Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Revolving Door for Gang Rapists

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For these debased German “youths”, a slap on the wrist would be an improvement.

Many thanks to JLH for his translation from Politically Incorrect:

Probation for Islamic Gang Rapists

They lured two thirteen-year-old girls into an apartment, and raped them there. Again and again the two children were forced by the testosterone-driven young Muslims to perform oral sex. On Monday, the Paderborn regional court reached a verdict. The two main perpetrators — although they had previously appeared in court on sexual charges — received probation. The two secondary culprits got 80 hours and 200 hours of social service respectively.

The Neue Westfälische newspaper reports:

Falk C.( all names are changed*) is a handsome 16-year-old to whom girls are romantically drawn. The Paderborn resident used this trait shamelessly and shockingly in August of last year. With three 17-, 18-, and 20-year=old friends, he abused two 13-year-old girls. On Monday, Falk C. and his accomplices had to answer before the regional court in Paderborn for child molestation.

In August, the 16-year-old flirted with the two teenagers. They apparently could not resist his charming advances and went with him to the home of Adil E. There were numerous instances of oral sex in which ultimately Shemsi D (17) and Alfred E. (20) also took part. When the parents of the girls learned of these events, they immediately reported it to the police.

In the regional youth court, where all the defendants appeared and spared their victims making anther statement, Falk C. was of primary interest. He was given a youth sentence of 1½ years, suspended for probation, which might possibly exist only on paper. Because of the fact that when he was only 13, he abused a 12 year-old girl, he has been in investigative custody for three weeks. He has reportedly participated in two muggings, and, if found guilty, he may face two to three years’ imprisonment, explained the chief judge Friedhelm Sander…

His 18-year-old accomplice, Adil E. was sentenced to probation and 300 hours of community service. He too had previously appeared as a juvenile on similar sexual charges. The judges saw the other two as followers who had availed themselves of an opportunity. 20-year-old Alfred E, received 200 hours of community service and Shemsi D. received 80. The latter must also undergo social training.

The question remains: Why bother to expend effort on expensive court trials, if the perpetrators are allowed to walk free?

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* Falk, Adil, Alfred, Shemsi…What ever happened to Hans and Fritz? These are not the most common German given names. Is this a timid attempt to remind the public that these are not "indigenous" Germans?

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Anonymous said...

The name as originally reported in the German source is Faik, not Falk.

Falk sounds as though it might be a vaguely Swedish name---there is a town in Sweden named Falkenburg, for instance. Faik, by contrast, has no such ring to it.

On the other hand, Alfred is a given name stemming from old English and Danish that has gained some currency in Germany. It's one of the 45 names beginning with A listed in a German online catalog of German names. Source URL follows:

Anonymous said...

I do hope their real names and addresses are accidentally published somewhere.

Anonymous said...

#1 Anonymous
Well, the last person christened Alfred I have heard of was born in the fourties like myself. Hans and Fritz just don`t exist anymore.However, its a method of the media to dissimulate the ethnic origin of perpetrators by giving them
"christian" names (sic ! ).

Swede in Exile said...

Yes, these newcomers don't exactly respect the native women. In Sweden, this is now a massive problem and the number of rapes have exploded. Since 1975, when a unanimous Parliament decided that Sweden should be transformed into a multicultural society, the number of rape cases have increase with an incredible 673 percent.

Here is what the immigrants have to say about it:

"Some young men that were interviewed by the daily newspaper DN in response to a gang rape in Rissne outside of Stockholm put it like this:

“It’s not as wrong to rape a Swedish girl as it is to rape an Arab girl, says Hamid. The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably been fu**ed already. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her it is a great shame to be raped. It is important that she retains her virginity when she marries. “

“It’s far too easy to get a whore … girl, I mean,” says Hamid, and displays an embarrassed smile due to his choice of words. Many immigrant boys go with Swedish girls when they are teenagers. But then when they are to marry, they take a proper woman from their own culture that has not been with any guy. So will I do. I do not have much respect for Swedish girls. You could say that they get fu**ed until they are broken. “(DN 11 February 2000).

Read all about this and other aspects of the immigration driven crime wave in Sweden here:

(All in English!)

Anonymous said...

European girls should avoid contacts with muslims without supervision. But they are indocrinated to do the opposite, and this is the result.