Sunday, November 11, 2012

Punishing Those Nasty Swedish Racists

Sweden, you’ve been bad. So we will punish you by bringing in more immigrants!

This, in effect, is the message propagated by Fredrik Reinfeldt, the sitting Prime Minister of Sweden. “Too many people voted for the Sweden Democrats,” he says, “so we are increasing immigration to teach all those racists a lesson!”

It’s hard to believe, but that’s what the man said. You can’t make this stuff up.

And it wasn’t a leaked conversation from a meeting behind closed doors, or a remark made when a microphone was accidentally left on. Mr. Reinfeldt made his statements in public, to students at the University of Stockholm.

And his party is Moderaterna, “The Moderates” — what passes for a conservative party in Sweden.

By the way: If immigration is such a good thing, and enriches our culture so much, how can it be used as a punishment?

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The following article was published in Fria Tider on November 6. Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for the translation:

Reinfeldt admits: Migration settlement was a punishment of the voters

In an unusually hard attack on the Sweden Democrats today the Prime Minister revealed, among other things, that the migration agreement with the Green Party from last year aimed to show SD voters that there will be even greater immigration with SD in parliament.

This morning, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was a guest-lecturer for students of political science at Stockholm University. (See also Fria Tider’s leader about the lecture). According to the program, he would focus on “the role of politics and how Sweden is affected by the membership in the European Union”, but a large part of the lecture ended up being about the government’s perception of the rapidly growing opposition party: the Sweden Democrats.

Hard to reach SD voters

Among other things, the leader of the Moderates complained that he found it difficult to reach Sweden Democrat voters because they utilize in media channels other than those in which the government’s messages are allowed to stand unchallenged.

“If you believe their description of reality, you sees a very different Sweden. If you listen to it and nothing else, you get a completely different picture of reality, and this makes it incredibly difficult for me to reach them.”

The possibility that they may “reached” through an open debate on the substantive questions was dismissed, however, by Fredrik Reinfeldt, simply because there are too many social problems linked to immigration.

“We do not believe that we can resolve the phenomenon of the Sweden Democrats in an open debate. We must fundamentally understand that there are social problems related to integration and immigration, crime, globalization and the restructuring of Sweden that we have to solve. We must give people hope that these problems can be solved. That’s what we are trying to do.”

The Migration settlement was meant to be a punishment of SD voters. The Prime Minister also provided an interesting revelation in his speech to the students. The agreement with the Green Party, which includes free medical and dental care to persons residing illegally in Sweden, was, according to the Conservative leader, a punishment of SD voters so that they would understand that refugee policy will become even more liberal if you go on voting for the Sweden Democrats.

The message to the voters is that it will not be possible to change immigration policy in a democratic way, because any vote, no matter which party you apply it to, becomes a vote for increased immigration.

“We will isolate them from any influence,” he said, among other things, claiming that it was exactly that he had done when shortly after the election the government concluded an agreement with the Green Party on asylum and migration policy.

“The effect of SD’s entrance into parliament was that we implemented a policy in the opposite direction,” said the Prime Minister contentedly.

These are the words of a man who is comfortable in his position, who has the sense that he is secure inside the redoubt of State power.

Sometimes the Socialists are in control. Sometimes the Moderates are in control. But nothing essential changes; that’s why the Prime Minister can afford to be so smug.

But is he right? Will Sweden always be this way? Or does the growing popularity of Sverigedemokraterna represent a trend that lies outside Mr. Reinfeldt’s control?

We’ll find out before long.


Vince said...

Such short sightedness. All I took from that entire article was "The message to voters is that it will not be possible to change immigration policy in a democratic way". To me those words were sticking out in bright red isolated from the rest of the article. Let's see when you remove a persons democratic rights and voice what will the end result will be? What a schoolboy error. When you leave desperate people with no voice and no means for democratic change, you are looking at a potentially very dark future. And as we saw from Norway, it only takes one. What lunacy. Regardless of viewpoint everyone has the right to express it.

Balkaner said...

"Or does the growing popularity of Sverigedemokraterna represent a trend that lies outside Mr. Reinfeldt’s control?"

This is a war, which Sweden can't win. After 10-15 years the native Swedes will be your typical marxists - aging, fatter and lazier. They will be surrounded from sea of youngsters, militant muslims below the age of 18... Demography and Immigration are the final nails in the coffin of Sweden. It's too late even if tommorow SD are on the ruling position. If SD start to reform the insane immigration policies, what will happen? The left-wing opposition will use brown shirts from ANTIFA, and together with the immigrants they will silence SD.

Young swedish families (the 1%) need to start thinking about a life in a new country (Russia or UK)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Swedes could work out a deal with their Marxist traitors overlords. If they give up their program of Swedish indigenocide, the Swedes will give up their right to vote and let them govern as they wish. How about that?

Anonymous said...

This Fredrik Reinfeldt is a dangerously senseless fool. The most perverted kind of hardworking idiot available in a wide variety. He will cause all by himself tremendous suffering without any remorse. I wish him all the worst.

Hermes said...

