Friday, December 14, 2012

Imran Firasat Arrested?

The Innocent Prophet

Yesterday we reported that Imran Firasat and Terry Jones had postponed the release of their new Mohammed movie, due to a threat by the Spanish government to deport Mr. Firasat to his native Pakistan.

Now comes news that Imran Firasat may have been arrested. This press release just came in from Stand Up America Now:

Dr Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now believe that our friend Imran Firasat has been arrested by the Spanish government. Our last communication with Imran was at 4:13 am ET today. We had been in regular contact with him to support him in these last days of intense pressure from the Spanish police who had threatened to prosecute him or deport him back to Pakistan. We believe they have acted on these threats.

This situation has resulted in the postponed release of the movie, “The Innocent Prophet: Life of Muhammad from the point of view of an ex-Muslim.”


Anonymous said...

I found the movie trailer taken down most places, but still working here:

Anonymous said...

As soon as the plane touches down at Islamabad airport there will no doubt be a suicide bomber waiting for him to clutch him to him in a warm embrace.

Gregory said...

Just tell Imram to go into hiding for a while. Spanish police are as stupid as their nations leaders. He can post from a good hiding place. GOD, the TRUE GOD, bless him. your anti-robot provers are the hardest of every site I visit, to much work and my eyes aren't that good anymore. Like, what is it now? eguipsp? I'll try it.

Imran Firasat said...

Dear Friends

Hi, This is Imran from Spain. Its so nice to see that you all worry for me. Don´t worry. I am fine. yes it is true that I have been threatened of detention by the Spanish authorities and at one point they were about to do so, but the truth is with me so nothing could happen to me. tomorrow morning Dr. Jones is going to release the movie. no compromise with our right of freedom of expression. IMRAN

Anonymous said...

That's very odd. England can't deport a known terrorist to stand trial in Jordan, in case they aren't very nice to him and his 'human rights'.

But this chap may be deported to Pakistan, where he will be ripped to shreds.

Odd, odd, odd.