Thursday, November 15, 2012

Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 4

This is the final installment of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Britain, Belgium, Sweden, and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Transcript of Part 4:

00:10 London, Britain
00:12 Right.
00:14 The route guidance will start now.
00:17 This is a fairly Muslim neighbourhood,
00:20 I mean, here is a halal butcher shop.
00:24 If I was to walk down the street with an Israeli football top on,
00:28 then that would be a silly thing to do.
00:29 Would they attack you?
00:31 The possibility is obviously there.
00:33 In all the places I visited in Europe
00:35 searching for signs of strengthening of Islam,
00:37 I've also met Jewish communities,
00:39 If someone has anything to do with the Jews, he's in danger.
00:43 Which have to deal with the changes
00:45 and get used to a new situation.
00:47 In the 6th grade I got beaten up
00:49 just because I was a Jew.
00:51 It feels like since the end of the WWII
00:53 there wasn't a more stressful time for the Jews.
00:56 There are 2 policemen, 24 hours, see outside
00:59 From the Israel's National team soccer match disrupted by Muslim crowds in Sweden,
01:04 through the beating of the rabbi by Muslims in Germany.
01:08 One of them asked me, 'Are you Jewish?'
01:10 Abduction and murder by torture of Ilan Halimi in France.
01:13 They tortured him for three weeks and then simply threw him out
01:15 covered in knife wounds and burns.
01:17 And in March this year, the murder of a teacher and three schoolchildren
01:20 At the Jewish school in Toulouse.
01:22 Children were murdered here, it's unbearable.
01:26 You're invited to visit Europe's Jewish communities
01:29 following the strengthening of Islam.
01:30 There are people on the streets who hate us because we are Jewish.
01:34 The journey which allows us to witness new anti-Semitism,
01:37 the one that causes occasional anti-Semitic attacks
01:40 to become an ever growing avalanche.
01:44 If you enter the mosque as Israelis, you will be thrown out, I will personally do that.
01:49 Today's Europe is experiencing a wave of anti-Semitism towards Jews,
01:53 it is coming from Muslim minority and is getting stronger all the time.
01:57 Series by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi
02:03 Producer Yonit Dror
02:08 Editor Rafi Abulafia
02:12 Soundtrack Yonatan Bar Giora
02:14 Scenario and directing David Deryi
02:17 Allah Islam - following Europe's takeover by Islam
02:27 Malmö, Sweden
02:30 Camera Shay Fooni
02:32 There was a festival a few years ago,
02:34 so a Somali man came,
02:35 and started talking about my son's heir.
02:37 Amnon Zubera, Malmö
02:39 Where are you from? Where ...
02:40 So he said: 'I'm from Israel'
02:41 And they say to him: 'Ah, Yahud? (Jew)'
02:44 Yes. I am. I'm a Jew'
02:45 As soon as he said that
02:46 Executive producer Carmit Molho
02:48 you could see a Palestinian gets close and says:
02:49 'Who's the Jew?'
02:51 in Arabic, see?
02:52 So the Somali pointed to Yonatan and the Palestinian started to beat my son.
02:55 Research Anat Switzki and Lior Zeevi
02:56 He beat him up!
02:57 And when he was on the ground, he hit him again
02:58 and said ' Are you proud to be Jew now?'
03:00 'Are you proud to be Jew now?' he asks ...
03:02 An Arab man in Malmö in 21st century
03:04 asks a Jew if he is proud to be a Jew.
03:08 The ground is burning.
03:09 And people don't feel anything.
03:10 They live in another world entirely.
03:12 When will they feel it? When it blows in their faces.
03:15 Part IV - Europe's Jews
03:20 Falafel - in Meliwongen I was the first.
03:24 The falafel shop is over that side.
03:27 Amnon Zubara is one of the most active people
03:29 in the small Jewish community of Malmö.
03:31 When he came here 27 years ago
03:33 and brought with him the news of Middle Eastern cuisine,
03:36 Muslim immigration wasn't even on the horizon
03:39 In this quiet northern European city.
03:42 When the Arabs saw that falafel was a success,
03:45 they started to open their own places
03:46 and did that on every corner - falafel, kebab, shuwarma.
03:49 Couldn't you stay there?
03:51 I don't think I'd want to stay
03:52 because it was time to leave that place.
03:53 Just as many other Jewish or Israeli places which were in the area,
03:58 most of them closed over time.
04:02 And when you think about it now?
04:03 Today I say, it was a good decision to leave.
04:06 If I stayed,
04:07 I 'd be in a lot of trouble.
04:09 It was better to close the place and leave.
04:17 Jewish community building, Malmö
04:19 In the last decade, the Muslim population got much larger
04:20 and counts now as a quarter of city's population.
04:23 As population grew, so did the number of anti-Semitic attacks
04:26 and those led the Jews to stand in self-defence.
04:29 This is a kindergarten teacher - Tikva.
