Friday, December 21, 2012

Will Imran Firasat Be Deported From Spain?

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim and proprietor of who now lives in Spain. He teamed up with Terry Jones of Stand Up America Now to produce a movie entitled The Innocent Prophet, which was released last week (watch it here).

The Spanish government had threatened to arrest and deport Mr. Firasat if the movie were ever released. Now that it is publicly available (and had been viewed almost 37,000 times, as of this writing), Spain seems to be making good on its threat.

According to a press release that was just sent out by Terry Jones:

Imran Firasat has today been informed by the Spanish government that his residency status has been revoked because of his involvement in the production of the youtube, The Innocent Prophet, with Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now.

If Imran Firasat is deported to Pakistan, his chances of survival are not good. I’ll keep you informed of further developments as they come in.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that the leader of the Spanish Government is a bought
politician and like the traitor Cameron in UK, will do anything to
keep Islam happy. Rajoy almost
certainly will send this brave man back to Pakistan, one of the worst countries in the World, where he will be murdered. The only question I have is, how much is Rajoy getting per year to do the bidding of the

Green Infidel said...

Hang on - this is Europe we're talking about, isn't it? The one where Abu Qatada, and even Abu Hamza had long deportation/extradition processes, as the EU courts were not sure that they wouldn't face death in the countries they were sent to?

So, what's happening in this case? Does Imran not have the right to appeal, and to his own lawyers?

William Gruff said...

Imran Firasat should look at getting to Britain, by whatever means, and claiming political asylum as fast as he can.

Anonymous said...

Green infidel you are talking about a World which USED to exist, we now live in an era where everything is back to front. Firasat has said something about Islam, that trumps the fact that he is a Moslem. He will be deported without appeals.
To Pakistan .