Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swedish “Youths” at it Again

This post isn’t officially designated as cultural enrichment news, based as it is on an article from the Swedish MSM. The national media in Sweden are always fastidious about anything that might hint at the non-Swedish ethnicity of violent criminals. However, as the translator notes, the attack occurred in “Gothenburg’s multicultural ghetto Kortedala”.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter for the translation from Expressen:

Gang nearly kills 61-year-old, who is in a coma — six arrested

The 61-year-old man was nearly beaten to death by a gang of youths. The possible motive may have been that he rebuked the boys after they teased his dog.

Seven boys were brought in for questioning on Wednesday. Six of them have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

It was last Sunday that the 61-year-old man walked to Kortedala square with his dog to shop. The man believed that the gang may have irritated his dog when he was inside the store. When he asked what they had done, seven or eight people attacked him and showered him with punches and kicks.

On Wednesday the man was still being cared for in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“He is in a coma and has very, very severe brain damage,” says Bertil Claesson, head of the police team from the Northeast.

It is currently unclear whether the man will survive.

Seven for questioning

Two young men had previously been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the brutal assault but were later released. On Wednesday, however, seven other boys were picked up for questioning. All are in their early teenage years, 15-16 year olds. …

Six of them were arrested later.

What is the criminal charge?

“Attempted murder,” said prosecutor Carl-Henrik Andersson after three of the boys had been arrested.

How do they feel about the accusations?

“That I will not comment on, but they do not understand it exactly.”

Want more tips

Police believe they have a good picture of what happened, but plead for more tips.

“We are always grateful for more eyewitness accounts. If anyone has observed anything, we will be very happy if people contact us,” says Bertil Claesson.

Freedom Fighter adds his summary of the latest news from Malmö:
Yesterday the Swedish “Agenda” TV program (an investigative program) interviewed Mayor Ilmar Reepalu in Malmö about gangs and other problems in the city. During the program, in the interview on the streets of Malmö, the Mayor and the journalist were threatened by gangbangers, who demanded to know who they were and what they were doing there.

It was obvious from the gangbangers’ accents that they were Arabic-speaking immigrants, young men in a flash car, very threatening. This was amazing, especially after eight shootings in a year in the town. The police do nothing.

In the program an immigrant from Iraq said that Malmö was as dangerous as Baghdad. No one is in control, he said. He didn’t feel safe.

On Monday the Social Democrats’ party leadership is to meet with the leaders of the Swedish Jewish community about Reepalu’s hateful statements about Jews in Malmö. This is very unusual, as Sweden’s Jewish community usually keeps a very low profile, but this time they have publicly attacked Reepalu’s anti-Jewish statements and demanded that his political party, the Social Democrats, take action against the Mayor.


Anonymous said...

Europe is going to explode. The politicians who enable this sort of thing are probably getting their names knitted by Madame Defarges across the continent.

Anonymous said...

"...he rebuked the boys after they teased his dog."

Another 'feature' of Islam is that Muslims HATE dogs.

So, we can only conclude that the man 'deserved' what he got because the Muslims were 'protecting' the Sharia-compliant community from 'unclean' dogs (whether infidel man or four-legged beast).


Boo said...

“That I will not comment on, but they do not understand it exactly.”

Of course they don't understand. Killing a kuffar isn't a criminal offense to them.

Six against one, always brave when they're in their packs, but we will see how brave they really are when the shiite in Europe hits the fan.

Anestis canelidis said...

I'm at lost for words except that the Swedes must wake up and fight against Muslim immigration. Why can't the media tell the truth?- Muslim youths attack....

We are in the same peril as Obummer allows more and more Muslim immigrants into the USA. AT least we have the 2nd Amendment but then if he gets a 2nd term we will lose that.

AliceNorthernLights said...

Malmø... I heard is out of control in fact.
I hope Europe will wake up soon, but there are many idiots that fight against the imaginary Judeo-Masonic conspiracy instead of fight against the real militand islamism.

Im my country, people brought a pig on a yard to avoid the building of a mosque.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of an instance of Islam doing good.....>crickets<
All islam does is destroy and debase.It has never brought ANY benefits to the countries it invades.