Sunday, November 11, 2012

“I Saw a Nazi”

One year ago today, on November 11, 2011, at least 30,000 people marched through Warsaw to commemorate Poland’s independence day.

The Polish MSM did not report on the thousands of peaceful demonstrators. They focused solely on a handful of violent hooligans and leftist provocateurs. For previous reports on 11.11.11, see two posts here and here.

The following video is an account by a Polish blogger of what actually happened that day. Many thanks to Green Infidel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Another demonstration is underway in Warsaw today as this post is being written. It has been opposed and interfered with by the Polish authorities.

We anticipate a report on today’s events within the next few days.


00:03After I uploaded, immediately after the events, part of the material of police banditism from 11.11.11, I received threats.

I was threatened with court cases for publishing these materials. The next day in the morning someone was knocking at my door, however when I came to look no-one was there...
00:17'I saw a Nazi' - or 11.11.11 through the eyes of a blogger.
(WARNING - the film contains brutal scenes of violence as well as vulgar language - only for adults 18+)
00:24[on radio] 123 years of occupation ended with a legal independence for Poles in 1918.
00:30During mass, bishop Jozef Guzdek said
00:33that this was an event that we should honour,
00:35and from which we should learn lessons.
00:38We pray for them.
00:40Thanking for their sacrifice of suffering and blood
00:43offered on the altar of our nation.
00:45The cleric appealed for a joint effort for the nation
00:48and reminded us about great Poles who mentioned this
00:51Father Kajsiewicz, Norwid or Paderewski
00:53Many years ago, they accurately concluded that
00:55working from basics is a matter most important for the nation.
00:58The new generation has taken over their effort
01:05Let us not waste it, but strive to multiply the common good through action,
01:08through fair, solid and lasting work.
01:10Agnieszka Draszkiewicz, Polish radio.
01:13At midday in Marshal Pilsudzki square
01:15Ceremonies will take place at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
01:20The day of independence was established in 1937
01:24But was abolished during the Polish [Communist] Peoples' Republic,
01:27when it was celebrated on 22 July.
01:29In 1989 the national day of independence returned
01:33as a national holiday, and a day free from work.
01:48[police] You have to leave here.
01:51[cameraman] you send everyone away?
01:53[police] yes, you especially :)
02:05[on banner] I would rather be gay than...
02:10[on banner] I would rather be gay than a fascist.
02:18A [Polish] national holiday, so time for traditional Russian songs...
02:24[Ryszard Kalisz - important member of Democratic Left Alliance (SLD)]
02:26We are here, as you can see, with peaceful intentions...
02:29... as we can see.
02:35this demonstration of 'real patriots' has been started
02:42and they are now on the other side of Constitution Square.
02:46So let's see these terrible 'real patriots'. A film made by a foreign tourist...
02:52You see the parade taking a left turn at this corner.
02:58That's because there were probably a hundred police
03:06and fifty policemen directly behind me
03:08holding demonstrators at bay before the march.
03:13so that they did not continue to fight.
03:17Poland enjoys a colourful history.
03:20What you see here is part of that colour.
03:24Polish Uhlans not colourful enough for the 'Colourful independence'? ['anti-fascist' blockade]]
03:29Over there the police are holding a cordon.
03:32So as you can see, we're being successful.
03:35So let's look closer at these 'successes' of the 'Political Critique' and the 'left'
03:40The Left mobilises - on the horizon a group of 10 people with Polish flags was spotted - FASCISM WILL NOT PASS!
03:47The ruckus starts, police that I pass look on as the situation develops...
03:55'F*** off' shout the cosmopolitan left-wingers, full of tolerance...
04:01stones, glass bottles, 'colourfully independent', are thrown at the fascist red-white Polish flags.
04:10The police continues to only watch...
04:13ufff, it worked - fascism, scared by all this tolerance, ran away...
04:20So let's return to sensitive men, colourful declarations and nice words 'above the belt' :)
04:26[Robert Biedron: first gay Polish MP]
04:28We were the initiators of above all, showing that there is a different perspective
04:32that in Poland one can celebrate this holiday that's important for us
04:36in a way that's happy, colourful...
04:39that it's worth celebrating the diversity that we have in Poland...
04:43that's what we wanted to show... and that's what we're showing today
04:46we showed that Poland's not only 'brown', or black-and-white
04:50that Poland is colourful, diverse
04:53and this diversity you see today at our happening
04:59and I hope that this is also the future of Poland.
05:03So let's see closer 'this' future of Poland...
05:08Watch out, watch out, we're the anti-fascists!
05:18f*** the punks...
05:22f*** you
05:28And then the attentive eye of the world proletariat spotted another fascist, red-white Polish flag, even TWO! Fascism will not pass ... 'GET THE WHORE'!!!
05:40'Get the whore!'
05:44'Get the whore!'
05:49This 'intellectual' a moment ago was beating up someone because of their Polish flag.

