Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Muslim Paedophiles, Feminists and Future Civil War

Over the past few weeks new cases involving Muslim “grooming and pimping” gangs have appeared almost daily in the British media. In his latest essay, Paul Weston takes a hard look at what is happening, and what it portends for “community cohesion” in Britain.

Muslim Paedophiles, Feminists and Future Civil War
By Paul Weston

The British police are slightly less of a disgrace than they were a couple of years ago. In the not-so-distant past there was little reporting of native British girls being drugged, groomed, raped and murdered by gangs of Muslim males in our towns and cities.

Paul WestonThis wall of silence was erected in the interests of “community cohesion,” a modern verbal concept invented by our liberal elites who think it is better that the indigenous population remain unaware of the horrifying abuse carried out by British Muslims. This is understandable, because to be aware might make even the most fluffy-headed of liberals question the benefits of mass Muslim migration into the liberal democracy that was once Great Britain.

That is one way of explaining their historical silence, I suppose. The fact that Mohammed’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha was consummated when she was only nine might also play a part in the whole sordid affair, along with the fact that Muslim males consider Muslim females to be second class-citizens — not to mention infidel females.

But now that the liberal silence has been broken, we appear to suffering from an absolute epidemic of Muslim paedophilia and abuse. Dewsbury, Leeds, Blackburn, Blackpool, Derby, Rochdale, Birmingham etc. etc. all seem to have their very own Islamic gang-rape-of-under-age-children-enclaves, with the recent additions of Oxford and Glasgow. The ongoing benefits of multiculturalism we are constantly being told to celebrate are certainly well-represented geographically, it must be said.

If this were a situation where gangs of white males were raping young Muslim girls it would have been headline news a long time ago, but sadly the native British are now very much second-class citizens within their own homeland. In these perverse multicultural times we live in, all cultures are equal except ours.

If the BBC and Germaine Greer are not too busy over the next few days, perhaps they might like to comment on this matter. As the eternal espousers of feminism, it would appear only right for them to do so. Whilst they are at it, perhaps they might also like to weigh in on the 17,000 cases of Muslim “Honour” violence reported by the Independent, along with a recent report stating one in five Muslims thinks it permissible to inflict physical violence on women who dishonour their families. (It is one of those odd facets of multiculturalism that such dishonour could be incurred by dating a native Brit.)

But even though the British police have finally plucked up sufficient bravery to overcome the sheer awfulness of being called nasty playground names, and are now belatedly actually doing something to protect our children from Muslim rapists and paedophiles, it might be some time before British feminists and the BBC also garner such courage.

Left-wing ideology still thinks of Muslims as a minority to be protected in the face of relentless oppression by the native British. But quite how a lone thirteen year-old girl could oppress a gang of adult bearded males after being drugged, or rendered comatose via vodka, is one of those not altogether incidental questions the BBC feminists and Ms Greer should really be asking themselves.

And it is important that they do. We are already at the early stages of a tribal/religious civil war in Britain, courtesy of the immigration and appeasement policies of ALL the political traitor class. The Muslim rape of our children now appears to be a driving force in what over the coming years can only make civil war inevitable.

If you think this is an overreaction, please read the following paragraphs, taken from a recent Independent article about white riots in Rochdale:
“We are innocent people loyal to the community,” proclaimed the posters adorning the windows of the Tasty Bites takeaway yesterday. If we are guilty, why the police have not arrested us? Why we are still working? Why our shop is still open?”

But on Monday, takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale were mentioned in media coverage of a child sex gang trial involving 11 Asian men at Liverpool Crown Court. Racial tensions have been simmering ever since and on Thursday night they erupted when a demonstration, apparently organised on social media, in protest at the allegations, degenerated into violence.

Up to 150 people — many of them children — took to the streets, some of them brandishing racist placards. During the evening the mob began pelting police with bricks and targeting takeaways on the main shopping parade before being dispersed by riot vans.

Taxi drivers were threatened and an Asian pizza delivery man had his vehicle attacked. A police officer suffered bruising and two people, including a 14-year-old boy, were arrested.

Although Mr Ahmed and his family have nothing to do with the trial or the alleged events which are said to have taken place prior to his purchase of the business, his livelihood has collapsed since Monday. “I have lost all my customers — not a word of a lie. We are suffering. Last night they were doing all sorts of stuff — shouting ‘get the rapist out’. ‘Paedophile’. Quite abusive words.

“The police were there but they were quite limited and they asked us to close the business. It will take me five to 10 years to build it back up again. We have had so many phone calls giving abuse — all kinds of threats; threatening to burn the shop down.”

