments have been attempting to deport law breaking foreigners but courts have again and again prevented the deportations. In one case a young Turk who had been convicted of crimes dozens of times was deported but upon appeal the same state (Bavaria) that had him deported was forced to bring him back at tax payer expense.
I might add that many courts were and some still are solidly in the hands of those who revolted against the establishemnt in the late 1960s. That movement spawned the Baader-Meinhof Gang but others decided to go mainstream to hollow out society from within.

Balkaner said...

And i forgot to mention, the problem is not with true statements like "Germans are easy prey for us - lebanese and turks". The real issue would be complete silence about the tolerance toward anti-german/"anti-white" hate-crimes.

Columnist said...

Make non-Arabs more aware of KAFA'A laws:

"Non-Arabs are not suitable matches for Arabs.

Robert Marchenoir said...

@John Maggee :

It's the United States which coaxed Germany into accepting Turkish immigrants -- the country's largest group of foreigners.

Germany was reluctant. The United States wanted to please Turkey, which had lots of unemployed, and which, as a NATO member, was a strategic ally against Russia.

Americans might spare the smugness ("Euro wimps") and avoid indulging in schadenfreude, however morally satisfying that might be.

Anyway, this sort of thing is coming your way, so don't think you'll stay comfortable much longer -- that is, if you still are.

stromnord@bluezone.no said...

Robert Marchenoir informs us that USA coaxed Germany to accept Tuskish immigrants. That is not correct. Germany had lost nearly a generation men during WWII, and was in desperate need of temporarily willing hands. Not immigrants. The first Turks were considered and viewed as Gastarbeiter. When the vistit was over, the guest leaves for home. Many thousand unemployed Turks stayed when the industry lumped and fetched their families to Germany, and that was when the trouble started.