Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ridicule is a Potent Weapon

Oleg is a clever propagandist. Maybe it’s his Russian Armenian-Ukranian DNA?

Let me hasten to say that at Gates of Vienna, calling someone “a clever propagandist” is high praise. We wuz all raised on TV commericals, ad jingles, etc. Anything short and pithy is more easily absorbed by the short and pissy-minded. So cut to the chase before you lose their attention. Just ask our forward-leaning President who leads from behind so those in front can absorb any bumps in the road. Tell me, can you remember even one Romney piece of propaganda?

The People’s Cube has generated a successful hashtag; it’s currently dominating the right side of Twitter and spreading ever faster. The left side of Twitter is fuming at all of it, but using the more extreme Twitter messages playing with the hashtag to try to shut down the whole meme.

Why their outsized fear? Because ridicule scares them. Even though all hashtags are short-lived and run thru Twitter like a flash fire before expiring on their own, the thin-skinned Left is always threatened by satire and ridicule, even as they consider it a weapon of choice themselves. Awww…poor Lefties. How they despise a level playing field.

Here’s a snip from “Hamas Bumper Stickers on Twitter Started by the People’s’ Cube”: [click on the URL to see all the links in his post, which are missing in this snip]:

Last night on Twitter, at 10pm, @ThePeoplesCube started a #HamasBumperStickers trend, which was picked up by tens of thousands people and quickly rose to the #2 trend not just in the United States but also worldwide - the fact promptly picked up by Michelle Malkin's Twitchy Team.

This trend reflects on the recent killing of a top Hamas military commander in a targeted air strike, in retaliation for a terrorist barrage of rockets launched by Hamas on Israel from Gaza. Since the terrorists can be expected to be taken out in their cars at any moment, the bumper sticker possibilities are endless.

Full credit goes to our Twittermaster on duty, General Secretary. Red Square joined later and contributed, too.

14 hours later, at about noon, #HamasBumperStickers broke a Twitter record on humorous hashtag games, by not just staying on the list, but moving to the first position!

He has a list of possible Twitter messages for use with his Hamas hit. Below are a few choice pearls from his long inventory. If you have a Twitter account feel free to steal or make up your own :

  • I just lost 200 lbs instantly - ask me how
  • My other car is a bomb
  • 80 percent of success is just blowing up
  • Baby suicide bomber on board
  • This is your brain. This is your brain on upholstery.
  • What car bomb would Mohammed drive?

Israel is now paying dearly for its counter-attack against Gaza after months of provocation. The rest of the world is going to lecture Israel for its immoral move against Hamas. Ask Israel if it cares anymore. No matter what it does, it can never, ever win acceptance. Might as well go with a plan for survival.

Freedom’s just another word for “tell it to the hand, baby”.

Thanks to Takuan for the correction to Oleg's ethnicity - what do I know from anything when it comes to that part of the world?


Anonymous said...

Oleg is actually an Armenian from Soviet Ukraine. Like all thinking Eastern Europeans, he knows the Religion of Peace lie through his jihad-victim ancestors' DNA, just as he knows the "Change" and "fair share" Obamoid-Eurosocialist lie, for he has experienced the prototype firsthand. "Fair share" to a Ukrainian rhymes with "kulaks" and "hlodomor." Oleg's stuff on BHO and on socialism is even better than his Muhammad pbuh "tributes."

I cannot describe to you the pain that an Eastern European immigrant feels at seeing what happened to America since 2004 (with much earlier roots) due to the blind stupidity of its sheeple. He could have warned them, but where is the platform? Truth has no access at the MSM. Oleg has therefore used his graphic skills and wit to wing it solo on his website. But how many tens of millions know to go to a website such as his (or GoV etc.) to learn what's really being done to them?
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

My other car is a car.........bomb.

Dymphna said...

An American blogger, a smart & savvy woman who worked for months on an active campaign to elect Romney, was filling me in yesterday on her re-entry into her old every-day routine after months on the road. I happened to mention the sad situation re Tommy Robinson's being a political prisoner in England.

She replied, wanting to know who Tommy Robinson was. I'm trying to think of a short answer...

...this woman is deeply and widely informed on American political events and trends. She is intelligent and thoughtful. And she reads blogs like Oleg's, though I know she doesn't have the time for Gates of Vienna - one has to make cut-offs at some point.[e.g., I find Belmont Club valuable and remain a loyal fan. But I don't get over there as often as I'd like]

When I write about, say, the events in Wisconsin during the attempted sabotage of the governor there by the public sector union leaders, it is to her I turn for the insider baseball details...

Still, it's sad that Tommy is an unknown for her. I'm trying to think of ways to make the information more accessible & to help American policy wonks in the Tea Party understand how close we are to Tommy's fate.

We share a common fate, but the gap of knowledge and understanding of one another is widening.

Anonymous said...

Until we have our own George Soros, there will be no way to break the electronic fence of disinformatsiya, falsification and diversionary boobalicious trifles surrounding the sheep farm. It's profoundly shameful that "conservative" zillionaires like Philip Anschutz, the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch won't give money but either to waste it on the GOP or to sponsor milquetoast ventures like Murdoch's Fox News or Anschutz's Narnia films. They are too chicken to support something bolder and speaking the more painful truth.

Soros at least had the courage to put big money behind movements and ideas that he knew would be repugnant to mainstream America (or mainstream Eastern Europe where he is very active). And he succeeded -- largely because we don't have a counter-Soros.

On a different note, how can this woman, presumably conservative and relatively close to the Romney campaign, not read GoV? Where did she think she was getting truthful info on the juncture between the Religion of Peace and the U.S. and the World? From the CIA?
Takuan Seiyo

Anonymous said...

This is something that the entire counterjihad should be doing. Ridicule and shame. This is the best weapon.

Dymphna said...

@ Takuan:

On a different note, how can this woman, presumably conservative and relatively close to the Romney campaign, not read GoV?

Yes, she's a conservative. That part is right.

However, she was nowhere "close" to the Romney campaign. Rather, she was determined to see Obama defeated, and was part of a larger effort by concerned citizens who raised their own money, and toured intensively in swing states.

They wanted to DEFEAT OBAMA, and the only item on the menu was Romney so they used what was available.She and the others put their hearts and souls into the effort to take Obama out of office. The loss was visceral.

She taught me about the damage public sector unions are inflicting on this country.It's not that I was unaware, but she gave me such overwhelming evidence of their collusion with the media, and with some politicians.

RE Islam in this country:the slow turn toward understanding the encroachment of sharia in this country is like moving an ocean liner. As the good professor said, many are particularly blind to Islam because of its 1000 years of unspeakable brutality. IOW, survival kicks in and creates a blank spot.

Glenn Beck is finally awake and he will lead many conservative Americans to the table for discussions on the danger Islam represents. But it took him a longish while to grok the problem. He now has good guidance on the subject and I expect that by the next election things will have 'matured' a great deal.

Having gone thru my own 'awakening' I can understand why others might not get it yet. For me, there was nothing like propinquity to make the danger alarmingly clear, i.e., Ned's discovery of the Red House compound was a real wake up.

The Muslim Brotherhood is very, very good at what they do. And they count on our inattention and for the blinders of political correctness to keep the the guardians of the portals from noticing. Want to see reactive rage? Mention "shariah" to New Jersey's governor. Radioactive response.

John McCain is useless.

Anonymous said...

"Rockets fired from Gaza ..."

Then a hand grenade becomes a Sparkler.

Grad missiles are Grad missiles.

Jolie Rouge