Monday, November 19, 2012

The Man Behind the Turban Bomb

Kurt Westergaard #3

Kurt Westergaard — the Danish cartoonist who created the Turban Bomb, and thereby provided the entire Counterjihad with its iconic image — has just released his autobiography.

The author is too ill to travel to the Anglophone world to promote his book in person. To help him out, readers who appreciate Mr. Westergaard’s work are advised to spread the word on blogs and forums.

Below are excerpts from the press release issued by FreeSpeech:

Terrorists Miss Out on 11 Million Dollars

The world famous Mohammed cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, 77, recently suffered a serious double pneumonia that almost succeeded where terrorists have failed. Today he is too old, ill and tired to promote his own book, which has recently been published in English. Of the 82 drawings in the book, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs fear that at least seven could generate renewed unrest among extremist Muslims

KW: Osama victory

Kurt Westergaard and journalist and author John Lykkegaard were invited to attend two major events at Soho House in London and New York to launch the English version of Kurt Westergaard’s autobiography, ‘The Man Behind the Mohammed Cartoon’ — which is now available worldwide on and on as an e-book and in paperback.

“The plan was to be in London on 19 November and then proceed directly to New York. Invitations were sent out, and the publishing world and the media from all over the world showed considerable interest. However, it turned out that the chosen venue was too small, and we were offered larger premises,” says the Danish publisher.

Turban Bomb 1994John Lykkegaard received the first request in May 2012, but due to the European Football Championships, the Olympic Games in London and the Tour de France, he consulted the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, and chose to postpone the event until November 2012. Now, though, because of Mr. Westergaard’s health, they have had to cancel altogether.

“Kurt Westergaard was to have signed his book and promoted it in the Anglophone world, but now he is now regrettably too weak to travel. We started by cancelling New York, hoping he would still be able to manage the event in London and had planned to fly home immediately after the presentation, but we have had to cancel this event as well,” John Lykkegaard explains.

“There is a price totaling 11 million dollars on Kurt Westergaard’s head. At one point it seemed the terrorists would miss out,” the Danish publisher comments sarcastically, and continues:

“On the other hand the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), will probably breathe a sigh of relief after the cancellation of the trips promoting the English version of the book on Kurt Westergaard — whose drawing of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban inflamed the Middle East.”

The publisher, John Lykkegaard, can be contacted at and +45 2239 6979

The book “The Man Behind The Muhammed Cartoon” can be ordered here.

Everything is approved by John Lykkegaard, Kurt Westergaard’s co-author!

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Best regards/Vänlig hälsning/Vielen Grüsse

Hans Erling Jensen
Director FreeSpeech


Anonymous said...

I think you mean " a price on his head" not a prize.

My very best wishes to Mr. Westergaard in the hope of a complete recovery and success with the sale of his book.

Baron Bodissey said...

Anon --

I think you're right; Hans probably DID mean that.

Thanks -- I've changed it.