Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out of Wandsworth — For Now

Free Tommy!

Tommy Robinson is being moved from Wandsworth to Bedford. Here’s the latest news from the EDL:

Update from Tommy

Tommy was at Luton Magistrates today for failing to hand his passport in on time, relating to a football incident. The Judge threw it out and said it was a waste of time.

One down and several more to go! But the good news is that from Luton Magistrates he has been moved to Bedford Prison until his January hearing, when he will more than likely end up back at Wandsworth.

He is en route from the Court to the Prison and should be arriving about 1730 UK time [i.e. about 15 minutes from the time of this posting].

Local leaders of the EDL say they will be arranging demos outside Bedford Prison for Tommy.


Anonymous said...

I didn't mail my birthday card
for him yet. It has a topical
yet permanently relevant illus-
tration. Please post a current
address for him soon!.
j in brooklyn