Friday, November 16, 2012

Strong Showing for Kevin Carroll in Bedfordshire

Kevin Carroll, a co-founder of the English Defence League and vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party, ran for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire yesterday.

Kevin’s campaign was always a long shot. What with the demonization of the EDL by all national media outlets, the destruction of his billboards, and various other administrative shenanigans designed to impede his campaign, outright victory was not something to be expected.

However, the results of yesterday’s vote prove that Kevin’s candidacy was far from quixotic. Not only did British Freedom recoup its £5,000 deposit, but Kevin received more than 10% of the vote. His count was about a third of that of the Labour candidate (the presumed winner) — an amazing achievement for a first-time candidate in a brand new party.

Our British correspondent James Castle filed the following report on yesterday’s good news from Bedfordshire.

Kevin Carroll in Walthamstow, Sept. 1 2012

British Freedom Candidate Retains Deposit in Bedfordshire Police Contest
by James Castle

The election for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire took place yesterday. Kevin Carroll stood as the British Freedom candidate and did surprisingly well.

British Freedom is a relatively new party and the recent election was the first that the party had put in real effort to contest. Many people had not even heard of British Freedom before this election. As a result, party officials were surprised that the deposit was retained.

To retain his deposit Mr Carroll needed to receive at least 5% of first preference votes, which meant that he needed over 4,208 of the votes cast. In the end he received 8,675 votes — just over 10% of the total votes cast.

What was even more surprising was the number of second preference votes received by the British Freedom candidate. Many of these came from people who had voted Labour as their first preference. This must be a serious worry to Ed Miliband and the Labour Party leadership. Labour voters were sending a signal that their votes cannot be taken for granted and that they are more than willing to put their support behind British Freedom. Including second preferences British Freedom received 25,000 votes.

Another interesting development was that Mr Carroll seemed to do even better in the rural areas than in Luton town. Luton Town of course is the heartland of the English Defence League (EDL) which Mr Carroll jointly leads with his cousin Stephen Lennon. This would suggest that he received middle class as well as working class support. This may mean that he will be able to bridge the class divide in future elections.

During the campaign a variety of obstacles were placed in the way of Kevin Carroll. He experienced constant demonization due to his opposition to sharia law and increased sharia compliance. He was confronted by a very unfriendly press and he had campaign billboards vandalised and forcibly taken down at a key point in his campaign. In the absence of negative campaigning against him and without interference with key campaign materials he would have undoubtedly done even better.

As far as British Freedom is concerned the campaign has been a great success. The election has raised the profile of the party and increased awareness of its policies and values. It has been a very useful dry run for standing in parliamentary elections in Bedfordshire constituencies. Party Leader Paul Weston is said to be delighted with the progress that the party has made in such a short time.

There’s more at the British Freedom website.

Details of the vote:

Turnout: 18%
Total votes cast: 84,170


CandidateParty# Votes
Kevin CarrollBritish Freedom8,675
Linda JackLiberal Democrat11,205
Olly MartinsLabour27,947
Jas ParmarConservative26,226
Mezanur RashidIndependent8,076

The discrepancy between the sum of these numbers and the official total is due to “rejected ballot papers”.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I can't understand how coming fourth is a victory, I
actually thought Kevin would win. Surely all the 50,000
marchers on some of the EDL marches would have made sure to vote, with their girlfriends or wives? Someone should have made sure they did. With all the slimy behaviour used
against nationalism, I would have thought we could at least have expected complete solidarity on elections.

john in cheshire said...

It's a pity that there are still so many who are willing to vote for the labour destructors. It's a hoot that Mr Carroll probably lost the election for the Conservative candidate. Maybe that party will begin to reflect the wishes of normal people in our country; because if they don't they will become extinct.

Juniper in the Desert said...

KC beat the muslim which is a relief!

Nick said...

If nothing else perhaps the Conservatives will see a British Freedom candidate as a spoiler and therefore a legitimate problem for them, and start to listen to people, instead of just ignoring the heartfelt wishes of so many working class couples, as they do at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The second preference number is especially heartening. Many probably thought voting for Mr. Caroll, the BFP candidate was throwing their vote away, so went with the 2nd preference on them.

This shows real passive support, and shows all that BFP is viable and has widespread support, to the electorate. This bodes well for the BFP and Mr. Carrol's future prospects at elected office. There is real support brewing out there, and itching for release in a respectable nationalist party, without the baggage.

Has a legal defense fund been set up for Tommy Robinson, yet?


Don said...

Help me understand England's voting. What is 2nd preference and how does it work?

bewick said...

There IS amother issue, Kevin Carrol did better than expected. So did UKIP. Both could make people desert, logarithmically, tradiional parties. They could be persuaded to change. Success breds success