Four people are employed at Tasty Bites and Mr Ahmed has mortgaged his family home in order to set his son-in-law Ammir Rafiq up in business. Each works seven days a week until at least 1am.

But not last night. Like the other Asian businesses in this predominantly white community, they were rolling down the shutters early as police called for calm and promised a “robust” approach to any further trouble.

Amid the rumours swirling around the town are fears that elements of the far-right might be preparing to exploit the tensions. There have already been calls to ban an English Defence League march due to take place in the nearby town of Hyde following an alleged attack on a white teenager by Asian youths earlier this month.

But no one knows what will happen in Heywood, which has hitherto escaped the kind of rioting which so badly scarred near-neighbours Oldham, Burnley and Bradford in recent years.

The sense of foreboding was palpable. At Eagle Cars 2000, where the drivers are predominantly Asian, most went home early as trouble flared. “One driver told me they saw baseball bats and they were getting out of town. They are frightened as is everybody. The base staff were frightened, I was frightened,” said manager Katie Turner.

Darren Taylor, manager at Domino’s Pizza, said one of his drivers was surrounded. “They were banging and kicking on the car and calling him a paedo and a Paki,” he said.

Police, meanwhile, urged parents to be aware of where young people were over the coming days. Superintendent Chris Hankinson, from Greater Manchester Police said: “Those that seek to use what’s going on at the moment in Liverpool to further their racist agenda will be dealt with robustly.”

The disturbances were condemned by community leaders. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Manchester-based Ramadhan Foundation, said: “Mob rule or vigilantism is not the way we conduct ourselves in this country.” Colin Lambert, leader of Rochdale Council, said: “Let’s keep the cohesion together. This is about protecting families and children.”

These quisling policemen and council leaders are a little too late. Memo to Superintendent Hankinson: We are not trying to further our racist agenda, we are protesting about racism carried out against us. And memo to council leader Lambert, there is no cohesion to keep together, you half-wit!

And you are way too late to have the sheer bare faced effrontery to talk about protecting families and children in Rochdale, having already betrayed the native British families and children within your manor through your politically correct silence.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Nemesis said...

One can read in Mr. Weston's words the sheer frustration that has been building up from years of sweeping the obvious under the carpet.

My concern is how much longer this can go on before all Hell breaks loose, as it will eventually!

The wilful blindness to the so very obvious has to come to an end at some point, and that is the question we must now ask; at what point in this multicultural stupidity do those abetting this madness finally wake up?

Anonymous said...

Google "Operation Bullfinch".

Anonymous said...

Who are the true villains of this piece; which are the the most dangerous of the misogynists? Are they the baffled, impotent men of "power" in Great Britain, or the invading ASIAN berserkers toward whom they turn a blind eye?
The constabulary and government of Great Britain have invented a new paradigm for the colloquial 'Fiddling while Rome burns'. Thanks to Mr. Weston, the disgrace of Britain's 'native' ruling political/legal class is revealed in it's full shame. Bravo, Mr. Weston.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would buy food from a muslim take-away is totally beyond my comprehension. And I'd sooner walk in a downpour than get in one of their cabs.
Paris Claims

gsw said...

"Involving 11 Asian men at Liverpool Crown Court."

If the Newspapers would print "islamists" or "muslims" then the Asians would have no problems.

Lots of nice Asians in Britain - just put a sign in the window:
"The rapists were Muslims - obeying Shariah - we are not and we disapprove" then they should be ok, or at least safe from the non-muslims.
Calling these scum 'Asians' is racists and inciting to racism.

Anonymous said...

Damn them all! Throughout the West successive governments have deliberately filled the pressure cooker, clamped down the lid and stoked a fire beneath. Now, driven not by the laws of physics but by the compelling pressure of territorial imperative, it is certain to blow.

It will not be pleasant, but it will be necessary.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

At this point in time we native Brits can still vote for change as long as enough of the public really know where the country is heading if we don't act in some firm way. As 80% plus of White Ethnic Britons have given up voting, our real task is to inspire them somehow to use their vote.The nation is basically in 'flight' mode which makes the task very difficult.In spite of these gross events, most of which are still hidden, I don't believe a civil war would occur in the present climate as flight plus
comfort seem to rule the island.

Anonymous said...

I can't see a "civil war" happening in Britain, but there may indeed by civil unrest; after all these years, the way that young white girls have been targeted and abused by Muslim men living in our country is finally breaking through the wall of silence built by our politicians, police and media.

Just look at the latest incident, Operation Bullfinch. That was ongoing for years. The names of the suspects have finally been released.

