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Who is Violent in Germany?

Steen sent me a tip a few days ago about a video entitled “Munich is Watching”, a public-service production reminding the citizens of Munich to be ever-vigilant about possible eruptions of the inherent racism to which all Germans are subject:

What’s staggering about this video is the knee-jerk assumption that interracial violence in Germany is more likely to come from the blond-haired blue-eyed indigenes rather than the dusky-skinned newcomers. The evidence — both statistical and anecdotal — overwhelmingly supports the opposite conclusion.

Ordinary Germans are aware of this discrepancy. They know that the official government line is a blatant lie. They realize that murder, assault, rape, arson, theft, and vandalism are far more likely to be committed by immigrants and their descendants than “persons of German background”.

They also understand the likely consequences of speaking the truth, so they generally keep quiet about such matters — at least in public.

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has juxtaposed the “Munich is Watching” video with a translated and subtitled video about the recent tongue-slashing da’wa in Bonn to provide a snapshot of Politically Correct Multiculturalism in Germany at the cusp of the new year.

Ummah — German

Who is Violent in Germany?
by Rembrandt Clancy

An incident in Germany was reported earlier on Gates of Vienna (26 December, 2012) under the title “Attack in Bonn” . It concerns two men who sliced the tongue of an Indian exchange student after he refused their demand to convert to Islam. The Baron wondered what “spin” the media would place on this “brown-on-brown” violence. As it turned out, there are two facets to the aftermath of this violent event, the press reaction and the surprise context given to it in the Christmas message of Federal President Joachim Gauck.

First there is the press, which appears to acknowledge at least the suspicion that “Islamists” (often interchangeable with “Salafists”) are involved, but not Islam or Muslims (see video included herewith). For readers who would like a reminder of the basic story, a fairly typical summary, dated 30 December 2012, is taken from an article in the General-Anzeiger (30 December, 2012):

“As police spokesman Harry Kolbe announced on Thursday, the student has been able to leave the hospital in the meantime… At 10 o’clock PM on Monday, according to the police, the two perpetrators … asked the 24-year old student out of the blue what his religious affiliation was and demanded that he convert to Islam.

As the 24-year old wanted to keep walking, he was knocked down from behind and the men told him that if he did not convert, he was a sinner, whose tongue had to be cut out.

Then the perpetrators succeeded in making a deep cut in the tongue of the student who was dazed from the blows. Finally the two men drove away in the direction of Poppelsdorf …

According to police, two days after Christmas the young man, who was deeply in shock, could be questioned. Police spokesman Kolbe characterised what he told them as “very credible” and added that the police investigative group can not rule out an Islamist background…”

The accompanying video on the incident is a report from the a subregional (local) studio in Bonn called Lokalzeit:

Lokalzeit belongs to the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk — West German Broadcasting), a public broadcaster with headquarters in Cologne (NRW). The report includes an interview with a spokesman for the Muslim Council in Bonn, Moussa Acharki, who paraphrases the abrogated Sura 2.256 “There shall be no compulsion in religion” (The Koran: N. J. Dawood, Penguin), a sura which some say (Sabatina James) Muslims use when they are in the minority, instead of such Suras as 9.5 “…slay the idolaters wherever you find them… and lie in ambush everywhere for them” (The Koran, N. J. Dawoord, Penguin).

The second facet is the unexpected context given to the attack on the Indian student by the release on the same day of Federal President Gauck’s Christmas address (Spiegel Online, 24 December 2012). Islam-critical sites reacted strongly to one sentence in particular which, broadly speaking, they consider a defamation of the German people. It reads as follows:

“We are also worried about the violence in subway stations or on the streets where persons are attacked because they have black hair and a dark skin”

[President Joachim Gauck’s complete speech can be found in German at Spiegel Online.]

