Monday, December 17, 2012

The Principal Product of Malmö: Jew-Hatred

The situation for Jews in Malmö is familiar by now to most people who follow the news on the Islamization of Sweden. However, this news report from Swedish television, which outlines the daily situation of a particular Jewish woman in Malmö, is a stark reminder of how bad things have gotten in Malmö for Jews — and for anyone who is not Muslim, for that matter.

Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Warning: The verbatim translations of obscene and offensive epithets aimed at the Jewish woman in this video are included in the subtitles and the accompanying transcript:


0:18 Nowadays Malmö is not only known for its transformation from a worn-out industrial city to a metropolis.
0:21 Throughout the world Malmö is now known for its growing Jew-hatred.
0:34 We are going to Rosengård.
0:38 We have to knock a special code, for anyone to open the door.
0:49 Hello, Swedish Television.
0:56 Welcome.
1:00 Why did we have to knock that way?
1:03 Because I’m being threatened.
1:10 Evelyn will not show her face on TV, but in Rosengård people know who she is and where, and she knows what many of them think.
1:19 I have always been called “Jew whore”, “Jew cunt”, “gas the Jews, Hitler forgot you”.
1:35 Evelyn says those harassing her are always Muslims.
1:40 And the Jewish star on her door is not the only thing
1:44 No, I’ve had the swastika, eggs…
1:49 If she did not have to walk the dog, she would never leave her flat.
1:53 During the Middle East conflict in November, it got worse.
1:59 What have I to do with Israel? I’m a Jew,
2:05 but I’m not Netanyahu.
2:12 Lately threats have gotten worse after a 10-year-old boy called her ‘Jew whore’.
2:21 His dad stared at me with such hatred. “Me and my friends are gonna stab you”.
2:39 Anti-Semitism existed in Skåne, long before Malmö became an immigrant city.
2:46 But today its so well-known, that Obama sent a messenger to investigate the situation
2:52 and she was told that 2011, 29 hate crimes against Jews were reported
2:58 Evelyn has only recently cared to report to the police what happened outside her living room window.
3:06 Please, you check first.
3:12 I see no one. - Sure?
3:16 You usually check like this, behind the curtain?
3:24 He stood right in the corner there and pointed a gun straight at me.
3:33 What Evelyn tells us is hard to believe. Is she so hated just for being a Jew in Sweden, in 2012?
3:41 We ask some of the first we meet, what they think of Jews
3:46 Where are you from?
3:49 From Palestine. Jews are idiots. They kill babies. They have no hearts, but lots of money.
3:58 I hate baby-killing Jews
4:20 He says, they are idiots.
4:24 I have a very kind Muslim neighbour, she comforts me, not all Muslims are like that.
4:41 Alkoud is in the Malmö dialogue forum to battle tensions between Jews and Muslims.
4:50 He is a Palestinian, and knows how many think.
4:54 They tie Jews directly to Israel, Palestinian refugees are used to that.
4:58 We try to teach them, that the two are not the same.
5:27 Why do you still live here in Rosengård?
5:34 I’m not rich. I can’t afford to move.
5:38 Would you move, if you could?
5:41 Yes!
5:43 I’m entitled to live where I want. Hitler forced Jews into ghettos.
5:46 I would move, but I don’t want to be forced to move.


Anonymous said...

This woman is afraid and fear is a powerful force as tyrants all over know well. Maybe she is confused. Nevertheless her words about PM Netanyahu are well off base. He holds ground as a great leader must do and everyone knows it, above all Israel´s enemies. By the way I am not a jew

Anonymous said...

It's worse for the Swedes. The jews can go elsewhere, and will, long after the Swedes no longer exist.

MCin Sderot said...

Europe is building up for a Dreyfus incident, because Jews, on the whole, are not instinctively (or religiously) violent, they are the lesser of two evils. As usual those prepared to use violence will win because politicians are greedy, corrupt and lazy. It is easier to blame the non-violent group than to challenge the violent group.

Britain's answer to the Hebron massacre of Jews (1929) was to ethnically cleanse the Jews.

Gaza was ethnically cleansed of Jews by Israel under pressure from the EU and USA

So when does Malmo become Judenrein? it is the obvious line of least resistance

Anonymous said...

@ 2:52 the number should be 79 hatecrimes- not 29.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the people being interviewed kept calling themselves palestinians. Strange thing to say since they have not been born there, nor have they ever visited this fantasy land. They have never touched foot in Israel. This is a title the most violent factions of islam give themselves to justify their hate.