04:31 Tikva is from Kfar Yona, near Natania ( In Israel)
04:34 Say 'Hey!'
04:36 Say 'Shalom! '
04:37 Say 'I do not speak Hebrew'
04:39 Tell me about this building.
04:41 The bottom floor we have a meeting hall
04:44 where we have parties, bar-mitzvas and stuff like this.
04:47 The 4th and 5th are offices and apartments.
04:50 We've had suspicious cars driving by.
04:53 Security officer, Jewish community centre, Malmö
04:54 we've had hate-emails
04:55 and phone calls that had come to the community.
04:58 It could be from more or less anyone that doesn't like the Jews, doesn't like Israel.
05:02 Are you a rabbi?
05:03 Pleased to meet you. Zvi.
05:06 Hello, welcome.
05:07 Come, we are with you.
05:08 Come in.
05:11 I already thought, how can I get in contact with you.
05:15 I almost did not come here.
05:16 Why? What happened?
05:20 Hey, welcome!
05:21 Hello, thanks.
05:22 The community's rabbi Sneor Kesselman is not very happy to talk to us.
05:25 He's afraid that if he reveals the community situation,
05:28 the problems will only get bigger.
05:30 I need to make a phone call, make sure that ...
05:33 I do not want to be responsible for making this decision.
05:36 Make the call, check it out.
05:38 Good morning.
05:40 Thank God.
05:41 I have a whole gang of people on me in my office.
05:45 Is there anything they should not film?
05:52 It 's not going in a good direction.
05:57 It's still far from the point where Jews can't live here anymore.
06:00 But there is anti-Semitism.
06:01 From whom?
06:03 What side?
06:04 What does it mean?
06:05 There are locals, Swedes, and there are Muslims.
06:09 The Muslims are locals too.
06:12 OK, so what do you call them?
06:13 Youngsters of Middle Eastern origin I'd say.
06:18 Ahh, I call them Muslims. You can use my term.
06:21 Aren't you interested? No, not really.
06:23 It may not interest him very much, maybe nothing really happens,
06:25 but a few minutes later
06:27 he is forced to deal again with the stubborn reality in Malmö.
06:30 Hi, How are you?
06:32 We came to talk about situation at the boys' school.
06:36 Catrin Dominic, Malmö
06:37 A few times after school
06:40 he was confronted by a group of boys, who spoke Arabic to him
06:45 and behaved in intimidating way.
06:47 Jonathan feels very threatened and does not want to go to school.
06:50 He started screaming in Arabic
06:52 that he'll send his friends to beat me up.
06:58 How many Muslim students are there in your class?
07:01 60%. Muslims in class?
07:04 In two cases we filed a police complaint,
07:06 and despite the evidence, despite everything,
07:10 the prosecution closed the case citing lack of evidence.
07:15 Here you see the anti-Semitic crimes.
07:18 We keep track of crimes that are motivated by hate.
07:23 This is assault, harassment,
07:25 this is discrimination.
07:27 So it's very, very bad that the Jewish community is targeted the way they are.
07:32 Because we've seen it.
07:36 In 6th grade I got beaten up, just because I was a Jew.
07:39 One girl she wrote on the wall 'Jew whore' and stuff like that.
07:43 Yael Zubara, Amnon's daughter.
07:44 So you can't say you're Jewish?
07:48 I never wear my Magen David.
07:50 I used to wear it before but never now.
07:53 And I'm not telling all of the people I am Jewish
07:55 but I am proud of being Jewish, it's not that.
07:57 It's just I am afraid people will hurt me or my loved ones.
08:02 In this small and welcoming community
08:04 there are Jews who belong to left-wing or human rights organizations.
08:07 People like Ilana Adner, who has lived here for 36 years.
08:11 She teaches Swedish to immigrants
08:13 and helps the asylum seekers in all bureaucratic matters,
08:16 with their work visas and citizenship applications.
08:18 Do you help Muslims to get immigration visas?
08:23 I don't help Muslims, I help asylum seekers.
08:26 I can show you , for example,
08:28 how I work.
08:32 Incidentally here is a very heavy box ...
08:36 Wait a second, incidentally there is someone here I was not introduced to.
08:38 Excuse me? Oh, this is Bashar. Hi Bashar.
08:40 He is a refugee. He is from Iraq.
08:44 He came here to request asylum.
08:46 Do you understand?
08:47 Right.
08:48 How do you communicate, in Arabic? Arabic, English, Swedish.
08:53 Here are papers,
08:54 refusals from Ministry of Immigration,
08:58 and now we will apply ...
09:00 to overturn this in the European Court for Human Rights.
09:03 Were you afraid to tell them you're Jewish? No, I told them.
09:05 'I am from Israel'.
09:06 'Ahh, you're a Palestinian'
09:09 'No, I'm not a Palestinian, I'm Jewish.'
