Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Followed by Troubles

It could be worse. We could have lost our minds and decided to go shopping today.

Not bloody likely.

Nonetheless there is a paucity of posts so the Baron has asked me to explain the situation. He is having KVM problems. This is some glitch or other regarding switching computers and for the moment it has left him unable to post anything.

Before I could ask, he pre-empted me: "Just say KVM. Some readers will understand. The ones who don't wouldn't be interested in the answer". Before heading back upstairs he assured me this was MEGO territory where I'm concerned: My Eyes Glaze Over. Not being blessed with intense curiosity toward things I will never really grok, his answer was enough for me.

Apropos of nothing in particular,today is our wedding anniversary. And we've cycled 'round to the original: we actually got married the day after Thanksgiving.

Our union continues to thrive despite the fact neither of us goes out to work anymore. I've heard that couples who spend all their time together can find the situation problematic. Perhaps it would be the same for us also were it not for the fact we can resort to parallel play, just like two year-olds. We've learned to leave one another's stuff alone, too. Do we bicker? You bet -but no more than we ever did. Neither one of us is good at letting go or waiting our turn. But neither of us could picture life without the other...

So we have KMV troubles for the moment. It could be worse. We could be standing within hearing distance of..."Attention K-Mart shoppers..." Or perhaps in a crowded aisle trying to reach for the kitty litter while elevator-type Christmas music assaulted us from all sides...

Update from the Baron: Both my machines are back in business now — the KVM is working again. Normal progamming will resume shortly.


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

Happy Anniversary, Dymphna & Baron! God bless!

X said...

Hey hey, happy anniversary kids!