Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/13/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/13/2012A report from Newcastle University in Australia indicates that high unemployment among Australian Muslims is at least partially due to the War on Terror. Racism and discrimination in the workplace, brought about by deep-seated hostility towards Muslims on the part of ordinary Australians, is making it harder for Muslims to find jobs, according to the report.

In other news, a Salafist scholar in Egypt has called for the Sphinx and the Pyramids to be destroyed, just as the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed, saying that they represent idolatry.

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Joe Daniels said...

here's mine, on the EDL rally in Norwich on 10 November. Hoping to post some pics soon.


Anonymous said...

interesting story about australia - seems the same process is being imposed on whites everywhere - accident or design? i don't know, and i'm aware of Spengler's dictum, optimism is cowardice, but it seems to me we are approaching a tipping point, it's as if whites are being deliberately provoked - and people will only take so much... or is that being optimistic?

Anonymous said...

Interested to read the news that certain states in the USA are preparing to secede. I am sure that readers are all aware of the Zagorsk Prophecy which predicted the passage of Marxism, that spirit from hell, throughout the world.

First would come the division of Germany, due to Hitler's move to stop the spread of communism across Europe. But Marxism arose from the ashes and changed its form.

In the final days America would feed the world and then collapse. Well, America has been feeding the world on fast food for several decades now and is on the verge of collapsing its seems.

Britain would lose all its empire and colonies and be reduced to nothing; but would be saved by praying women. With the election of Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury we may be about to see the appointment of the first women bishops. Perhaps these are the praying women that the prophecy was referring to?

As regards the above poster's question as to whether all this has been planned. Some believe it and others hold back for fear of being branded lunatics. But the Frankfurt school of Marxism of 1928 drew up a list of how it was going to achieve its objectives. First was mass immigration into - it seems - only white countries - in order to destroy national identity. Well it seems that they are nearly finished there. Here in England if you speak of the English as an ethnicity established prior to the Norman Conquest and of England as an ethnocentric state then you are immediately shot down in flames by accusations of racism from the Marxists. No such accusations against the Han Chinese and the rest of the non-white world. Racism and political correctness were the two coshes that Marxism was going to use to win and it looks as if they have nearly done it.

My bet is that white Americans will fight back; they are all armed after all. As for England, the jury is out on that one. Will the English just be forced to flee like most other North Europeans?

In the end, as unlikely as it may seem at the moment, Holy Russia will bring back Christianity to Europe and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Anon of 6:37, yes it is being optimistic. In most Western
countries the vast majority of the populace live in greater
comfort than any Roman emperor experienced. Apathy rules the lives of the majority, denial or flight is the attitude of many others. The problem is that society doesn't have the ability to stop the inexorable slide into extinction. Only an economic catastophe at least as serious as 1929 can save
the nation states of Europe.