09:11 And then all of a sudden, as if by accident,
09:14 they saw my Star of David.
09:15 I have it here, a bit small, but one can see it.
09:18 Bashar and my other former students did not let me go alone to the market square,
09:23 they did not let me enter any place where Arabs might also be.
09:27 She told me that sometimes you protected her
09:30 so that she does not go to certain places and get molested.
09:33 It was a natural reaction, since she is a minority
09:35 and the majority here is Muslim and there were all kinds of incidents.
09:41 In Malmö Jews cannot walk the streets
09:46 with the Star of David or Jewish outfits.
09:49 It is very, very unsafe.
09:51 Lars Hedegaard, historian and journalist
09:52 I think half the Jews of Malmö had left
09:54 if not more.
09:55 Malmö's community is shrinking;
09:58 the number of Jews is going down
10:01 and I do not see any future for the community.
10:04 It happened in all the other communities around here as well,
10:06 they simply disappeared.
10:08 That's it. This is the way a community dies.
10:14 London, Britain.
10:22 This is Muslim neighbourhood.
10:24 Here is Halal butcher shop.
10:27 if I was to walk down the street with an Israel football top on,
10:31 then that'd be a silly thing to do.
10:35 Will they attack you?
10:36 The possibility is obviously there.
10:38 Here we are just driving past a Jewish school
10:41 You can see there is a security guard.
10:44 The government, last year and again this year,
10:47 for the first time ever they gave money for security guards at Jewish schools.
10:54 This is a synagogue building here.
10:57 During operation 'Cast Lead'
10:59 A group of people tried to throw a Molotov cocktail
11:04 through the windows.
11:08 Now imagine that we had a situation when one of our shuls was burned.
11:13 Then we'd have a community in a state of real fear.
11:18 It used to be from Nazis,
11:21 over the last 10-15 years,
11:23 it's far more coming from the Islamists.
11:25 It's amazing how the identity of the anti-Semites can change,
11:33 and the things that they say just seem to stay the same.
11:37 Believe me, with well over 2 million British Moslems,
11:41 anybody visiting Britain would see that anti-Semitism.
11:47 Antwerp, Belgium
11:50 We have 15 synagogues, 15 supermarkets,
11:52 2 food shops, 2 meat shops,
11:56 we have a big grocery shop
11:58 we have 25,000 to 40,000 Jewish people walking along the streets here.
12:02 Anwerp's Jewish community,
12:03 the biggest and one of the oldest in Europe,
12:06 functions to this day as a small Jewish town.
12:09 Hi, welcome. How are you?
12:11 Hello, how are you?
12:12 Please…
12:13 This is a typical Jewish home in the neighbourhood ...
12:17 It's a very warm, organized community.
12:20 David Dayman, Entrepreneur and Journalist
12:21 We live side by side with gentiles.
12:23 In this building there are gentiles.
12:25 We try hard to keep the peace.
12:27 This is our motto here.
12:29 Once, the majority of the community
12:31 lived over the bridge.
12:33 Today Muslims live there.
12:36 Look, do you think ...
12:37 It's a slow paced occupation.
12:39 But for now we live with it.
12:41 Slow paced occupation.
12:42 If it is occupation, then in 10, 20 years,
12:43 there will be no Jewish quarter and the bridge.
12:45 We'll stand here on a small island and say 'Listen, once....'
12:49 It's true, you're right. Do you take that into account?
12:51 Yes, yes.
12:52 In the past they talked about anti-Semitism
12:55 and about things which may or may not happen again, right?
12:58 Today they talk, if they talk about the future,
13:00 how can we live here with the Muslims.
13:05 Paris, France.
13:09 This is the 9th district of Paris.
13:11 This is the neighbourhood where many Jews lived in the past.
13:16 Then many Tunisians and Algerians came and settled here.
13:21 Sami Ghozlan, French Anti-Semitism Vigilance League's President.
13:23 Look, it says 'Kosher'. Yes.
13:24 Sami Gozlan, one of the leaders of the largest Paris' Jewish community
13:27 hoped that similarities
13:29 between North African Jews and Muslims would help to create cooperation
13:31 between the communities, but the reality proved him wrong.
13:36 Our restaurants were attacked, our rabbis, children in school,
13:41 and slowly the Jews left the neighbourhood and closed their businesses here.
13:46 Jews always played the role of mediators,
13:48 since many of them came from Arab countries.
13:51 That's why Jews have the tendency
13:54 to accept Muslims even though the Muslims kicked them out
13:57 and they'll never be able to go back.
14:05 This is a synagogue in one of the suburbs of Paris,
14:07 and unlike in London or in Sweden,
14:09 it's in the middle of a Muslim community.
14:13 In 2000, a security camera
14:15 recorded the young Muslim residents of this area
14:18 Throwing Molotov cocktails at the synagogue's door.
14:20 It's a miracle no one was hurt,
14:24 but the police never found the criminals
14:27 and since then the security level was increased.
