Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/16/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/16/2012The news feed is light tonight. Is everyone out Christmas shopping?

Despite near-universal antagonism in the media, the Sweden Democrats have reached a record level of popularity. The latest polls indicate that SD appeals to 10% of Swedish voters.

In other news, President Obama spoke at a memorial service for the victims of the devastating school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, offering words of solace to the families of the victims and the residents of the town.

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Swede in Exile said...

"Despite near-universal antagonism in the media, the Sweden Democrats have reached a record level of popularity."

Yes, that is very much the case.

"In Länstidningen, a social democratic newspaper in Östersund, the Sweden Democrats party leader Mr. Jimmie Åkesson is pictured as a cockroach. Behind him stands a pest control worker wearing protective clothing and gas mask while spraying deadly poison gas from a canister marked with the symbols of all the other seven parliamentary parties."

you can see the picture here:

Anonymous said...

As I have previously posted, the recent figure in England for the anti-EU, stop all immigration UKIP is 14% and with other "right-wing" parties the figure could be edging towards 20%. A lot of support for UKIP is from traditional Conservatives faced with David Cameron's cultural Marxism and support from developers who are cashing in on the housing shortage caused through mass immigration.

As regards the Connecticut shootings, Obama is now in a cleft stick. He is demanding stricter gun control which to us in Europe seems logical. But now the mother of the perpetrator turns out to have been a doom prepper. Here that seems to mean that she must be as big a paranoid lunatic as her son. But most Europeans seem to be unaware of what would happen in America if there is economic collapse. And if Obama pushes for gun control then he will meet stiff opposition from those who fear the outcome of his policies.

Here in Europe we are anticipating similar chaos but without the guns.
Whilst immigrants still pour into Britain, in my neck of the woods we are facing a Christmas housing crisis. Seems like a recipe for an explosion once the people, if ever, finally wake up.