Thursday, March 01, 2012

Unite Against Freedom!

The British Freedom Party has just been forced to abandon its attempt to hold a party meeting after the venue’s owner cancelled, apparently after being intimidated by threats from the party’s opponents.

Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, wrote the following response.

UAF demonstrator

Unite Against Freedom!
By Paul Weston

The UAF — Unite Against Freedom — has temporarily got its totalitarian way and closed down British Freedom’s London meeting, through the use of violence and intimidation. George Whale received a phone call from the venue’s landlord earlier today. The man sounded very frightened and refused to say why the event was now off.

Such is the undemocratic way of the Communist Left. There are three points to be recognised here.

1. The Soviet / Communist Left invaded Poland two weeks after Germany crossed the border, in alliance with the Nazi Party. It was only when Hitler later attacked Russia that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact disintegrated.
2. Having sided with the Nazis, the Communists then went on to murder 100 million of their own countrymen in an evil, racist and warped attempt to bring about a socialist Utopia. All they achieved though (apart from Ukrainian genocide) was social, economic and environmental catastrophe.
3. Unite Against Freedom is a Socialist/Communist organisation and they are simply carrying on in the same hateful and totalitarian way as they did in the last century. Islam is now their political pawn which they use to attack the traditional West — hence Islam must be protected.

Nothing shows better the extreme hatred the Left has for Western Civilisation than their unashamed alliance with a movement (Islam) which is mortally opposed to liberalism’s sacred calves — women’s rights, gay rights, abortion and multiple cultures. Yet Islam and the Left are in harmony on the major issues. They are anti-Christian and anti-Jew; they are anti-democracy and anti-individual rights; they are anti-capitalist, and they regard the individual as existing merely to serve the collective. Consequently, they have the same common enemy — Western Civilisation.

Unite Against Freedom has been in the news this week. Not for any acts of human kindness of course, but for electing a terrorist sympathiser, one Azad Ali, to Vice Chair of UAF. Andrew Gilligan reports on this in The Daily Telegraph, and states:

Azad is the community affairs co-ordinator of the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, which controls the East London Mosque and which is dedicated, in its own words, to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam.” Through “hisbah” (the enforcement of Islamic law) and “jihad,” it aims to create a “global” Islamic dictatorship, the caliphate, and its “primary work” in this “is in Europe, because it is this continent, despite all the furore about its achievements, which has a moral and spiritual vacuum.”

In addition, Azad Ali of Unite Against Freedom has been exposed at the blog site Harry’s place:

  • Azad Ali opposes democracy “if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia”
  • Azad Ali sued The Daily Mail for suggesting that comments on his blog showed that he was “a hardline Islamic extremist who supports the killing of British and American soldiers in Iraq by fellow Muslims as justified”. He lost.
  • Azad Ali used to attend talks by the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda in Europe: Abu Qatada.
  • Azad Ali wants Ismail Haniyeh — leader of the genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation, Hamas — to be the Caliph of the next Caliphate.
  • Azad Ali admired the Al Qaeda and recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki and had this to say about him on the Islamic Forum of Europe’s blog: “I really do love him for the sake of Allah, he has an uncanny way of explaining things to people which is endearing.”
  • Azad Ali’s show on the Islam Channel was sanctioned by OFCOM for its failure to maintain due impartiality in its coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, including in relation to comments on Mahmoud Abbas. That’s because he’s a Hamas supporter.
  • When an undercover reporter for Dispatches exposed Azad Ali’s political views, he threatened them on his radio show, saying: “We’ve got a picture of you and a lot more than you thought we had. We’ve tracked you down to different places. And if people are gonna turn what I’ve just said into a threat, that’s their fault, innit?”

So this is the UAF: historically the ideological allies of the Nazis, genocidal murderers of their own people, and now promoters of Islamic terrorism. It is hard to believe in a non-surreal world that these truly obscene and damaged people have the gall, the sheer hypocritical effrontery, to maintain that WE are the fascists. Verily, they need mental counselling.