14:29 Welcome, good morning.
14:31 How are you ?
14:32 Praise God. How are you?
14:33 What happened then, it was the youth.
14:36 The youngsters, who did that as a way to protest.
14:40 Their parents’ generation, for example, we have good relations with them.
14:44 Mendel Belinov, Saint-Denis Community Rabbi
14:46 Yes? But the young are a different story.
14:47 I have no idea how European countries
14:49 do not defend themselves from that.
14:51 That's because they have something in common:
14:55 The Jews.
15:01 In France, there is a lot of embarrassment in anything connected with the Jews
15:04 Even if the state, president, ministers and the representatives oppose anti-Semitism,
15:11 the Jews feel that they are facing difficult times.
15:16 To be a Jew today in France is different from what it was in the past.
15:25 You cannot go out wearing a skullcap.
15:28 You cannot assemble near a synagogue.
15:32 Charles Bakushe is a lawyer.
15:33 He specializes in claims against individuals and organizations
15:35 which break the French laws on anti-Semitism.
15:39 Here are all the cases which involve anti-Semitism.
15:44 We have a lot of work.
15:48 The day after tomorrow we are going to court against this man,
15:53 Ashmalan Mohamed,
15:55 he organized riots in Limoges against Israel and Zionism.
16:02 Why then do you treat this as anti-Semitism?
16:05 They use it as an excuse to attack Jews on streets.
16:11 It's a kind of equation:
16:13 Jews=Zionists,
16:15 Zionist=Israel,
16:16 Israel=Nazis
16:19 Toulouse, March 2012
16:20 And this is intensifying,
16:22 anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise.
16:25 The anti-Semitic radicalization
16:27 of Europe culminated on March 19th 2012
16:29 in the murder of a teacher and three of his students in Toulouse
16:33 by a young Muslim, born in France, Mohamed Merah.
16:38 This murder shocked the whole of France
16:39 and especially the Jewish community.
16:42 Dead, wounded,
16:46 children were murdered here, it's simply unbearable.
16:50 Our children are locked inside for 2 hours already.
16:53 It's a disaster. How did they let it happen?
16:55 How can it be that a person can enter the school
16:57 and murder children right in front the entrance? It's sick.
17:03 The murderer was apprehended a few days later, hiding in a flat,
17:06 and was killed when police stormed the place.
17:08 His anti-Israel motives were very apparent .
17:11 I think he was influenced by what he saw.
17:13 His trips, especially to Palestine.
17:17 I think that motivated him to do what he did
17:21 He was there, and could not take what he saw.
17:25 I've gathered the heads of all Jewish communities and synagogues
17:29 from cities with the highest attack rates, where synagogues were burned,
17:34 where Molotov cocktails were thrown and street attacks recorded,
17:37 and it became clear to us that anti-Israel propaganda is
17:40 the source of the anti-Semitism today.
17:44 Quiet! On your knees! On your knees!
17:45 Brussels, Belgium
17:49 And this process of connecting Jews of Europe
17:51 to what's happening in Israel is most active in the universities.
17:58 Mohammad, no!
18:00 Mohammad! You killed my son!
18:05 Here the university's Muslim students act
18:08 as IDF soldiers at the barrier point,
18:11 abusing innocent Palestinians.
18:14 What's that? Everyone back in line! Line up!
18:18 And this is the thing which is called 'New Anti-Semitism'
18:22 Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel!
18:26 Prof. Rafael Drey, Political Science Researcher
18:27 Anti-Israelism is now a hobby for French,
18:29 a problematic one, which in my opinion has developed as a result of anti-Semitism.
18:34 Paris, France
18:35 Welcome to Palestine.
18:40 Good day. Welcome to Palestine.
18:41 What's this? These are flyers about a trip to Palestine on 15th of April.
18:47 I hope many will join us.
18:50 Are you a Palestinian?
18:51 I am Algerian. Ahh, Algerian. Yes.
18:54 Are you a student here? Yes.
18:58 We arrive at the convention for the movement 'Euro Palestine'
19:01 which tries to convince its members to join the flotilla to Israel,
19:04 which they are organizing.
19:06 Good evening.
19:08 The goal is to bring a few hundred at the same time
19:11 on a number of flights to Israel
19:12 and in this way embarrass the immigration service in the airport
19:15 and create a media-covered provocation.
19:18 I'll introduce the participants.
19:20 Cristoff Oberlen, surgeon and professor in Paris university.
19:23 By his side is a priest, Jack Gayo.
19:26 And beside me sits Olivia Zamor, the president of 'Euro Palestine'.
19:30 The radical atmosphere on campus
19:31 and an attractive issue like Palestinian suffering unite for now
19:33 unite for now the old and new Europeans,
19:36 professors and uneducated, the slice of multicultural Europe.
19:41 Maybe this is their common denominator.
19:45 Hatred of Israel is what unites them,
19:48 connects their communities.
