Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shame on the British Government!

Free Tommy Robinson banner

Below is a subtitled video of Alain Wagner’s speech in Paris last Saturday (November 24, 2012) condemning the British government’s political persecution of Tommy Robinson.

The occasion was a demonstration in solidarity with Tommy in front of the statue of Sir Winston Churchill, with several different anti-sharia organizations in attendance.

A translated transcript is below, followed by the original French:

Hello and thank you for coming.

We are gathered here to talk about Tommy Robinson, an advocate of human rights who denounces Sharia law in his country and the fact that political activists and religious leaders threaten the safety of their citizens, the security of their country, and at the same time the security of democracy, freedom of expression, to which we are all committed.

We are here to say that the British government is unworthy of a democratic country, and violates the freedom of expression of its citizens, locked them up in prison to prevent them from telling the truth, lock them up in prison in violation of the basic rights of citizens in the EU.

Today in Britain, Human rights are violated. Shame to Britain ! The country of Democracy, of the Parliament, which now behaves as a country of the communist era. And throw in prison people who have done nothing but expressing themselves, giving their opinions on what is right, which is part of human rights, and thus locking people up for crimes of opinion, in isolation in harsh conditions, while at the same time they release terrorists. Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner. Today, in a democratic country we have political prisoners. We are here to show our support and say to the British government: “we know what you’re doing”. Britain is a country that has signed international agreements. This is Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights signed by Britain. This is an international treaty that Britain is required to comply with. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right includes freedom to express opinions and freedom to receive and impart information and ideas, without any interference from a public authority.

This was signed by Britain. Britain violates treaties that it has signed. Britain has lost its democratic legitimacy. Today a citizen can express his opinion as long as he does not call for violence. Tommy Robinson has always demonstrated peacefully. His organization always has been attacked by fascist activists. And it is Tommy Robinson who is locked up in jail! Shame on the British government, shame on Britain, shame on Europe !Today, democracy is no longer supported by our governments, and at any rate, not by the British government. It must return to reason, and we are here to shame the government that is unworthy of a democratic state, and violates human rights European citizens concerned with human rights and freedom are beginning to mobilize across Europe. What happens in Britain is a mechanism which is being implemented throughout Europe under the leadership of foreign organizations such as the OIC, seeking to restrict the right to freedom of expression. Some countries resist some do not resist. Britain clearly has bowed to pressure. And today we are going to send a message to Britain

Shame on you shame on you …… UK 8 times

Shame on you, Britain, for violating the rights of your citizens, violating of the fundamental rights of democracy and freedom of expression. Shame on them!

We know what they are doing; we show it today and will continue to show it as long as Tommy Robinson has not been released and has not regained the right to free speech, the inalienable right of each European citizen. We will continue to support and defend him. Governments cannot silence the defenders of freedom. We will make communications to the British Embassy; on a diplomatic level we will bring up the issue of Tommy Robinson at international forums such as the OSCE and the Council of Human Rights at the UN in Geneva. We will point out our finger to the British government and shame them and especially force them to respect what they are supposed to do, defend Human rights, something they are clearly not doing today.

Original French:

Bonjour et merci d’être venus

Nous sommes rassemblés ici pour parler de Tommy Robinson, un défenseur (activistes) des droits de l’homme qui dénonce la charia dans son pays et le fait que des activistes politiques, des leaders religieux menacent la sécurité de leurs concitoyens, la sécurité de leurs pays et en même temps la sécurité de la démocratie, de la libre expression à laquelle nous sommes tous attachés.

Nous sommes ici pour dire que le gouvernement anglais est indigne d’un pays démocratique, viole la liberté d’expression de ses citoyens, les enferme en prison pour les empêcher de dire la vérité, en prison au détriment des droits élémentaires des citoyens l’UE

Aujourd’hui en Angleterre les droits de l’homme sont bafoués, honte à l’Angleterre, pays de la démocratie et du parlement, de se conduire ainsi comme un pays de l’est à l’époque communiste.

