Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting — At the Asylum Center

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Another Saturday night, another brawl at the asylum center. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the latest fracas amongst the culture-enrichers:

The article concerns a brawl at an asylum center in Mysen (southeastern part of Norway) involving illegal immigrants, oops, I mean asylum seekers from Somalia and Afghanistan.

It’s good to know that the Norwegian authorities will focus all their money and energy on fighting the extremely violent and dangerous online ‘right-wing’ Counterjihad community in Norway and not the innocent and oppressed little lambs that have been ‘brutally’ oppressed by the racist Norwegian populace.

The translated article from NRK:

One person hospitalized after mass brawl at asylum center

One person has been hospitalized after a huge brawl at Mysebu asylum center in Mysen in Østfold on Saturday night.

According to the police the brawl involved asylum seekers from Somalia and Afghanistan.

Police was notified of the incident at 7:55pm, says Magnar Tinjar, the manager of operations for Follo Police District. One person was admitted to the hospital in Fredrikstad, and a second individual was brought to the accident and emergency department.

“The message that we received was that the person who was taken to hospital was to be checked for a possible fractured arm. There were no reports of any serious injuries,” says Tinjar to

Several others residents received minor injuries. According to police the majority of the residents at the asylum center were involved in the dispute.

“We were told that most of the 38 residents at the center were involved in the fight, so the situation was quite heated for a while,” says Tinjar.

No one has been arrested in connection with the brawl, but police will initiate an investigation.

“It was quite chaotic there at one stage, so we’ll have to sit down and try and find the cause that triggered the dispute,” says Tinjar.

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john in cheshire said...

You see, if Norway could drop its PC attitudes, it has the perfect attraction for millions of tourists. Watching the fighting is the perfect spectator sport.

Anonymous said...

An interesting point about tourism. Do these people really understand that tourists come to Europe's capitals expecting to find traditional Norway, traditional France, traditional England etc. People who have visited tell me that Oslo is going from being a clean, orderly Scandinavian city into a multicultural dump and eventually Norwegians will feel this affects their tourism industry, as will the British as London ceases to be English.

I have just come across the following reference to the frustrations and feelings of Enoch Powell in a speech given by James Cotton to the Traditional Britain Group viz.

"The reason Powell was against mass immigration was that he realised that true global diversity can only continue to exist if the nation state system is upheld and immigration between those states limited; that cultures must not be over-diluted by abolishing national borders. Throughout history this idea was regarded as common sense."

Why are these people who crave diversity so destructive of it? They speak of diversity within nations but the end will be the abolition of global diversity and for what? As usual Powell was no different from anybody else who takes things to their logical conclusions, something the immature screaming hordes of the Left seem incapable of doing. As for the globalizers, they don't care as their only god is money and they only think in terms of their own lifetimes.

thor42 said...

I agree with anonymous.
Enoch Powell was spot-on.

Stupid dhimmified Norway (and the rest of Europe) need to WAKE UP.

Groups like the Norway Defense League are PATRIOTS.
It is that simple.

babs said...

If you click on the link to the original article from NRK you find a picture of the asylum. It appears to be a big red house on a residential street.
Would Ms. Rettberg care to live next door? If not, why not and, who SHOULD desire to live next door?
I really would like to be a part of a fair and honest discussion about this. Ms. Rettberg hasn't flung any invectives so maybe she is a good person to engage in discussion.

Anonymous said...

babs - You ask a question of Ms Rettberg that applies to each and every member of the liberal/left establishment: if the marvellous multicultural society is as marvellous as the liberal/left would have us believe, why is it that members of that establishment invariably choose to live as far away from multiculturalism as they can.

I read somewhere in the us gun licence owners have had their names and addresses published by a newspaper. It would be far more interesting if the said newspaper published the addresses of the local liberal/left establishment to see how many choose to live amongst the diversity they prescribe for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"...try and find the cause that triggered the dispute...."

Muslim immigration. Duh!