Saturday, November 17, 2012

France Supports Tommy Robinson

A couple of days ago we posted a French-lanuage video of Alain Wagner of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) announcing plans for a demonstration in front of the British embassy in Paris on November 24 in solidarity with Tommy Robinson.

Here is the same video subtitled in English:

Below is the full text of the subtitles:

I am Alain Wagner.

Some of you may have heard of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League. This organization is a defender of Human Rights, which has the habit of taking to the streets - as we did recently in Paris a few days ago - to protest against radical militant Islamism, against political Islam. Tommy Robinson has been arrested. Tommy Robinson was arrested after severe persecution from the police and put into complete solitary confinement in the Wandsworth prison under very strict conditions. He has been accused of using false documents to get to the United States for a conference, after which he came back home to England. Under this ridiculous accusation, Tommy Robinson was sent to jail, and he is still detained, and he has been living in complete confinement for several weeks, isolated from any human contacts, locked up for 23 hours a day. He will remain in prison until next year, in the expectation of a first judgment, and with no certainty of being released after that.

Tommy Robinson is imprisoned, and simultaneously British justice releases Abu Qatada, who was condemned in his own country, Jordan, for terror activities. Tommy was jailed on remand while at the same time Abu Qatada is free to walk around all over the place…

It is necessary to remember Article 10 of the European Convention for Human Rights signed by Great Britain which says: “Any person has the right of freedom of expression. This right includes freedom of opinion and freedom to receive and communicate information or ideas without interference of any public authority.”

What the British government is now doing against Tommy Robinson is disturbingly similar to what went on in the Eastern countries under the communist system.

You may think : “Oh, England is far away. It is not our country. So what?”

But it is not that far. It is in Europe. Today it is important to express our support (solidarity) with all movements struggling against Sharia Law everywhere in Europe.

We all suffer from the same pressures, the same threats and sometimes the same persecutions. You, I, we may all be one day bothered, sent to Court and even imprisoned. This situation is unbearable. It is our duty today to show our solidarity with the defenders of freedom, those who struggle against Sharia. It happens today in Great Britain, in Austria, in Germany, in the Netherlands, but it may happen tomorrow in France as well. It is now the time to make it clear to our governments that we will not be silenced. What Britain has been doing is unacceptable. It is a blatant abuse of human rights.

This why I invite you to join us on Saturday 24 November for a demonstration in front of the British Embassy, 35 Faubourg St Honoré, 75008 Paris, to protest, to let them know that we are perfectly aware of what is being done, to shame them. We are France, we are the French people, defenders of Human Rights and Freedom

Are you going to let us down? No. I don’t think so. If you do think - as I do - that Free Speech is an inalienable right in Europe, then join us and stand for human rights on Saturday November 24th in front of British Embassy to say to the British authorities that what they are doing to Mr Robinson is unworthy of a democracy. I depend on you to be there on the 24th! See you soon.

Alain Wagner participated in the Brussels Conference on July 9, 2012, and was pivotal in the writing of the Brussels Declaration.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Mr. Robinson is gathering this sort of attention. This will at least keep the authorities from letting him have a fatal jail house accident.

Salome said...

In my country that would be called an indigenous death in custody.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rage Against The Machine will write a song about him, eh?

Anonymous said...

How Europe wasted money on trying to install European-like Human Rights in Jordan

Charles Martel said...

Same video in spanish.
Thanks to share :

Represión contra la libertad de expresión en Inglaterra hace de Tommy Robinson un preso político