The typical Unite Against Freedom activist probably suffers from some childhood trauma or other, so perhaps we should excuse them, or at least sympathise with them. But what is inexcusable is the support these Nazi thugs received from Ken Livingstone and a number of Members of Parliament — who must be held to account for publicly endorsing such a fascist, hateful and rabidly anti-British, racist organisation.

The list of MP’s is here, and I will soon be providing a form letter to send to them, should they happen to represent your constituency. British Freedom will of course be writing to David Cameron — who has also endorsed the UAF — about this disgusting matter:

Diane Abbott MP Barbara Follett MP Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Janet Anderson MP Barry Gardiner MP Diana Organ MP
Adrian Bailey MP Edward Garnier MP Colin Pickthall MP
Vera Baird MP Neil Gerrard MP Adam Price MP
Tony Benn  Ian Gibson MP Ken Purchase MP
Roger Berry MP Jane Griffiths MP Ernie Ross MP
Clive Betts MP Peter Hain MP Jim Sheridan MP
Peter Bottomley MP Mike Hancock MP Angela Smith MP
Peter Bradley MP David Hanson MP Anthony Steen MP
David Cameron MP Doug Henderson MP Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Martin Caton MP Kelvin Hopkins MP John Trickett MP
Colin Challen MP Brian Iddon MP Paul Tyler MP
Helen Clark MP Eric Illsley MP Keith Vaz MP
Harry Cohen MP Martin Jones MP Rudi Vis MP
John Cryer MP Ken Livingstone  Derek Watts MP
Terry Davis MP Alice Mahon MP Betty Williams MP
Janet Dean MP Rob Marris MP Tony Worthington MP
Brian Donohue MP Alan Meale MP David Wright MP
Louise Ellman MP Laura Moffatt MP  
Bill Etherington MP Julie Morgan MP  

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Salome said...

Unite Against Freedom? Do they have any idea what that means?

Anestis canelidis said...

You know them by their fruit! AT least their agenda is not hidden and we clearly know who they are. I wonder what these demons are called here in the USA -occupy groups-???

Hermes said...

Fjordman wrote back in 2006 that the Muslims are quite happy with this collaboration, at least for now: "We say to anyone who hates the Americans and wants to throw the Jews out of Palestine: ahlan wa sahlan (welcome)," quipped Abu-Hamza al-Masri, the British Islamist firebrand who is awaiting extradition to the US on various criminal charges. "The Prophet teaches that we could ally ourselves even with the atheists if it helps us destroy [the] enemy."

But what if the enemy gets eventually destroyed? Who would be the next?

Leftists are simply braindead.

Anonymous said...

Paul could you turn this into a leaflet and flyer or would you mind if I did?

Hal K said...

These attempts to link the left with Nazism will not work because they miss the point. The left supports Islam because the left is anti-white. To counter the left effectively you have to be explicitly pro-white.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weston's description of the UAF could easily fit the American Left as well.

That said, I'm glad he's standing up and critiquing the Left, for too long this dangerous lot has gotten away with being just viewed as people with different political views. Well they aren't by any means, they are actively doing everything possible to dismantle Western Civilization and the Enlightenment by aligning themselves with the most militant versions of Islam out there.

Chiu ChunLing said...

If we're going to take the idea that the Nazis were meaningfully "pro-white" at face value, then we have to accept the logical implications about "pro-white" movements that can be drawn from the Nazis being the preeminent example.

Or, we can make the effort to move the debate past the racial agenda of the Nazis and talk about their ideas about the place of individual freedom and personal responsibility. In their response to these much more universal concerns, the Nazis were indeed the exemplification of all Anti-Western Civilization ideologies.

Anonymous said...

cameron, to his eternal shame, (not that he's got any) is one of the founding signatories of the UAF.The article on HP carried a link to those leftards who all signed along with cameron.How did this Trojan Horse creep ever get to lead the tories?

Paul Weston said...

Anonymous said... 4

Paul could you turn this into a leaflet and flyer or would you mind if I did?
3/01/2012 7:14 PM

By all means my dear chap! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Groups like the UAF makes no distinction between hard-core neo-Nazis and conservative groups. As far as they are concerned they are all 'Nazis' for opposing their left-wing, one-world ideology.
The inevitable result is a shift towards extremism on both sides.

