Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Their Priorities Straight

The behavior of Muslims in Afghanistan seems to indicate that they value the Koran more than they do human life, even the lives of their fellow Afghans.

This news story from MSNBC discusses the relatively muted reaction of the “Afghan street” to the slaughter of sixteen people by an American soldier stationed at a base in Afghanistan.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Hat tip: Nick.


Anonymous said...

This muted reaction was predictible (I predicted it). The Afghan Muslims understand the shooting rampage to be revenge slayings and they understand the concept and practice of revenge. Couple this with the fact that these shootings also serve as a reminder about who has the most guns in the region. Muslims also understand force; sometimes it seems that it is the only thing they really understand.

joe six-pack said...

I wish that I could disagree with you, Anonymous.

Gregory said...

To Richard, the Dick, Engel and MSNBC I say: "oh, Boo Hoo".

Anonymous said...

When the right people are afraid of the right things, things are better for everyone.


66chevelle said...

Careful anonymous. You're absolutely right, but you risk having Barkah step in and take credit for being the strong horse once he realizes what's going on. And ther'e still some lingering weirdness about the whole incident. How long can they keep up the blackout on details about the shooter?

gsw said...

At the risk of sounding nastier than I am, are we sure this US soldier was not himself a muslim, maybe of a different sect? I believe that some 8 people were killed in another village a few days ago.

Fort Hood people.

Would anyone know, or care?

66chevelle said...

gsw, there's something about this that tells me the shooter's identity is inconvenient to the MSM,DoD and WH. The nature of the alleged shooter's duties--specialty, if you will--and the fact that his family was hustled off to the military base for "protection" raise red flags, in my opinion. Exactly who or what is being protected? Who does the military think is going to harm the family? Sounds more like the flow of information is being controlled under the guise of protection.

But that's why I'm just a commenter, and smart bloggers are not running at the mouth until the other shoe has dropped. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

The govt & media manipulating facts in a situation like this? Surely not ... then again, remember Pat Tillman?

Unfortunately it's possible that there is something inconvenient about the alleged perpetrator's identity. So long as it's covered up though, no one can know for sure what's going on.

Interesting though how there is no mention of all those moderate Muslims burning crosses.

How come it's not okay for the Klan to burn crosses, but it's okay for Muslims to do it?