This is already far too insane...

Anonymous said...

I´m swedish and our freedom is taken away more and more each day. It´s not a democracy anymore - sure, the politicians try to make it look like one on the outside to the rest of the world. "Look, you have 7 parties to vote for!" yeah, but what they don´t tell you is that they all have the same opinions when it comes to the serious question about immigration that is rapidly draining sweden! I´m open about my opinions that i´m a swedish democrate, and i have had my family threathen and they burned down my car. One would think that in a democracy the politicians would condemn such behaviour against other politicians - well, they do - but NOT if you are a sweden democrate. Instead of condemning, Fredrick Reinfeldt made a statement that basically swedish democrates have only them self to blame. He said ( after a representative of SD got chased by a man with knife and almost got stabbed): "I would like to point out that the ones that thrives on the ideá of that there´s a " we against them" in a basic hatefull way in relations between people - should not be surprised if this happens to them."
But then keep in mind that what´s so "hatefull" to Reinfeldt, is if you even question their way of handeling immigraton issues!

Dymphna said...

@ anon 7:37 pm--

Sweden is similar to Norway: what Caroline Glick called a totalitarian democracy. That type of government is growing in the EU, which itself is a meta-totalitarian democracy.

Someone suggested getting out to the UK - that is the frying pan to the fire. Denmark has more hope; it at least sets some limits and demands on those immigrating in> However, in different places there, Muslims control local boards and are eliminating western traditions...

...I wonder when the last Saint Lucie's Day will be celebrated? This year? Next year? Soon the candles won't be lit anymore except in outposts like, oh, Minnesota.

Where to immigrate?? There ae only less bad choices. Several ppl have written to tell me of South America. It still has a pioneer feel to it - ask the Japanese.

I had to laugh when someone told me that the Swedish go to Norway when they want to escape and lighten up for a while. Bless their hearts...

Dymphna said...

BTW, Minnesota is no panacea. The immigration of Somalis into the state has been going on for some time. There is a fair amount of tension over things like dogs, alcohol, teenage boys disappearing back to Somali to train as terrorists...

Interestingly, Minnesotans are largely socialist and Democrat.They vote left overwhelmingly...must be a DNA thing.

babs said...

The beatings will continue until moral improves! Insanity writ large...

Anonymous said...

Leftism is a mental illness as Takuan said. It's just a derivative of that utopian ideology called Communism. Dig deep enough and you find most Leftists are Communists but don't openly admit it. Most also seem to be emotionally unhinged if one reads it's leading lights in the blogosphere or from Hollywood.

In their world, the good times and free s**t for everyone will go on forever. There are no physical constraints for anything.

Take CA, where I live, the Democrats solution to everything is to raise taxes for all the free s**t the inner city and illegal aliens get. Now the odd thing is that the Silicon Valley elite are happy to go along with this and are reliable Democrats as are much of the White professional class. Now the White elite gets nothing out of this. The quality of life outside the upscale environs are declining precipitously. There are lots of places where you don't walk or jog if you are a white woman or even a man. The public schools are just places where illegals and inner city types hangout. They are places of en-darkenment. Our hospitals look like 3rd world meeting places.

Which brings me back to the initial claim I made that being a Lefty is a form of mental illness.

Vince said...

Dymphna: I would beg to differ, in that in the uk there are still large parts of the country that are still 96-98% ethnic Brits, e.g the entire west country, Cheshire,Lincolnshire, and many others. Secondly the uk seems to be heading in the right direction politically (fingers crossed), and the populace ie that famous 80% we always talk about are getting pushed to their limits. It may not be out in the open, but every insulting event gets people angry and talking.

For example the outrage regarding the poppy burning, dragged people into the argument that wouldn't normally even care about politics. If we take yesterday's shameful abu qatada ruling, I imagine it will have infuriated people beyond belief, and just be another push towards leaving the eu.

Once again however I fear it's the demographic shift that will ultimately tip the balance in the future. Although not technically coming under the ethnic Brit label I still put White British on my forms. I feel our demographic shift is coming later than say small countries like Sweden or even the USA were some counties have for example over 50% Latino or African majority. Anecdotally I'm
Also seeing the uk is becoming a haven for Europeans due to the perception of our economy. This is for both the rich avoiding high tax rises due to their socialist govts and also unskilled migrants looking for work. I've seen an explosion of portuguese, spaniards and Greeks
lately asking for work at my job.

I genuinely believe their is something unique in the British spirit that I feel gives them a fighting chance. As my girl said (who is a native) "we may que, we may seem mild mannered, but if we get pushed too far we won't sit there and take it."

Anonymous said...

Westerners in general and scandinavians in particular have lost their basic survival instinct, that is the reason why a more agressive species (middle easterners, black africans and maghrebies)are predating them. In a very few years Scandinavia will turn into a desert of ice because the new arrivals have found an ecosystem without rivals and therefore they will indulge themselves until nothing is left. Think of carnivores having a field day in a sheep farm. If we do not find inside ourselves some animality we are doomed.

Dymphna said...