19:49 Do you want to say a few words about what kind of television is it?
19:53 The question is in the room.
19:55 Sorry to interrupt.
19:57 Actually we live in the area you are going to and we are journalists.
20:01 It was very new for us to find the reality here in France and in Europe in general.
20:07 There are places where you could not go in.
20:09 There's a lot of tension in the street.
20:11 Can you give a few examples of the problems you met in Paris?
20:15 Yeah, we tried to enter a few neighbourhoods today.
20:18 Did you try to enter with your camera as television?
20:22 Yes. Or were you just walking in like that?
20:25 No, Television, of course. Ahh…
20:26 You are not allowed to ...go in.
20:29 The problem is Israel.
20:31 The question is , there is a lot of tension in your society.
20:33 The problem is not a religion problem. I am not asking about religion.
20:37 I feel that you do not deal with your problems here.
20:40 OK, can you please stop?
20:41 Can you please stop?
20:43 The problem is Israel.
20:45 If you enter a mosque as Israelis, you will be thrown out, I will personally take you out.
20:50 Please, please.
20:54 I have an appointment with a doctor.
20:56 It's in half an hour. In my opinion, you'll give birth here.
20:58 No, shut up!
21:05 Move on!
21:09 In the university of Brussels, there've been many Jews.
21:14 who had given fantastic reputation to the university
21:19 We even had a Nobel price, it was a Jew.
21:23 So you spend a lot of time in your office now that you are out of the university.
21:26 Yes.
21:27 Professor Jack Broshi, internationally known professor of neurosurgery
21:30 and a member of the Belgian Senate,
21:32 ahh, and also a Jew,
21:34 was until recently a senior member of a managing committee
21:37 of the Free University of Brussels
21:39 and experienced firsthand the changes that happened to the institution.
21:42 I had said at that time that for me the Free University
21:48 was a Free Anti-Semitism University.
21:51 The problem is the import into the university of the conflict in the Middle East
21:59 And that is not normal.
22:00 Come here I said! You stop laughing already !
22:04 Shut up! Understand?!
22:08 The soldiers were given clear orders to humiliate the Palestinians,
22:11 to treat them as animals and not as human beings.
22:15 Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you.
22:16 Nice to meet you. Welcome.
22:18 What is this, the group's club? Yes, it's our building,
22:20 belongs to Jewish students. It's small.
22:23 It is, but let's have a look
22:27 This is our home,
22:28 here we celebrate our holidays.
22:31 How many of you guys are in the club?
22:33 Between 200 and 300.
22:37 I am going to close the door for security reasons.
22:42 It's dangerous, we don't know whether there are people
22:45 who have problems with us, which means
22:46 we have to make sure all the time that everything is locked,
22:49 Emmanuel, student,
22:51 doors, everything.
22:52 Each time there is an operation in the Middle East
22:55 there is a direct link to here
22:57 and then some people want to react and want to do something regarding it.
23:01 Behind the threats there is all the time the question of justifications
23:06 regarding the fact that we are Jews.
23:08 I can't stand that when I am talking with someone
23:13 and tell him 'No, tomorrow is Shabbat'
23:16 then 'If I tell that, he will know that I am Jewish'
23:21 Is it a good thing or not that he knows I am Jewish?
23:24 I've decided that my place was no longer on the Board of the Foundation.
23:31 I've decided that I will not use my name anymore
23:35 because people know me very well,
23:37 I will not use anymore my name to raise money.
23:41 He was really fed up. He was telling them: 'Just forget the fact that I'm Jewish
23:45 and look at was is happening here. Don't you think that there is a problem?'
23:50 'Yeah, maybe but you know, you have to understand
23:54 that we are afraid that there will be any kind of revolt by the Muslim people
23:59 so we just try to say it's OK, we have to understand them, blah, blah, blah.'
24:04 BDS activities, Rome, Italy
24:05 We came here to 'Adidas'
24:06 because in Tel Aviv there is a marathon sponsored by 'Adidas'.
24:10 BDS activities, Dublin, Ireland
24:12 Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel!
24:15 Anti-Israel groups are active outside universities too,
24:17 calling for all kinds of boycotts against Israel.
24:20 Brussels, Belgium
24:22 BDS, is an umbrella group for them, calling for the boycott of
24:25 Israeli-made products, and it is active all over Europe,
24:27 mostly in shopping malls and markets like here, in Brussels.
24:31 Do not buy dates, please.
24:33 Do not buy dates please, in Ramadan.
24:38 I am asking you not to buy dates.
24:40 They are imported from Israel.
24:42 The Israelis grow them on the lands of Palestinians.
24:44 Jack Derijan, BDS activist.
24:46 Hello, Pleased to meet you.
24:47 Hi, How are you? I'm fine.
24:49 We are distributing leaflets. You see, leaflets against Israel dates.
24:54 Who actually consumes the dates?