As if to confirm that Germans are bigoted racists with a Nazi family tree, an ad has been running, apparently for some time, on info-screens in the Munich underground. In this video which is almost entirely without language, actors mime fortuitous white-on-brown violence. The video, called “Munich is Watching” (München schaut hin), shows a smiling, affable dark-skinned immigrant waiting on tables in the beer garden of the Chinese Tower in Munich. He is deliberately jostled by two blond ruffians in the course of which he in turn is caused to unintentionally jostle a female patron. He then has to suffer her telling him not to touch her, while her German friend makes ready to punch him in the face. All Munich looks on. The credits at the end show that the ad has been sponsored by many well-known German firms such as Siemens and BMW Group. (Munich is the city of the proposed “Centre for Islam in Europe” — ZIE-M)

In this same context, Politically Incorrect has drawn attention to data which they believe to be more in keeping with the evidence of their senses than President Gauck’s statement. In one article they provide a link to a website called “German Victims, Foreign Perpetrators” (Deutsche Opfer, fremde Täter) which catalogues crime incidents on a map of Germany. The user clicks on a symbol on the map which then links to details of the crime and additional sources.

Also on Politically Incorrect, a Brazilian reader sent in a collection of 270 comments from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung which are highly critical of Gauck’s speech. How representative they are of German sentiment is hard to say, but there were many interesting standpoints among them. I choose here two comments which draw a comparison between President Gauck’s Christmas address and the Christmas message of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth:

Ulrike Berner (ulrikef…) — 26.12.2012 11:05 Uhr

Disappointed by Gauck …

Instead of lectures calling upon all of us to share, be tolerant … the English Queen had instead expressed her “Thank you”.

Stefan Uhlig (printul) — 26.12.2012 09:59 Uhr

Model Queen

Our dear Federal President, Pastor Gauck, I recommend you read the Christmas message of the Queen of England (today on Instead of priggishly pointing her finger and overly didactically rebuking her own countrymen, the Queen said to her people, plain and simply, “Thank you” and praised them for their conduct on various occasions. With us that is unthinkable.

Below is a selection from Udo Ulfkotte’s reaction to Gauck’s Christmas address. Ulfkotte is well-known in Germany for his Islam-critical books. He writes also for the independent media outlet Kopp Online. Ulfkotte penned his reaction to Gauck’s speech on Christmas Day, and it appears to have been widely reproduced, quoted or linked by German sites:

Our politicians demand more understanding and solidarity with Muslims. How gaga that is one can be gleaned from a typical, current incident. In multicultural Berlin a 20-year-old woman was raped by three Turks Osman D. (17), Amir H. (18) and Mohamad El-S. (17). The perpetrators received, politically correctly, only a suspended sentence, they laughed and wander at large. It interests no politician. And there is no solidarity with the victim.

Let us take a look at how other countries handle such riffraff. In India, a few days ago, a female student was the victim of a group rape on a bus. In the capital of New Delhi there were mass protests on account of it. In India the government condemned the rape and declared solidarity with the victim of the rape. In Germany the Federal President is mute about such crimes when they are committed here in Germany. In a city like Cologne approximately 70 percent of the rapists are Turkish, Alice Schwarzer said once. No wonder that our Federal President remains silent about it. But he who is silent makes himself complicit. Gauck continues to declare — politically correctly — his solidarity with immigrants. Most certainly he does not have the majority of the German population behind him. What would it be like if our Federal President in his Christmas address were to call for solidarity with the indigenous people against criminal immigrants instead of demanding more solidarity of the indigenous people with immigrants? What would it be like if politicians of the standing of Herr Gauck would concern themselves about the victims of the unscrupulous immigration policy? What would it be like if on Christmas if they were to visit those in the border region who day after day are being plundered and robbed by our eastern neighbours? But for this he is too cowardly. Politicians prefer to fight against “the right” — and against their own people.

That is the true Christmas message of this dissolute time. One places oneself on the side of criminals and demands solidarity with them. And the victims are given a kick. Merry Christmas.

Transcript of the news video:

