Friday, December 14, 2012

The Tell-Tale Sickle Cell

Demographic statistics in France have long been occluded by laws against collecting or reporting any data based on immigrant status or ethnic origin. However, an ingenious French analyst has discovered a method of approximating the percentage of immigrant births: the incidence of sickle cell trait among newborns.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from Novopress:

Study indicates the magnitude of population replacement at work in France

PARIS (via NOVOPRESS Bulletin réinformation) — The Institute for Public Health, a department belonging to the Health Ministry, published a study in July 2012 showing the percentage of births at risk for Sickle Cell Disease in 2010. This genetic disease has the characteristic of affecting almost exclusively non-European populations, mainly those from “the Caribbean, black Africa, but also North Africa”.

Sickle cell incidence in French newborns

This disease may therefore quantify the extent of immigration. In Ile-de-France, for example, in year 2010 60% of births were considered at risk (see map above). From these figures it can be concluded that 60% of births in Ile-de-France are from non-European populations. In comparison, the previous study based on 2005 data reported a figure of 54%, which shows that the proportion of births from non-Europeans, already huge, is rapidly increasing. The figures for other regions speak for themselves.

This study provides (partly) some fundamental numbers regarding those famous “ethnic statistics” which are still banned in France. These provide the keys to understand in full context the frightening reality of the ongoing demographic substitution.

This phenomenon may be observed elsewhere in Western Europe. The United Kingdom, for example, presents a situation similar to that of France. According to the last census in 2011, the country has 7.5 million immigrants, a significant increase in 10 years, which means a 13% of the population. Finally, less than 45% of Londoners are of native British origin. They have become a minority in their own capital.

This mass immigration is no less massive when it comes to costs. Several studies have been conducted on the issue, including those of the Foundation Polémia or Jean-Paul Gourevitch’s study for the Association of Taxpayers, bearing the title “The true cost of immigration”. The latter shows that immigration has a net cost of more than $ 17 billion for France. This means that the cost of regular and irregular migration, integration policies, public investment in schools or housing and security is much greater than the value produced by immigrant labor in terms of GDP.


Robert Marchenoir said...

Just for the record, the ingenious French analyst is, as far as I know, one of the writers at Fdesouche, who first discovered this official survey, and its implications relative to immigration.

The above figures are an update of the first survey which was picked up by Fdesouche a while ago, and they show that the trend towards population replacement has worsened.

The deep irony here is that, while the official French line is that races do not exist (although racism does), and ethnic statistics are forbidden, it is a government agency which dutifully collects, and reports, those figures which prove beyond doubt that the government is lying.

It is lying when the various "experts" on its payroll blather on TV that races do not exist, and is is lying when it denies the reality and breadth of the ongoing population replacement.

dymphna said...

Right on! Hermes has conquered French now! What will be next?

The wealth of this blog lies in the numbers of autodidacts who add value to our offerings. Some of my best kids are also autodidacts, indeed they are:


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This one goes on my New Year's Resolutions list.

Thank you, Hermes!

Anonymous said...

"NSCAO (Norwegian Sickle Cell Anemia Organization) is a nonprofit organization and was formed and founded in November 2006.

The organization is established to look into affairs of sickle cell anemia cases in various parts of the world, especially in Norway."

- Quite telling, that this organization already exists in Norway.

Hermes said...

More on the issue:

Anonymous said...

Looking forward, genes go their own ways. The gene for sickle-cell trait, if just one copy is inherited, confers a degree of resistance to malaria.

As Europe warms, along with the rest of the globe, this resistance to malaria will become important to health and survival. Malaria control efforts will fail, and malaria will become endemic.

Whatever happens demographically to the people of European ancestry and the people of North African ancestry now in France, that particular gene will surge in frequency, rising to the levels now seen in Africa.

Those Europeans first to intermix with immigrants who carry the gene will be the ones whose children are most likely to survive malaria. But while we're at it, observe that for other genes, things will be the other way around. Genes for very dark skin are unhelpful in France, for instance. Warm or cold, France gets oblique and cloud-filtered sunlight and the skin needs all the help it can get in manufacturing vitamin D.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything more despicable than the left? No principles, no morals, no consistency, oikophobic, anti-human, anti-enlightenment, anti-logic, anti-success, anti-life, anti-truth...

Races do not exist, so the lie goes... tell that to any CSI expert or geneticist and he'll call you an idiot. For the left, Race is a matter of perspective: it depends only on the narrative of criminal and victim, being that a White person must always be identified when in the role of the perpetrator and non-Whites always identified when in the role of victims. Conversely, when the perp is a non-White, this fact will always be toned down, completely ignored, twisted (as in the case of George Zimmerman - "White-Hispanic") or even covered up.

The elites portray PC ideology as "the norm" or the "everybody-knows'" of our society. Orwellian is an apt description: to hold two contradicting positions simultaneously in your mind and believing both at the same time; to deny the existence of races while simultaneously peddling white-guilt at every opportunity and forcing the dominant ethnic make up of Western civilization into guilt by association.
So, just because I'm white, I am (by default) guilty of slave trading, slave ownership and racial and sexual bias.

I refuse to invoke the throat-clearing droning of "not all muslims are terrorists". Maybe I'll start peddling it when and if we ever get the "not all white people are racists/slave owners/child molesters/misogynous/(insert grievance du jour here)" so drummed up into the mindset of the elites that it becomes an afterthought. BIG IF!


Anonymous said...

According to the 2011 Census, 44.9% of London's residents are White British. London is the first and only place in the United Kingdom in which White Britons are a minority. - SOURCE

Jolie Rouge

Peter35 said...

I thought white British were now a minority in Leicester? And that was the first place in the UK?

Anonymous said...

I live in London. I don't believe the statistic. I think white people are in a far smaller minority.

Cockney, the old dialect of working class Londoners, is gone. After 100's of years. It has been replaced with an idiotic and horrible hybrid of Jamaican, Turkish and Bangladeshi.

I believe that white people, for the most part, answered the census honestly. But 100's of thousands of immigrants didn't. (Would you if you'd overstayed your visa?).

I feel in a minority of about 30% actually. That's why the riots happened. Too many moody, unqualified, drug addled youth with no jobs, no way of getting one, and no desire to work anyway.

There's worse to come. Much worse.