Ils empêchent les gens qui ont le seul tort de s’exprimer, de dire leurs opinions, ce qui est un droit, qui fait partie des droits de l’homme ; donc d’enfermer les gens pour délit d’opinion, à l’isolement dans des conditions extrêmement dures, alors qu’au même moment ils libèrent des terroristes. Tommy Robinson est un prisonnier politique. Dans un pays démocratique nous avons aujourd’hui des prisonniers politiques

Nous sommes ici pour le soutenir et dire au gouvernement anglais nous savons ce que vous faites. L’Angleterre est un pays qui a signé des accords internationaux. Ceci est l’article 10 de la convention européenne des droits de l’homme signée par l’Angleterre. C’est un traité international qui oblige l’Angleterre à le respecter. Toute personne a le droit à la liberté d’expression. Ce droit comprend la liberté d’opinion et la liberté de recevoir ou de communiquer des informations, des idées, sans qu’il puisse y avoir ingérence de l’autorité publique.

Ceci a été signé par l’Angleterre. L’Angleterre viole les traités qu’elle a signés

L’Angleterre a perdu sa légitimité d’un pays démocratique qui fait qu’aujourd’hui un citoyen peut exprimer son opinion du moment qu’il n’appelle pas à la violence

Tommy Robinson a toujours manifesté pacifiquement. C’est toujours son organisation qui a été attaquée par des activistes fascistes. Et c’est Tommy Robinson qui se retrouve en prison

Honte sur le gouvernement anglais, à l’Angleterre, honte à l’Europe

Aujourd’hui la démocratie n’est plus soutenue par nos gouvernements en tous cas par pas par le gouvernement anglais. Il doit revenir à la raison et nous sommes là pour faire honte à ce gouvernement indigne qui bafoue les droits de l’homme

Les citoyens européens soucieux des droits de l’homme et de la liberté commencent à se mobiliser partout en Europe.

Ce qui se passe en Angleterre est aussi un mécanisme qui se met en place partout en Europe sous l’impulsion d’organisations étrangères comme l’OCI qui cherchent à restreindre le droit à la liberté d’expression, certains pays résistent, certains ne résistent pas. L’Angleterre manifestement a cédé aux pressions. Nous allons envoyer un message à l’Angleterre

UK Shame on you , UK shame on you ……8 fois

Honte à l’Angleterre de bafouer le droit de ses citoyens, de bafouer le droit fondamental de la démocratie qui est celui liberté d’expression honte à eux

Nous savons ce qu’ils sont en train de faire, nous le montrons aujourd’hui et nous continuerons à le montrer tant que Tommy Robinson n’aura pas été libéré et n’aura pas retrouvé le droit de la libre expression, droit imprescriptible de chacun des citoyens européens nous continuerons, nous le défendrons et le soutiendrons

Les gouvernements ne pourront pas faire taire les défenseurs de la liberté

Nous allons faire des communications auprès de l’ambassade, au niveau diplomatique, nous allons porter le problème de Tommy Robinson dans les forums internationaux comme l’OSCE, le Conseil des DH de l’ONU à Genève. Nous allons désigner du doigt le gouvernement anglais et leur faire honte et surtout les forcer à respecter ce qu’ils sont censés faire, défendre les droits de l’homme, ce qu’ils ne font manifestement pas aujourd’hui.


john in cheshire said...

As a Christian, I pray to God that Tommy Robinson is released from prison. That he is freed to celebrate Christmas with his family. That's all I can do. I'm not a fighting man; I'm not brave; I'm not an 'activist'. I'm just an ordinary Englishman who knows right from wrong and can see that the imprisonment of Tommy is a gross injustice. There are villains roaming our streets having served lesser sentences than he has. In the name of Jesus, please intervene and free him so he can be with his family.

Martin Konvicka said...

Praying is not enough.

You may send some money for his lawyers. You may keep sending letters to your government, newspapers, etc. You may attend a demonstration, or otherwise support English Defence League, or other group that has not given up.
This is what we do here, in Czechia, though we are just a handful.

Just praying ... millions of Middle Eastern and Anatolian Christians were just praying. Their grandchildren, if any, pray to allah for Tommys death these days.

Anonymous said...

While I fully grant the pemise of this article, my personal reasn for calling shame upon, and cursing*, the British State mechanism, is its 99+% abrogation of the individual Briton's RIGHT of arms in general, and handguns in particular (100%abrogation = total prohibition of civilian possession).

* Semantically strictly, a curse is a prayer petitionary for descent of the Wrath of the God/dess addressed, upon the object accursed.

Legalities and/or constitutionalities aside, abrogation of the individual's right of arms is simply wrong because it privileges criminals at the direct expense of the lawful. The personal handgun, especialy, is the lawful person's first line of defense against interpersonal criminal aggression.

-Robert Pinkerton