Saturday, November 24, 2012

Street Brawling in Oslo

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about a mass brawl between neo-Nazis and Blitz activists (AFA thugs) in Oslo last night:

Blitz activists and neo-Nazis involved in mass brawl — three injured

(VG Nett) Three people were injured when approximately 15 members of the leftist organization Blitz attacked a Neo Nazi Christmas party last night.

At around 23.30 police in Oslo received a tip that a group of neo-Nazis had gathered at restaurant to hold a Christmas party. Police were about to dispatch a patrol car to the restaurant when a report of a mass brawl was call in at 00:21.

“Fighting had erupted both inside and outside when police arrived at La Boheme. Approximately 40-50 people were involved in a mass brawl. According to eye witness reports, a group of Blitz activists stormed the restaurant,” says Marianne Grinaker, the leader of operations for the Oslo police, to VG Nett.


“We saw people smashing the windows at La Boheme, and we initially thought that they were trying to get into the club. But when people started spilling out of the club fighting we realized that this was not the case,” one eyewitness told VG Nett.

“We saw several individuals lying motionless in the street. It was scary. We switched off all the lights in our apartment, so they wouldn’t throw chairs or any other objects at us.”

No arrest

Two people were brought to the emergency room with minor injuries, and one person was taken to the Ullevaal Hospital with eye injuries and cuts to the face, Grinaker tells VG Nett.

No arrests have been made yet.

A video of the brawl may be found here.


Papa Whiskey said...

Brings to mind inter-war Germany, when the Nazis and Communists frequently tangled ass in the streets. As Donald Rumsfeld once said, "That's old Europe!"

Anonymous said...

"We switched off all the lights in our apartment, so they wouldn’t throw chairs or any other objects at us."

So, the best of self-defense has now devolved into hiding under one's bed and hoping for the best?!


Anonymous said...

Like Sunni vs Shia, this is one of those I wish would go on forever and no one would win.

Harry the Horrible said...

Only three injured? Not very enthusiastic, are they?

Columnist said...

Just like Sunni vs Shia, we should closely monitor those conflicts, and brace ourselves against the victor.

Anonymous said...

How do they get away with calling Neo-Nazis right wing?

NAZI=NSDAP=National Socialist Democratic Workers Party

MY guess is that the two groups had a tiff over whether Marx or Hitler was more important to the Socialist/Communist movement