Friday, December 14, 2012

Sharia Comes to Spain

The Innocent Prophet

It’s official: Spain has become a sharia-compliant state.

Imran Firasat, the ex-Muslim from Pakistan who collaborated with pastor Terry Jones on the new Mohammed movie, has been warned by Spanish judicial authorities that he will be arrested if he releases his video in any form.

Notice that it is Mr. Firasat — and not the crazed Islamic zealots who riot, rape, murder, burn, and loot whenever they are offended — who is being held responsible by the authorities for any reactions to his movie that endanger national security. This constitutes unabashed compliance with the dictates of sharia on the part of the Spanish government.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for translating this article from

The Pakistani national settled in Spain will be detained if he broadcasts the film against Mohammed.

The Court of First Instance nº 50 of Madrid warned the Pakistani national Imran Firasat, the director of a movie against Mohammed, and currently settled in Spain, that he will be immediately detained under charges of incitement to hate and religious violence in case he broadcasts the video [The Innocent Prophet], sources with knowledge on the issue informed Europa Press.

The officiating judge of this tribunal released him without charges provided that he does not broadcast the film in any way, while the Interior Ministry has already begun the process of revoking the refugee status which he applied for some weeks ago.

According to the information given by the department led by Jorge Fernández Díaz, he is accused of putting the nation’s security in danger, and after having opened this case file, a period of testimony will begin. This period can last for several days, and the final decision will depend on the judge.

While this process takes place, Imran Firasat already knows that if he broadcasts the film, he will be detained. Firasat, who calls himself an ex-Muslim, announced through his webpage that he had made a film about Mohammed’s life which would be released on December 14. In the official promo, he ponders whether the first prophet of Islam was a child-rapist and a murderer. He assured viewers that he received the help of the American Pastor Terry Jones, who in 2010 announced his plan to burn Korans, thus arousing the anger of the Islamic world.


Gort said...

The movie trailer in Spanish is online but the English version seems to have disappeared. Does anyone have an url?

Pierre_Picaud said...

Surely Baron the much more accurate, and chilling, title of this post should be:

"Sharia returns to Spain"?

William Gruff said...

An interesting conundrum. How many Spaniards should the Spanish government be prepared to sacrifice to protect the right to free speech in Spain of a Pakistani Mohammedan who isn't a Spanish Citizen? European Christians suffered death by burning simply because they would or would not, dependent upon the beliefs of the current monarch, defend the notion that when mumbled over by a man in fancy dress a wafer and a sip of wine represented the flesh and blood of a another man said to have been born of a virgin.

We've fought these battles before and thought we'd rid our lands of religious controversy long ago. Thanks to those of our ilk, and others, who think we are more easily conquered when divided we are again faced with difficult choices. Those who died long ago must be turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Gruff: Your rhetorical 'question' is facetious. The nationality of the speaker is irrelevant when the topic offends Muslims. A Spaniard would be just as threatened and censored as a Pakistani import. The highest levels of United States military and government have loudly condemned pastor Terry Jones who is a citizen of the United States for exercising his right to free speech.

The issue is NOT whether Spaniards die for the free speech of their ex-Muslim immigrants. Rather, the issue is whether Muslims will deny the right of free speech and thus self-protection to all formerly free peoples who are being slowly enslaved by Sharia Law with nary a squeak from anyone EXCEPT Muslims who claim victim status at every opportunity - much like atheists who take pot shots at Christianity with little regard to how bad life will be when atheists cavalierly trade Western civilization based on Christianity for third world chaos caused by Islam!


Hermes said...

Gort: Here is one -

Salome said...

I thought I heard the gentleman say on the trailer that he is now 'a proud citizen of Spain'. A while ago someone posted a comment about the need to keep appeasing Saudi Arabia and the other oil states in order to keep the oil flowing. At first I thought it smacked of conspiracy theory, but now I wonder whether there is something behind all this, something more potentially damaging than a few disaffected Muslims rioting here and there, which those in power don't want us knowing about--or are told of consequences if we find out? Are our leaders in the 'free' world over bowing to a secret threat?

Anonymous said...

Innocence of the prophet FULL MOVIE

Anonymous said...

It is only a 'secret' threat when people fail to understand the most basic of economics.

The Western world depends on oil.

Excepting Norway, Europe has NO oil.

Oil producers currently control oil as a scarce commodity to maintain high prices.

Oil producers - including those in the United States - collude with each other to keep the oil supply low so that oil prices are high.

High prices give oil producers a lot of money to spend on whatever they like.

Saudis like to spread Islam - the 'religion' that labels Saudis as the ultimate rulers of mankind in perpetuity with the added benefit that clearly criminal and deviant behavior is officially labeled as morally righteous and as a means to get to Muslim heaven.

In a world competing for oil, oil producers DECIDE which countries will get to buy the oil.

Europe is clearly trading land for oil. No go zones, anyone?

Former commenter Zenster has the right solution which is to make WATER more valuable than oil.

When water-poor Muslim countries buy food from the West, Muslims are actually buying massive quantities of water that are required to produce food.

If water cost more than oil, then Westerners would regain power over Muslims.

Unfortunately, Marxist Western rulers have actively planned and coordinated for Westerners to be subservient to Islam and its many depredations as a means to curtail the civil and human rights of all and to cement totalitarian rule.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree that it is ALL about oil, though it has an effect . We can always buy Nigerian crude, we
don't have to get it from Saudi or
Iraq.The Paki is a brave guy, he
risks deportation to Pakistan and a 99% chance of an early death. Rajoy,like Cameron is a 100% bought politician, therefore he follows the wishes of the 'Money Power' before he makes any attempt to organize Spanish business.He could with a bit of effort deport the approx 5 million immigrants [ mostly Moslems] who are taking 5 million jobs from the 5 mil Spanish citizens on the dole. He couldn't give a dry feck for his own people, he only cares for his
30 pieces of silver. As long as Europe is led by easily bought politicians it be in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

Correct, it is NOT all about oil.

It is about Marxists pretending that oil is the most scarce and valuable resource to the intermediate benefit of Muslims but the ultimate benefit of Marxists!


Anonymous said...

Back in the 70's we were told that the World was running out of oil at current levels of consumption in 20 years. Our consumption went up, those 20 years have come and gone and we continue to find more and more oil.

Here in the US only our environmentalists and the Demoncratic party hold us back. We are finding more natural gas than we can use but the Dems don't want us to export it. We can't drill in ANWAR or off the CA coast.

It isn't oil producers in the west causing high prices. It is our own politicians who refuse to use the resources right beneath our feet.

William Gruff said...

Egghead: I've no idea what you mean by 'facetious' but I can see that you have no idea what the word means. That aside, the 'issue', and my point, which is perhaps too subtle for you to understand, whether it agrees with your rather simplistic way of thinking or not, is that the primary responsibility of a government is to safeguard the interests of the citizens it represents and not to place them in danger in order to protect the 'rights' of those who are, in effect, abusing their hospitality by using their homelands as a base for a protest they haven't the courage to make in their own lands.

There is a vast difference between protecting the right of a Spaniard to criticise another culture and protecting foreign nationals, at Spanish expense, who use Spain simply to do the same.

Perhaps you're an 'internationalist'?