24:55 Many of the people during Ramadan. Most of them Muslims.
24:59 We are trying to get concrete targets by which you can make a difference.
25:03 Are you working to boycott other criminal regimes?
25:08 We are focusing on .. Our target is Palestine so we are focusing on that.
25:12 We don't have time to get involved in other kinds of...
25:15 Yes. But you've heard that in Syria 15,000 people were killed.
25:18 Yes, we know about that.
25:20 There are so many other places where people get killed.
25:22 How many Palestinians had been killed this year?
25:23 We don't know .. I am not sure of the exact figure.
25:27 Approximately, you know? I have no idea.
25:30 Tens, hundreds, thousands?
25:31 Hundreds, but ... hundreds
25:33 I can't tell how many.
25:35 Before, we had to justify why they react,
25:38 why this is the situation,
25:40 to talk about, for example, nationalism of the Palestinians and explain it.
25:45 Now the question is not about nationalism or not
25:48 or if they deserve a country.
25:50 The question is that Israel does not deserve the right to be there.
25:55 Officially, do you recognize Israel as a country? Belgium, yes of course.
26:00 No, your organization.
26:02 I do not find the need to talk about Israel or not Israel.
26:05 Sorry, don't film this.
26:07 In the parliament of Brussels for example,
26:10 we have a great number of Muslim parliamentarians.
26:14 They came to present a resolution to condemn Israel
26:19 for what happened with the boat coming from Turkey,
26:22 Marmara boat, you remember that.
26:25 What is the interest to condemn Israel
26:29 at the level of the Brussels parliament?
26:33 They import the conflict here...
26:37 And of course in the young generation ...
27:02 The hunger strikers, they refuse to be fed by the hand of the oppressor.
27:07 The black hand reminds me of slaves, the black slaves.
27:11 So the Palestinian issue is the favorite?
27:14 It's very important for me because I was in Palestine in 1999.
27:19 Carlos Latoff is a famous cartoonist of the Lebanese-Brazilian descent
27:23 who became famous because of the work he did
27:25 for the cause of the Palestinian struggle.
27:28 Probably one of the favorite cartoons to Israelis and Zionists.
27:33 What is it?
27:36 The Jewish guy is representing Israel.
27:41 The Jewish guy. Here. With the kippah.
27:43 Yes. He is religious? Not exactly, but he represents Israel.
27:48 The Zionists say ' It's anti-Semitism, it's hatred against the Jews.'
27:52 This is a strategy to discredit.
27:55 People say that your work
27:56 contributes to new anti-Semitic feelings.
27:59 They say this.
28:01 You have any proof my cartoons
28:03 are helping people to beat Jews in the streets?
28:06 Do you have any proof of this?
28:08 I can say to you that when during operation 'Cast Lead'
28:12 I went to demonstrate, against it.
28:14 To a demonstration for peace. Yes.
28:16 There were thousands of Palestinians, and it was extremely violent.
28:21 December 2008
28:25 The demonstration in which Ilana took part
28:28 was allegedly spontaneous
28:30 and it caused the leaders of the Malmö's Jewish community
28:32 to break the silence and organize a pro-Israel demonstration.
28:37 Here is what's good and what's pleasing ...
28:42 This occasion, witnessed by the majority of Malmö's Jewish community
28:45 became a turning point
28:46 and cold hostility between Muslims and Jews
28:49 was replaced with open violence.
28:57 They started throwing bottles, rotten eggs, rocks
29:01 and in the end also firecrackers.
29:10 I came over to go with the photographer,
29:13 one of these bombs landed about 10 yards from where I was standing.
29:20 I thought the police would drive them away.
29:23 They didn't do that.
29:24 Come on, go away, clear the area !
29:29 We were forced into the tiny alleyway
29:34 I've never felt threatened in Sweden.
29:36 I've never felt this way, since I came in 1976.
29:39 I've never felt the need to look out for who is there.
29:43 But since participating in that demonstration,
29:48 I could not sleep anymore.
29:50 I felt ...yes, I couldn't sleep for a long time.
29:54 Bashar, Iraqi asylum seeker.
29:55 We are in a democratic country.
29:57 Every person is free to express his inner feelings, but ...
30:01 Does that mean, I can go out and beat someone ...
30:03 No, no. You cannot use violence.
30:05 They did not beat anyone.
30:07 It's not correct, what you're saying.
30:10 You know that Nuriel, my son,
30:11 was beaten by a Lebanese guy, remember?
30:17 Yes, but Malmö is not a Muslim city,
30:20 No, it's not Muslim. You're talking like it's like a Muslim city.
30:23 It was three years ago. You're right, but I'm still thinking about it.
30:27 I'm talking about threat that I'm having.
30:30 Who is getting the threat? I'm getting the threat.
30:32 Do you have proof?
30:34 Are you aware that at each demonstration they burn Israel's flag,
30:37 condemn the Zionists, the Jews and so on?