Sadly, mainstteam MPs from all parties will side with the UAF and help them to silence their detractors. Meanwhile, anyone who opposes liberalism for any reason whatsoever has the right to remain silent or be crucified in public.

Anonymous said...

Having re-read El Ingles essays on the coming civil war, one can only see that actions like those of the UAF are designed to make sure that there is no civilised and democratic solution to the crisis. The only question then is whether or not the UAF want to see civil war. Considering that it is an organisation run by islamo-fascists and revolutionary communists, I'd say "yes, they want it".

archiver said...

"Anti-fascism" -

babs said...

Please consider me to be completely stupid. "United
Against Freedom" is that what their name really is?
I thought it was "United Against Facism."
I would really appreciate some one telling me what I have wrong.

Nemesis said...

Babs....Unite Against Freedom is Paul Weston's take on the UAF.

In my opinion, I can't see that the UAF are really that big a physical threat to any of the nationalist organizations now springing up around Britain. There simply doesn't appear to be enough of them when they act under their own steam, and the only time they appear to be threatening is when they team up with the local Muslims, which then swells the numbers.

I understand the UAF have some powerful endorsements, but how many of those who endorse this fascist organization will remain as signatories once Paul Weston's letter outlining the real purpose of the UAF is circulated amongst them?

My understanding of the modern politican is that they don't think too long on those issues they may have to agonize over and would rather follow the leader to make life a little more simple for themselves.

I hope that Mr. Weston's letter as sent by those who follow his instructions, will have its effect on those non-thinking politicians!

laine said...

It would be enlightening to have those MPs' party affiliations next to their names, to see which party is either the laziest at doing its homework on a group before signing on their dotted line or which contain the most communist sympathizers. Ignorant and lazy or commie sympathizers. Those are the only two alternatives for this list of shame.

Unknown said...

Yeah, but they are ignorant and lazy because of their hatred of their own country of the western world - they just don´t care about truth or plausibility, because their mind has been made up and it´s objective is immutable

Traitors they are, and have been from the start. Progressives after all believe that everything that exists deserves to be destroyed in order for a 1000 year reign of justice, peace and equality to really hasn´t been a mistake.
Not so very different from shia mystics pining for the 12th imam they are..Omelet, break and eggs - and "Things have to get worse before they can get any better"
They are a bit like children ripping up every sheet of paper once they made even a little faulty doodle on it: they just have to have a whole new, clean, virgin sheet. Slighted 2nd rate artists always demand respect and money for the best materials, even before any work of art has been delivered; even after their work turns out to be demonstrably pathetic..
TGraitors they are. Who´s going to stop them?

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat.
I sense that Paul Weston and the British Freedom Party are another part of the smoke-and-mirrors show.

This constant referring to leftist mobs as Nazis. (Another taboo label like 'racist', aimed at getting a predictable response from the brainwashed people.)

I think this is all deliberate; otherwise it is based on ignorance. Hitler's first concern was to stop the spread of communism/bolshevism in Western Europe.

" Islam in its most fundamental form is no different to that of Nazism, in its desire for global supremacy, women fit only for the bedroom, kitchen and place of prayer, ...

In fact Islam is worse than Nazism, not even the most vicious of Nazis advocated stoning adulterous women to death. "

I challenge you to produce evidence of that attitude to women by Hitler and the Nazis.

AliceNorthernLights said...

The left wing is somewhat funny in history. It started to fight in order to bring us freedom. But they got all they wanted right after the fall of nazi-fascism.
They felt orphan because they had no one to defend. So they started to defend criminals, as they saw society dislike criminals. They could not defend mafias, as everybody (including leftis) know what mafias are. So they startet do defend someone less know: muslims.
Leftis started anti-white propaganda, anti-west propaganda, anti-hetero propaganda (i have nothing against gay, and this is my only position that isn't right winged, but i don't like how leftis are going far, claiming that gay are super and hetero are scum) and pro islam propoaganda.
Now they fight against democracy because democracy is something that belong to everybody, including righties, and they don't want rightis to have rights.

Someone said that when muslim will conquer europe, they will torture before kill all leftis allies and later the will kill by decapitation all their opponents.

But i hope that day will never come and Europe will go on the right way.