In a moment, he'll see that I filmed it, as well as a granddad shocked by this mayhem, remembering still the Bolshevik savagery...

What will the young proletariat do?
06:11... and this hand, as if I were the danger, yet a second ago he was punching :)
06:16Does every leftist get his perversity from his mother's milk? Maybe it's possible to get infected by this through, eg, not washing hands?

Meanwhile, the colourful independent Antifa...
06:35Is this what a fascist looks like, according to Antifa?
It 's just a normal townie 'on rap'. He listens to hip hop and eats fries at KFC :)

The fascists didn't turn up, but someone had to take the beating - Antifa, lacking 'Nazis', was beating up everything that was not Antifa; in other words the revolution eats its own tail :)
06:49...yet, according to the organisers, the protest was
06:52'this is a peaceful protest'
06:55'this is a peaceful protest'
06:59'this is a peaceful protest'
07:00One could have got the impression that Kazimierza Szczuka [leftist and radio presenter] yelling 'peaceful protest' wanted to warp reality.

Yet the more the comrades wanted to show the 'peacefulness' of the protest, the more it showed its true colours, citing a classic quote:

'As the revolution progresses, the class warfare becomes more intense' :)

In the end, the 'rainbows' started to beat some person with a Polish flag. Incredible, but the police finally decided to react...
07:25[in background - 'you will not pass!']
07:27Jars with paint, stones from rucksacks, whatever they had they happily threw from the colourful heart of the protest towards the police and beaten-up 'Nazi'. Calling to action via the microphone was Kazimierza Szczuka herself...
07:38'you will not pass!'
07:52Take the Nazi... kill the Nazi!
07:57The greeting of the 'Nazi', full of colourful rainbow love of one another, sounded like incitement to a lynching, but...
08:04... it turned out that he was beaten up 'by mistake', as he didn't manage to explain in time that he's 'one of them', and not a 'Nazi' - charming :)
08:12The march was slowly leaving the other side of the square, once again 'passing' the blockade :) Funny because the Left, thanks to its blockade, blocked-in only itself and behind the police lines eagerly searched signs of fascism from afar...
08:26and finally I SAW A NAZI!
08:31But why for 90 thousand people in the march, and 1,500 in the 'blockade' was just ONE Nazi? There were meant to be thousands!!! This was promised by none other than editor Blumsztajn [of the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza].

The whole blockade was done for one idiot with a Celtic cross?
08:49The sight of the 'Nazi' so enraged the antifascists, that sparks were seen...
08:53[banner - 'Vegans against violence']
09:03The ever-watchful revolutionary father of the nation with a visit to the barricade, officially decided that the observed fascist had disappeared, that Warsaw is once again safe :)
09:16Thank you.
09:23[on banner - 'Love']
09:33And meanwhile, 'normal people' who do not understand the need to block fascism. :)
09:39'It's a joke.'
09:57[police microphone - 'measures will be used, as provided by law...']
10:04There was something in the air, it felt like time to leave.

So I joined a group of around 150/200 people wanting to go around the blockade by the side-streets and join the main legal march...
10:24The group walked peacefully, did not throw anything, didn't even shout anything...
10:32Time of incident: 16:46
10:44'On the ground!'
10:56The link to the raw footage of this incident is in the film description (for prosecutors/media).

....and now, in slow motion + repeats

Not only the one kicking is responsible, but the rest who accept this bestiality should be immediately disbanded, as it looks like a government militia modelled on Hitler's SA.
11:29[Donald Tusk - Polish prime minister]
11:31I wanted to clearly emphasise, and express my highest respect to the police officers
11:35who reacted to these events with bravery and determination, but also with skill.
11:41They showed, not for the first time, what they're capable of.
11:45The actions of city services and police in Warsaw are show the highest professionalism.
11:52'I SAW A NAZI'? Only now could I decidedly say so! This was not the only such police officer, others I didn't have time to record. This whole 'unit' was like Gestapo on drugs with short-wave radios.
12:06...a nice metal bar
12:17The one running in grey combats is an undercover police 'provocateur' caught in a provocation in another film - link in the description.
12:36People who were provoked by the police brutality in the end start throwing firecrackers...
12:40'Get the f*** out of here'
12:43'Leave here'
12:44'Reverse! Reverse! Reverse!'
12:47... and finally bottles were also thrown
12:55Do you see the white helmets and uniforms? That was the regular police, and the 'greens' worked with them, first the 'greens' provoked the marchers with aggression, and when they reacted and threw something, the 'helmets' had a reason to enter. Of course the television only showed the second part - as usual :)

