Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Ignorance the Reason Why People Don’t Like Islam?


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Tundra Tabloids. Some excerpts are below:

Anders Ravik Jupskås has been hailed in the mainstream media and consulted as one of Norway’s leading experts on so-called right-wing extremists. In a case where Jupskås was used as the senior academic “expert” by the state broadcaster NRK, he talked about right-wing extremism and so-called Islamophobia as nearly the same thing. In his view, there seems to be no rational reason to be opposed to Islamization or continued Muslim immigration. Such resistance basically comes down to ignorance, for the most part. This view was made explicit when Jupskås was interviewed by NRK, who presented numbers indicating that people in Oslo were supposed to be more positive towards Muslims than elsewhere in the country.


France probably has the highest percentage of Muslims of any Western European country today. According to the logic displayed by NRK and Mr. Jupskås, French people should really love Islam because they have met so many Muslims personally. The only problem with this theory is that it is flat-out wrong and has no empirical basis, which means that it is not real science, merely a combination of wishful thinking and propaganda.

A survey from October 2012 showed that 60% of the French think Islam is too prominent in their country. 43% said the presence of Muslims was a “threat” to national identity while only 17% saw it as culturally enriching. 67% said Muslims were not integrated into the mainstream, and 68% thought Muslims themselves were to blame for this. Muslim leaders and others indirectly admit that rising opposition to Islamization is a fact by warning that a wave of so-called Islamophobia is now sweeping society.

Similar trends can be seen in other European countries, from Germany to Britain. In response to this, international Islamic organizations are intensifying their efforts to clamp down upon any criticism or mockery of Islam in the Western world, precisely because they sense growing popular resistance — and they are right.

The bottom line is that Europeans are “getting to know” Islam and those who practice it, and they don’t like what they see. Some European countries in the south and east still have deep national memories of being at the receiving end of centuries of Muslim slave raids and looting, and needed no modern reminder of the true face of Islam.

No, this is not about xenophobia, fear of the unknown. It’s about fear and loathing of something they know all too well: the smugness, the muggings and the violent street crime, the daily insults, the arrogance, the gang rapes, the people who come from backward countries but still behave as if they are the new Master Race.

What we are witnessing now is a rising tide of righteous anger amongst the native peoples of an entire continent, the cradle of the most inventive and creative civilization the world has ever known, who have finally had enough of being robbed of their dignity, their history and their land in exchange for lies and Multicultural fairy tales presented to them by their mass media and so-called leaders.

It will only grow in strength in the years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Is ignorance the reason why people don't like Islam?

In my case, quite to the contrary. Years ago I went out of my way to learn about Islam, an effort which has paid off in understanding a lot of the seeming nonsense occurring overseas, and increasingly in our own country. The more I learned the more I was repulsed.

Shed the ignorance of Islam. Read about this vile political system; include in your instruction the Koran itself. Eyes will be opened if you're willing to learn. We're looking at you those in state capitols and in DC.

Anonymous said...

I followed a similar course to that of Fjordman. I began post university as a left-leaning pro-immigration liberal (is there any other kind?) but over the years reality impinged on my opinions and forced a radical rethink.


wheatington said...

I thought Islam was wacky like Mormonism--until a Muslim challenged me to read the Koran! I was so shocked I thought I was reading a parody! Alas, I wasn't. I had never read such filth and hate before and I had read Mein Kampf in college.
I think every Westerner should read the Koran. Only ignorant people believe Islam should be allowed to exist in civilized countries.

Martin Konvicka said...

Notice the 15-20 percent of population, in almost every European country and independent on the degree of infestaton, who are actually SUPPORTING islamisation.

It really seems that shame and honour follows Gaussian (bell-curve) distributions in human societies.

Anonymous said...

I was attacked by a muslim in 2010 in Florida. The police officer on the scene actaully tried to make it my fault- he sort of had the attitude that since muslims are a minority in US then I must be an intolerant bigot, in fact he used the term religious intolerance as if I had violated an ordinance. The injustice of it angered me and I began to read and watch videos about Islam and the more I read the more I realize the real threat to the west is truly the ignorance of the real nature of Islam. (incidentally about a year ago the States Attorney from Tampa contacted me, The man who attacked me was arrested by the FBI for plotting terror attacks in Tampa using weapons of mass destruction and is now awaiting trial.)