Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ottawa In Winter

Our wonderful videographer-on-call, Vlad Tepes (peace be upon that brave man) created an evocative montage of video and stills (the latter by Bear). For this, and for so much more, seasoned greetings to the Baron’s colleague and my good friend… the one who rescues me when the B. has to travel and I need an image or an embedded video.

This wintry confection he made certainly brings back some New England Christmases for me — the frost-rimed rhythms of urban life continuing on despite the weather. I couldn’t help but smile to think of the panicked reaction if this were to happen in Washington, D.C.

There is lots to see here; I watched it several times, looking at what appear to be tiny onion domes on one church, and the steeply pitched roofs everywhere. Even in the snow and slush, someone is moving…

Now that it’s quit raining ‘round here, I’m going out to cut some holly for the supper table. The future Baron will be home for Christmas evening and we’ll have roast beef in his honor. Kind of like the fatted calf, only it’s a very small roast and that boy — oops, man — has never had even a prodigal moment. (Yes, we are lucky indeed.)

Merry Christmas once more.