Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/15/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/15/2012The German consul in the Greek city of Thessaloniki was called a Nazi and pelted with eggs and coffee by angry demonstrators while he was speaking at a trade conference. The incident came a day after another German official said that it takes three Greeks to do the job that a single German can do. There’s no word on whether the two incidents are connected.

In other news, the BP oil company has agreed to plead guilty to 14 criminal charges and pay more than $4.5 billion in fines for the catastrophic oil spill caused by one of its rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

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Jonny said...

Well, if anyone should know how long it takes a race of people to do a job, The Germans should know. They had the labor ratios figured out several decades ago, at least.

Anonymous said...

Islam Behind The Lies

Anonymous said...

And behind the German elite are the banksters and EU'crats.

A unholy trinity.

They are also terrified of a rise in nationalism which will destroy their monetary empire and their long term goal of eradicating native Europeans via immigration policy.

And every time the bankers or their EU counterparts step on people the more they create a inflection point where pushback is a guarantee. This is how groups like the Golden Dawn are formed. They are a response or symptom of globalization and bankster extortion.

GB is reaching that point, but the authorities have a police state in place that makes the Stasi green with envy. So it will be hard to push back until a economic collapse occurs. Or cops are found dead in ditches Zeta style.

The U.S. political parties nipped our populist response in 2008 when they took over the Tea Party and took attention away from the Robert Rubins, Blankfeins, Dimons, Summers and Geithners that busted our economy and crushed the housing market. Obama helped by pushing his healthcare boondoggle which polarized the populace even more.