Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Malmö Firemen on Strike Against Cultural Enrichment

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The “youths” of Rosengård, a culturally enriched neighborhood in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, regularly set fires and then attack the fire brigade when it arrives to put out the flames. Now Malmö’s firemen are considering a “sick-out” to protest these impossible working conditions.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00 Now, several Malmö firefighters threaten to go on sick leave, protesting against set
00:04 fires and stone throws at Rosengård. Only this year,
00:08 firefighters were exposed to threats around ten times on Ramels Väg. And
00:12 last night there were fires again, and a week ago, they got one of their water hoses cut through. -
00:16 The limit has been passed for many this way, so
00:20 we are pondering about sick leave and other things. None of us goes here without
00:24 wanting to return home to family and relatives safe and sound, so to speak.
00:28 Properly said, we want to leave here in the same state as we arrived. -
00:32 Jägersro emergency service is already unique in that they in certain alarm cases
00:36 wait for police before going to the fire site. Henceforth,
00:41 it is expected that more minor fires without risk for spreading will be
00:45 allowed to die off by themselves or extinguished by police, so without any participation
00:49 of firefighters at all. - (Foreigner) There are many, many throwing stones
00:53 at them. - What do residents at
00:57 Ramels Väg and Herregården think, that this happens again and again? -
01:01 Well, they have got enough of it, really enough. - Several of the
01:05 Herregård residents we talked to today wanted tougher measures by police
01:09 and politicians. And firefighters would also like to see some political initiatives. -
01:14 Ya, it might as well start now, with Malmö politicians, and then where,
01:18 how this ends, I just don't know, but we need to correct the course. -
01:22 (Red burgomaster Ilmar Reepalu) We have an enormously reinforced leisure time activity in Rosengård, we must
01:26 accept that young people have alternatives to do that are more constructive
01:30 and better. - What do we do if these efforts don't yield a result?
01:34 How much time can it take? - Well honestly said, I don't know.
01:39 Properly said, this is a case which I so far didn't manage to discuss with police
01:43 and judicial authorities.

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Anonymous said...

Note the huge satellite dishes fastened to the outside of the immigrant apartments. Its the same wherever these people settle - they want nothing to do with the host nation (other than to rip it off) - 24/7 Muzlim programmes.

Findalis said...

Here is a unique idea:

When a building in Rosengård goes up in flame, and these idiots don't allow the fire department in to fight it, they should walk away. Keep the rest of the city from burning, but watch Rosengård burn to the ground. The same goes for police and emergency personal.

Sooner than later the idiots will either see the light or move to another city.

Anonymous said...

What a drip Repalu appears to be! He seems really scared of the newcomers he loves and defends so much.
Good for the firemen that they are at last expressing some anger ay what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Um ... I think you'll find, if you look, that this is a story from 2009 being re-used.

There were a few things going on back then, including somebody going on a killing spree, targeting immigrants. Kids were taking it out on authority figures.

I agree that attacking fire fighters is appalling, and beyond the pale. But let's try to tell the whole story, and let's not rehash old news as if it's current events.

If you do some googling, you'll find that this whole story - including the "sick leave strike" proposal, was reported back in june 2009. But I'm happy to be corrected if somebody can find a more recent source.