30:40 Freedom of democracy.
30:48 The Jewish population of Sweden is already assimilated.
30:51 Mattias Karlsson, Sweden Democrats party
30:50 They respect Swedish culture, the Swedish laws,
30:54 they don't segregate themselves.
30:56 SD party, Swedish Democrats,
30:58 is a modern remnant of the Swedish National Socialist party
31:01 and today it holds 20 seats in the Parliament.
31:05 Their platform is to fight without compromise
31:07 the behavior of the immigrants
31:11 and immigration policies.
31:13 Everybody who speaks out against immigration and multiculturalism
31:17 is directly labeled as a Neo-Nazi,
31:20 but we are party who are the most favorable towards Israel.
31:25 We had defended Jewish interests in Sweden in every aspect.
31:28 Filip Dewinter, Belgium Freedom Party leader
31:30 For me Israel is a sort of an island of democracy and freedom of speech
31:33 surrounded by Muslim radicals who want to throw all the Israelis to the sea.
31:41 So here is the picture of Filip Dewinter
31:44 Michael Freelich, Joods Actuel newspaper editor
31:46 and this is the day he came to the parliament for the first time,
31:48 and instead of raising his hand normally
31:51 he decided to do it in the different way.
31:53 This is not the party that the Jewish community should do business with.
31:56 Tell me, what about the Jewish voters for your party?
32:00 There is? Not publicly, no. But behind the scenes
32:04 I can assure you that there are a lot of them who are sympathizing
32:06 with our cause and with our party, yes of course.
32:09 I think in Antwerp, about 25%-30% of the Jewish population
32:14 maybe more, is voting 'Vlaams Belang', yes.
32:19 A Jew is forbidden, at least officially,
32:23 to identify himself with anything which may be associated with xenophobia.
32:27 But today, extreme right voter, maybe someone
32:30 that near him the mosque was built
32:34 and he will vote for extreme right.
32:36 Are you familiar with the Dewinter party?
32:38 Phillip Dewinter, yes, yes.
32:40 Did you vote for him? I don't know.
32:42 You don't know if you voted for him?
32:45 I am not sure, I don't know.
32:47 You don't know if you vote?
32:49 They will always support Israel,
32:52 they will always look for an Israel's connection.
32:55 It pays off, it's good for them,
32:57 it looks good on the camera,
32:58 the Jews that give them legitimacy,
33:00 they will pay a lot of money, in my opinion, for a Jew who is willing ...
33:05 it's called a 'pet Jew' . Yes, 'Pet Jew'
33:09 Isn't it weird that Jews are sitting in such a party?
33:13 Kent Ekeroth SD party
33:15 No, not at all.
33:16 I joined the party because I agree on the problems with immigration in Sweden.
33:19 We have problems with multiculturalism.
33:21 It was with Jews, today it's Muslims, you know.
33:24 It changed.
33:26 That's what people think, but I don't know what they base it on.
33:30 In the insane twist of history,
33:31 the anti-Semitic right embraces the Jew of today ...
33:34 I think that Muslims today are like the Jews in the past.
33:40 On the other hand the extreme left, together with Muslims
33:43 uses the Nazi anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
33:46 to describe the Muslim situation in today's Europe.
33:48 The Jews have the motto 'Never again'. Yes. Right?
33:52 And I think we need to pay attention to this situation
33:56 which we already saw in the past,
33:59 so as not to repeat now against the Muslims.
34:02 Berlin, Germany
34:09 In Germany, because of the history of this state,
34:11 there is an avoidance in politics and in media
34:15 to discuss openly and boldly, as in the rest of Europe,
34:18 the issue of immigrants.
34:20 There is also a very strange attitude concerning anti-Semitism and Jews,
34:23 because of the Holocaust reminders, which are everywhere here,
34:28 they actually put the Jews and immigrants into almost the same boat.
34:32 This is an old synagogue which stands here, was built before the war.
34:37 This is the religious school for the students where they learn.
34:41 2 policeman for 24 hours, see outside,
34:44 and we also have security here from 6 to 10.
34:48 Muslim people, they don't understand why there is so much police
34:53 in front of Jewish buildings but not in front of mosques.
34:57 Jewish museum, Berlin
34:59 Aslo Anjujik is a daughter of Turkish immigrants, she lives
35:01 in two worlds and tries to bridge the differences of two communities.
35:04 The tour topic today is: 'Is it the same in Islam?'
35:09 and the purpose is to point out similarities of Judaism and Islam.
35:14 Talit is a prayer time covering.
35:19 Maybe you saw that in Islam men and women are covered.
35:24 The many tassels are called 'Tzizit'
35:27 In Islam we have something else to remind the believer
35:32 of his commandments and his religion.
35:35 Would you like to tell how is this string called?
35:37 Tisbi. Tisbi. (Ragged cloth)
35:46 What's your name? Ahmed. Ahmed?