The police suggested that the 'greens' were leftists in false uniform, RUBBISH - unless police recruited leftists to do beatings, with 'Poland being built' [by this government] anything is possible :)
13:25And now a quiz:

What did authorities want to achieve with this Gestapo-style trap and beating of those in a march which they themselves allowed/

A: They wanted to encourage a more favourable assessment of Pilsudzki relative to Dmowski

B: They wanted to enrage, worsen the climate and spark riots, to have later a reason for greater surveillance and to turn the screw?

... with petrol already 6 Zloty per litre, shortly VAT 25%, property tax and what else? ...
14:02'They took your cash?'
14:07'do you need anything?'
14:11'What's wrong with these people?'
14:24...after 2 hours of escaping from German thugs and 'green Police', I finally reached the end of the march.
14:53Editor Blumsztajn, where are all these Nazi Swastikas ???
15:20... a few times, a firecracker exploded, but somehow I'm alive; at least they didn't do beatings like the leftists and police.
15:38The Independence March is already here, our banners are here, there is a committee of support...
16:15Statue of Roman Dmowski
16:22Whoever doesn't jump supports Tusk. Jump! Jump! Jump!
16:26Whoever doesn't jump supports Tusk. Jump! Jump! Jump!
16:29I.T.I. (owners of TVN24 news channel) declared that 1500 people took part in the march. At its peak, there were 90 THOUSAND!!!
16:50A modest goodbye in Warsaw...
16:57...and a big 'greeting' in Wroclaw.
17:20Were coaches of the German Antifa bandits also searched in this way? Did Tusk lack the courage in front of the German Chancellor to stop them on the border?
17:27German descendants of the Wehrmacht coming out of the headquarters of the 'Political Critique' - for half a day, they beat up Warsaw's residents. Tusk eagerly let them in to Poland...
17:40Did any television show these pictures? Or were you only shown rioters and flying stones?
18:02The author is not an 'opponent' of the police and understands their purpose, due to which he is very concerned by their being exploited for a provocation during 'political games' currently being played.

Why did Warsaw give permission for both a march, and its blockade? Was this dirty provocation meant to provide a pretext to 'tighten the belt'?
It was not leftists, hooligans or patriots who were responsible, only the mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz Waltz (PO), consciously working towards making disturbances.

I urge viewers to read the film description.

Greetings to all independent bloggers who on this day were present at marches through all of Poland.

18:28- Pictures of reconstruction groups: Kacper Gizbo (
pictures of marching of reconstruction groups:
Bird 's eye view:

Fragments of the following pieces used:
Dubstep Drops of All Time - Part II
Hans Zimmer - Time


Anonymous said...

Difficult to understand what was happening , who was beating who up ? I assume part of the nationalist march
was attacked by state-sponsored thugs and the Polish
Police. If so we have no cause for surprise. We need to fight back.

Anonymous said...

These complaints about the threat Nazis supposedly are, sound just like the extortionists at the SPLC and their hyping of the Nazi threat.

All B****sh** by people with hidden agendas.

But EU in general is terrified of nationalistic movements and do everything to suppress them. I have no doubt that the EU is putting pressure on the Polish government to beat down the nationalists before they get into power.

And the Antifas. They are the real Brownshirts. They are the EU's shadow enforcers. It wouldn't surprise me that they are being directed by someone in the Merkel government.

Anonymous said...

Indepence March 11/11/11 - True Story (Official) Video Official Page More

gsw said...

Actually, not at all difficult to differentiate - all those who went to the parade masked like the bandits they are,

should have been arrested immediately:

[Das Vermummungsverbot untersagt den Teilnehmern von Demonstrationen, ihr Gesicht zu verdecken oder Gegenstände

mitzuführen, die dazu bestimmt sind, das Gesicht zu verdecken und damit die Feststellung der Identität zu verhindern,

beispielsweise Balaklava.]
Prohibited: The mummery [masking] of participants of demonstrations, covering their faces or carrying objects that are intended to cover the face, and thus to prevent the establishment of the identity. For example, Balaklava.