Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Letter From Tommy

Free Tommy!

As most readers know by now, English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been remanded in Wandsworth Prison since he was arrested for passport fraud on October 20.

Tommy’s first letter from prison has just been published on the EDL website. Here’s the accompanying article by Nemesis:

A Letter From Tommy

Since Tommy has been remanded in Wandsworth prison he has been put into segregation where “for his own safety” he is locked up for 23.5 hours a day, this is perhaps due to the fact that the prison is basically run by Muslim inmates who are less than happy about him being there.

Tommy in his own words tells his story whilst being incarcerated for his inconvenient views on Islam and sections of the Muslim community.

Even while he is suffering personal hardship he realises that our battles must go on for the greater good, he knows we must continue with our very own jihad against the Islamists and their diabolical political enablers.

The battles we face must be fought tooth and nail, with every stratagem at our disposal, with every man and woman standing steadfast in their beliefs and convictions, or we will have fought for nothing!

We have come too far to give up now, in fact Tommy’s incarceration is almost certainly due to the fact that we are very much over the target and our opponents know this.

Tommy like so many other courageous members of the EDL face time away from their families, persecuted because of their beliefs, persecuted for fighting against an ideology and many of its adherents who wish to harm us and/or subjugate us under the shoe of barbaric, backward sharia enforcement.

Tommy in his own words remind us that failure is not an option, we are in this for the long haul, we wont submit, we wont surrender, we wont be intimidated by the state or the menacing islamist cancer that spreads throughout our communities, they must be challenged at all times no matter the cost, they must never ever feel free to rape our children, to hate non muslims, to kill apostates of Islam, to beat or kill homosexuals, or molest young children who are forced into marriage. Such cultural “norms” have no place in Britain and its up to us to make sure that these types of behaviours, or sympathies towards them, are challenged time and time again.

Below are transcribed excerpts from the scanned images of Tommy’s handwritten pages. Many thanks to Dymphna for the transcription:

Hi people. —

Almost 3 weeks in and my first letter, been waiting on pen, paper, envelopes.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the people sending letters, stamps, credit, etc. I’ve received messages of support from all over, including Canada, America, etc.

…I am now on complete solitary confinement (the block). I see no other prisoners and I’m locked up 23.5 hours a day, allowed out of my cell for a shower. All for my own safety…

Pretty much every London Prison is controlled by Muslim gangs, mainly The Muslim Boys! So I’m not really well thought of in here, ha ha.


Jan. 7th is my court date. Do I expect to get out? No, certainly not…


Missing my family so much. I’ve included a letter you can scan from my eldest daughter. God it pulled my heart strings. The kids think I’m working away, helping make Christmas presents. After Christmas I’ll have to change it to Easter. If I feel sorry for myself I think of our 5 royal marines on a f***ing MURDER charge for doing their job. I think of what their families are going through. I hope a national demo is planned for [the] new year in support of them.


The EDL will continue without me for now. Rotherham demo showed just how great local leadership can sort their own areas; I’m a face and voice but the people are what make this movement…


I’ve asked for gym. If I ain’t allowed it by next week I’ll start [a] hunger strike. Surely they can’t be allowed to me to rot in the block for months?


…Jan 7th We have expertise on our side, we have grown up in Islamified towns and it is our duty to warn our cousins over the water what is on the way, with Islam. We will continue to tell the truth about Islam.


[We] will not submit.

See the EDL website for facsimiles of all six pages of Tommy’s letter, plus the charming note from his daughter and a message from his solicitor.


Anonymous said...

"the kids think I'm working away"
Well, unless they go on-line there's not much danger of them finding out. There appears to be no mention whatsoever in the MSM.
Endless drivel about the X Factor,and numerous non stories, but no a word about TR. There appears to be a conspiracy of silence. State ordered?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We had a visiting Anglican minister at our Episcopal church last Sunday. He remarked in a sermon about the "Nazis" of the BNP and how there was some sort of ministerial edict In England that members of their clergy were not permitted to join that party.
It looks like time to raise a little Hell over here across the pond.
We must get our own Congregations to act against all these anti-Christian Islamic movements WHEREEVER THEY EXIST, or we will see more of it in our own houses of worship and the infection will spread.
Get busy.


Did we not have a declaration from the un along the lines of everyone is free to engage in thier own prefered political opinions?What happened to it? did our masters find it inconvienient?

MCin Sderot said...

My heart bleeds for Tommy, in a way he is like Gilad Shallit, he has been kidnapped and is being held hostage.

I am horrified that the UK has now resorted to taking political prisoners in their blinded zeal for 'multicultural harmony'. Which rock did the UK covernment slither out from beneath, is this the price the Conservative party must pay the for the support of the Stalinist lib-dems?

bruce said...

you allowed your selves to be disarmed by the communists now you are at the mercy of ragheads and government traitors.what you and america are looking at is a repeat of 1930 fasicm with a lose of freedom which we will not get back with out blood shed.

Dymphna said...

@ bruce -

On my watch, your comment would never have seen the light of day. Name-calling as a handy short cut at the very least, demonstrates a lack of thought. But even more, from my point of view, it lowers the value of our blog. There are better ways to make your point.

American citizens in many states "allowed" themselves to be disarmed. When one lives in an increasingly regulated state, country, region, it is extremely difficult to go against the rules, especially given some of the draconian push-back meted out to rule-breakers.

You may find yourself someday regurgitating your words of wisdom, especially if you're an American. Tread softly, fellow, until you are fully informed of the myriad ways the average person can find himself in the bear trap set for him by some authority or other...

A word to the wise: cut out the name-calling. I will delete them in the future, even if they're already posted.