35:49 The Jewish women in Lumenfeld, who was hidden on Reich Street by three ...
35:57 Heil Hitler.
36:00 What did you study about war and Holocaust?
36:03 War was terrible of course. I mean, it's like when today,
36:07 comes Merkel and wants to kill us all because we are Muslims.
36:11 But even Aslo refuses to accept the comparison
36:13 between the Europe's Jews situation before the Holocaust
36:16 to the Muslims situation there today.
36:18 Jewish people before the war, they were Germans.
36:21 They were Germans and with the immigrants today it's different
36:27 because they are not seen as Germans and they were never seen as Germans.
36:33 Do you remember a Jew who put a fire to a mosque?
36:40 I don't remember. And so on, and so on.
36:43 Even in the past.
36:46 No, no comparison, no, no.
36:50 Almost 70 years after the end of the WWII,
36:54 it looks like anti-Semitism is raising its head again
36:57 and it looks like Jewish communities in Europe
36:59 are immersed in the very uncertain reality,
37:02 especially since any action by Israel will have an effect on them,
37:05 which only increases their feeling that Jews are once more not welcome in Europe.
37:10 One raises his children here but the quality of life is damaged,
37:13 the children do not go to school,
37:14 I saw them study over the internet.
37:16 I've never talked to them about it,
37:18 but they know that there are people out there who hate us
37:22 because we are Jews
37:23 and that they need to be careful,
37:25 and to experience this hatred toward their very own existence, it does not feel good.
37:33 Stand in line I told you, quickly, all of you!
37:36 Come on, all in line!
37:37 We are all kind of negative on the future.
37:40 We know that our only chance is to speak several languages,
37:43 to have a good degree so we have an opportunity to leave.
37:47 It's really hard, really difficult for me to live in this atmosphere,
37:51 and I think that all Jews here should ask themselves,
37:55 where do they want to live in the future?
37:57 Do they want to stay here? Do they want to go to Israel?
38:00 Because there is no future here.
38:04 The life outside Israel, especially here, is the life in a moment.
38:08 We are mainly trying not to make any noise.
38:12 It's time to react and to be severe.
38:15 Otherwise I am not optimistic for the future.
38:20 Do you think there is any chance for your struggle to succeed?
38:23 There is a chance that I will leave this country,
38:26 because this was a lost battle from the start,
38:33 because we are not strong enough.
38:36 Until I went to this demonstration, I did not feel it this much
38:42 and suddenly I couldn't sleep anymore.
38:44 I said to myself, dear God, now I understand why Malmö's Jews
38:48 left Malmö.
38:49 And I wasn't even born here, I don't have to be here.
38:53 The husband I came here with, isn't with me anymore,
38:56 my son is in Israel.
38:59 Why should I live with this weight on my shoulders?
39:02 I simply cannot stay here.
39:05 I cannot, and this is the first time in 36 years that I feel this way.
39:10 It never happened to me before.
39:11 Europe had changed? Very much, unfortunately for me,
39:17 because it was my home.
39:19 It was my home for more years than Israel.
39:22 I say it loud and clear.
39:24 I don't just sit at home and think about it alone.
39:28 This is the first time I hear that from her.
39:30 I don't tell everything.
39:35 I don't, I cannot,
39:37 it's to heavy for me to stomach.
39:39 And I don't know if I can ...
39:41 This is exactly the time when things started to get better for him.
39:44 But look how symbolic it is
39:45 Just as his life is turning out for the better,
39:47 your life took a turn for the worse. Exactly.
39:50 And you end up as ... Yes I end up as more than a refugee,
39:54 with lots of bad feelings.
39:55 And he is less of a refugee, more of a citizen. Yes.
40:00 They say about stuff like that 'how the wheel turns...'
40:03 It could be that you clear the area for the new force, which raises here.
40:06 Yes, it could be, it could be.


Thom Jefferson said...

Just watched the video Baron,thanks for that. I couldn't help but notice that the Muslims and European sympathisers in the video have a very good grasp of Saul Alinsky principles.

It seems ironic now that principles that have so successfully damaged the social fabric in America and the greater West is now returning to haunt Jewish communities throughout Europe.

It reminds me of the saying when I was a child "what a twisted web we weave when we try to deceive".

It is also becoming clearer to me during the day that all this manipulation may be the end of indigenous European people (I don't know if I'm allowed to say "White" any more with out going to gulag).

All in all it looks like some Jews trying to manipulate Western society, and doing a good job at it I may admit. Have scored an own goal. They may lose but, I believe the West may already be lost.

Believe me even if a fightback was initiated tomorrow in Europe they would probably only have even odds.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Jew, the Jew who fought for Muslim refugees and seems to have married a Muslim immigrant is a sad and strange case. The Jewish communities that came to Israeli realized the mistakes of her ideology back in 1948. She is really 60 years behind the times...