Anchorman:A report of a bodily injury with a dreadful allegation. Such has been occupying the Bonn police since Christmas Eve.
Two putative Islamists in Bonn are supposed to have slit the tongue of an Indian man, and did it because the exchange student refused to convert to Islam. This quite outrageous-sounding case is what the investigative authorities are taking however very seriously. Police, the State Protection Office and the Public Prosecutor's Office are investigating.
Reporter:The 24-year-old Indian man was on his way on foot along Sebastianstrasse in the direction of Poppelsdorf. He intended to spend Christmas Eve with friends in a pub. Then he said that two men of oriental appearance accosted him and demanded that he convert to Islam. When he ignored this, the alleged Muslims struck him down from behind and sliced his tongue. The Bonn police are taking the incident very seriously.
Police Spokesman:The way things stand currently we are proceeding on the assumption of a politically motivated criminal offence. And grounds could also exist for attributing the committing of the crime to the Islamist milieu. That is the factual situation.
For us at Bonn police headquarters, and also for the investigation team, there is presently no concrete preliminary evidence, initially, of connections with other offences;
… as for example, a connection to attack scenario at the central train station in Bonn.
Reporter:For a long time Bonn has been considered an Islamist stronghold. In May Salafists rioted after a right-wing provocation in Bonn-Lengsdorf. Two police officers were seriously injured at the scene by an extremist with a knife. The perpetrator is in prison, but recently Islamists threatened through an internet video to extort his release.
Finally there is the bomb in the central train station in Bonn: also here the police presume an Islamistic-terrorist background. However, it is unclear whether in the current case Islamists were in fact active. "In any case, the incident cannot have anything to do with religion," said the Muslim Council of Bonn:
Muslim Council spokesman:There is no compulsion in Religion [Sura 2.256]. And it is absolutely incomprehensible that this is a religious act. So [there were] some sort of nutters, who were on the move, — And we are also prepared, and also with full assistance, to support [the police], to get these culprits.
Reporter:The Indian student was apparently lucky. How serious the injuries were is unknown. But at least he has been able to leave the hospital in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

And the "politically correct" has no boundaries, or limits. Not a peep from pols about such real incidents and culprits. But they can imagine this faux bigotry everywhere.

babs said...

Since it seems that Ms. Rettberg is reading and responding to GOV posts I wonder if she would answer the following:
Can you site any news story or TV coverage or even a police report of white on brown attacks similar to the Indian man having his tongue sliced or the Indian woman that was gang raped on a bus, who has since died?
Is the reporting of these ongoing incidents "extremist?"
Is Udo Ulfkotte's published reaction to President Gauck's Christmas address "right-wing extremism?"
Do you think the German PSA about white on brown violence is accurate? Can you back up your position with facts?
Do you think that people that are very concerned with the proliferation of these events "live in a bubble" or, are they concerned about the drastic change in their societies with the advent of mass immigration? Do you think that people that track and chronical these events are "right-wing extremists?"
Thank you in advance for being willing to discuss this in an open and honest "conversation."

Anonymous said...

So two alleged Islamist allegedly cut the alleged victim's alleged tongue and he was allegedly taken to an alleged hospital. From the wire service of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm.


Anonymous said...

... alleged Islamist ...

And everybody knows, that islamist are not muslims at all. Who those islamists are? I don't kwow, maybe they are mormons?

Happy New Year
Finnish lurker

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media--on both sides of the Atlantic--firmly supports the multi-culti left, with every view that this entails.

This is the major problem for us.

We continue to see example after example. What can we actually do about it? Blogs like this are wonderful, but do they most speak to the "converted?"

I suppose the only way to go for those who have the time and energy is to join organizations like ACT for America and others and work at the grass roots.

What other ways are there for us?

Trollman said...

Response to comment number 5.

We wait. The banks are collapsing the economy in all of our nations, the elites are bought off by islamic oil money, and the people are in for a huge awakening when the money runs out (unless 3d printing can proliferate fast enough) the west will experience the same fate as the soviet union.

The virus must be allowed to run it's course or else the subject does not develop the proper antibodies.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Bonn for a few months just over 40 years ago. It was a very civilised place in a beautiful location.

I don't remember seeing a single muslim, no fear of bombs at the railway station etc. How things have changed!

Anonymous said...

The translation of the video title “Munich is Watching” is not correct, it should be "Munich is looking away"

Anonymous said...

His translation "Munich is Watching" is both correct, and apt in the context of the video. The reference point for "hin" (there, towards, to)is from the subject outward (people of Munich), not from a point in the environment. When combined with the verb "schauen", to look, (hinschauen), the meaning is to look from one's self outwards, not away from something in the environment.

If he had translated it as "Munich is looking on" or even "Munich is looking", those also would have been acceptable, but too passive given what the crowd is doing in the video.

"To look away" would be "wegschauen".

Tosh said...

You should go and find out who supports pro-immigration groups with $$$. A clue - the same people in every country.

But they don't allow African immigrants into their own homeland.