Vince --

I hope you are right. My hopes lead me to want you to BE right. However, that telling phrase,

but if we get pushed too far we won't sit there and take it,

send me and my hopes crashing back to earth with a thud.

What does "pushed too far" mean?

Tommy Robinson is in jail - in a dungeon of sorts - and the authorities' treatment of him would rouse Amnesty International if he were their kind of criminal.

Where are the protests?

Why, they're in Germany, in front of the British Embassy.The levels of irony in that small reality are deeply sad.

Protests in his own home country?? Not so much.

Where are those who recognize they will be in his shoes eventually? The erosion of liberties by a totalitarian democracy are just that: erosive. No big crackdown, just slow death by a thousand regulations.

Sadly, the time when people could see they are being "pushed too far" has past. You will indeed sit there and take it. You are already sitting there and taking it.

Sadly, so are we. Almost a hundred new regulations a day and we sit here and take is no longer possible to live an ordinary life without being in violation of some law.

Only those who haven't made the pilgrimage to protest Tommy's fate - or the fate of others like him, who are suddenly persecuted for some law they didn't know existed - can say with any certainty that they won't sit there and take it anymore.

Anonymous said...

The advantage we have is that we can see other countries
going down the Swanney before us and therefore we must
surely be able to stop ourselves self-destructing. Sadly I
don't believe either UK or US will stop the rot, even when in
about 5 years time we all see the rape of Norway nearing
Its unreversible conclusion. It's like we are all drug addicts
who know we are killing ourselves but can't somehow stop.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my compatriot. Coming to England from Sweden would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. However, despite the multicultural wonderland that is London, as shown in the Olympics opening ceremony, Oslo is still being allowed to send us our Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, unlike Brussels. But there was a lot of controversy when Rio sent us a copy of Christ the Redeemer to erect on Windmill Hill in London ( we can't put that up it would upset the cultural enrichment, mustn't press the Christian country button ). He is right about large areas of England that are still largely untouched. I live in one but we are holding our breath. I speak of England because the bulk of mass immigration has been into England, even though there are more muslims per head of population in Scotland now. If the ethnic minority is 8% ( probably higher ) then it must be more like 15% plus in England. As regards the English, they are a bit lazy and frightened of rocking boats so they do leave it until their backsides are pressed firmly against the wall until they rebel. Some of us can't always understand why they are so docile. I think the fate of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, which has been made public to many by UKIP no less, will be the Rubicon that has been crossed. It has shown the vindictiveness of the Marxists and globalizing plutocrats when faced with those who stand up to them and their one world plan; which is totally contrary to the nationalistic and pro-homogeneity tribalist instincts of the majority of human beings.

Vince said...

Dymphna: I can agree to some extent, and I guess as we desensitise ourselves to the stories that come out daily, the limit may keep being pushed back a little further. But we must not forget that it was through pure rage from ordinary folk that bore the English defence league. Or that the home secretary last rememberance day had to find a quick solution to the poppy burners to avoid a backlash. Or for example the spontaneous eruption by youths in Middleton that time on the back of the child grooming cases.

If we take the release of abu qatada, I have people even who are liberals and lefties by nature fuming that a piece of garbage like that has been allowed to stay Here.

Even myself I keep my head down mind my own business as I work in an "enriched area". One time I was walking down the street and 3 robed bearded Muslims were walking towards me. We were going to clash so I moved to the side. I noticed that we were still going to clash so I moved a bit further over. I saw that we were still going to clash. I noticed a look in the guy on the ends eyes and knew he was doing it on purpose. I left enough room one more time and said to myself that's the last time. Kept my eyes on him and watched him do it again. I said to myself "forget this". And purposely walked straight into the guy almost knocking him over. They started cursing me out in Urdu, so when I was walking away I turned round and spat on one. Told them basically were to shove it. Not entirely sure why they didn't attack me because it was 3 on 1. I wasn't proud of myself and was upset I lost my temper.

But the moral is I feel sometimes there is a point were you say no more. The problem as I point out frequently
is, we have jobs to keep and mouths to feed, so this inevitably takes priority. But I could count at least a dozen or more incidents I've seen or heard of were on the small scale people have said "enough". And like most Brits we recognise not every Muslim is bad, mix that in with our biased media and our pc upbringing. There is alot of confusion out there. That's why you will find occasional outbursts of anger over certain issues that flare-up then settle down again,whereas those committed 24/7 such as say the edl or british freedom, are in a minority

Balkaner said...

The "new left" (after 1989) is bizarre combination from insanity, propaganda and "feel-good" lies.

As person from "old-left" regime, i can say that (pre-89) Leftists actualy acted as shield against the agressive islamization. In my country, most devoted communists became part from the far-right in the 90s

Leftism as practiced today is mental illness and all lefties are insane. Dialogue with them is useless, they are completely alieanated from reality (jewish lefties thinking that abolution of Israel is "progressive thing", feminists hating their sons and fathers and in the same time acting obedient in the presence of muslim/black men; liberal nutties supporting ultra-conservative muslims... this is not normal)