Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Attack in Bonn

An Indian student in Bonn reports that on Christmas Eve he was attacked and injured by two men who demanded that he convert to Islam. The media generally have difficulties finding the proper spin in reports of “brown-on-brown” violence, so it will be interesting to see how the German MSM handles the follow-up on this story.

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Christmas Eve in Bonn — Indian student apparently attacked by Islamists

Islamist attack on Christmas Eve? An Indian student was attacked by two men on 24 December — they wanted him to convert to Islam.

When the police arrived at 10:10 pm in Endenich, the 24-year-old was bleeding from the head and the mouth. He was treated by an emergency doctor. The young man told the police that he had been walking on the road to a restaurant in Bonn-Poppelsdorf, and as he walked past no. 119 in Sebastian Street, he was approached by two unknown men who asked him to convert to Islam.

Bonn state protection office active in this issue

He wanted to continue on his way, but the two men caught him from behind and knocked him to the ground. In the course of events one of the suspects succeeded in inflicting a cut on the student’s tongue, who was dazed by the blows he received.

After the two offenders fled, the student was able to attract the attention of a passer-by who helped him and called an ambulance. The 24-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital.

The police began searching for the perpetrators immediately, but with no success. With this act having an apparent political motivation, Bonn state protection became involved in the investigation, witnesses were interrogated, and physical evidence as well as the clothing of the victim was secured.

Perpetrators with an Islamist background?

The young man explained in his testimony that one of the suspects was about 35 years old, 180 cm tall, and slim. He had dark, curly hair with gray highlights, a long beard and was dressed in dark clothes. After the attack, he drove away towards Poppelsdorf together with the other suspect, of whom he could give no description.

Taking into consideration the physical description of the offender and the course of events, the police said that it cannot be ruled out the perpetrators were members of the Islamist scene. The investigation has been handed over to the public prosecutor’s office in Bonn. An investigative team has started working on the case, and is looking for witnesses to report more details.


Nick said...

The religion of peace, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Taking into consideration the physical description of the offender and the course of events, the police said that it cannot be ruled out that that the perpetrators belong were members of the Islamist scene. "

Case solved, Deputy Fife! Excellent detective work."


Anonymous said...

He was beaten up because he refused to wear his burqa!


Anonymous said...

I used to live right by there when I studied at U Bonn. Poppelsdorf always seemed safe, night or day. Back then in 2008 the only scuzzy part or Bonn was Tannenbusch.

I pray he makes a full recovery.