And there's not a Harry or a William among them.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the EDL that was responsible for this:

At the end of the day rich, privileged, ivory tower activists like Germaine Greer and Gloria Steinem talk a big game about protecting the rights of women, but when crap like this goes down and ordinary women and girls are tortured, exploited, mutilated and killed, the professional feminists are always nowhere to be seen.

Newsflash, ladies: Your self-appointed protectors in the "war against patriarchy" do not care if you live or die....
...but many of us "evil patriarchs" actually do care - very much.

Qualis Rex said...

Why anyone would buy food from a muslim take-away is totally beyond my comprehension. And I'd sooner walk in a downpour than get in one of their cabs.

AMEN, Paris!!! I have been saying this for years. Economics DOMINATES any strategy or agenda; if you can't put your money where your mouth is, you are talking out of your hat. For decades (yes, even before 9/11) when arriving at the airport taxi stand (and I travel a lot for business) I casually/politely say to the dispatcher "no Muslim driver, please". For them it's also about business (meaning they want mine, and they want to get on to the next person in line), so I have never gotten any negative response.

The only time I have ever had any trouble was when I objected to being searched by a Mohammedan at London Heathrow security. They brought over an East Indian supervisor who said "we don't tolerate any biggotry here. If you don't want to be checked, you can exit the airport." That was a battle I knew I couldn't win, so I opted for the search. But will raise my objections again should the need arise.

Anonymous said...

They are grooming our kids because they know we will not strike back at them. They only risk a couple of months in hotel-like jails, and thats a small price to pay for years of fun with underaged, white girls.

If we could protect our girls the same way they protect theirs, there would be no grooming cases.

Unfortunally, the feminists and socialistic gouverments have castrated all european men and turned us into weak, law abiding citizen, avoiding violence at all costs just to please our immigrants any way possible.
We have only dialogue as our weapon, and this is a weapon that muslims do not fear.

Please, someone in Europe, please help us get our diginty and manhood back. We have to fight for freedom and justice with brute force as our fathers and grandfathers did in world war 2 and not debate against an enemy who laughs at us and the flowers in our hair.

Anonymous said...

I ended up working the same shift as a practitioner of the RoP one night. I wasn't exactly happy about it, given some of the things he'd said and done prior to this. Anyhow he told me this evening that if they had a problem back home that they would go round to the offender's house and break his legs with an iron bar. That was "justice" in his homeland, apparently. So are such people going to worry about being sent to the clink & fed three hot meals a day, while they're allowed to praise the moon god with their pals etc? I don't think so.

Although the thought of being labelled a nonce and being chibbed by another inmate might give them some pause.

Nilk said...

Please, someone in Europe, please help us get our diginty and manhood back. We have to fight for freedom and justice with brute force as our fathers and grandfathers did in world war 2...

Anon, the only person who can get your dignity back is you.

RE-learn who you are, and be proud of that. There was a reason for Rule Britannia, there was a reason for saying that the sun never set on the British Empire.

A few decades of socialist crap can't erase that no matter how they try.

You'd be amazed how nice it feels to stop creeping around (metaphorically speaking) and looking over your shoulder.

Advise your friends that in the comfort of your castle you won't be politically correct. You'll be amazed how many will agree with you.

If someone says, "I'm not racist, but..." explain that there's nothing racist about speaking out against this abysmal situation.

If some of your friends disagree with you or lose 'respect' then they're not your friends. They're your enemies. There can be no equivocation and at some stage sides will be taken.

Good luck and God be with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Again and again I return to one point and one question: how much of what is happening in Europe is driven by Europe's need for oil?

Isn't this always in the background, like the elephant in the room about which even we do not speak?

I'd be interested in the Baron's comments about this.

Qualis Rex said...

A few decades of socialist crap can't erase that no matter how they try.

Completely disagree. Britain pre-1950 is totally unrecognizable to the Britain of today, in culture, ethnicity, etiquete, mentality, religion (see: lack thereof) and subsequently morality. Even the so-called conservatives in government and society are devoid of the moral code and common experience which once bonded the country. Once you take morality and religion away from a society, there is absolutely no foundation for pride, since the objective of being "right" or "just" is a moving target and relative.

There may be hope for a new Britain, but only if ruled (hopefully) by Irish and Eastern Europeans, and not the Indians and Mohammedans. The English signed their own writ of extinction and will scarecely be extant in 100 years.

Nemesis said...

Qualis Rex....what you have written has a ring of truth to it, but only for some of the people not all!

Witness the EDL and it's growing ranks, and the rise of the minor political parties born out of necessity to be heard above the foolishness and negativity that now drives the ruling political class and their lackeys.

I spent four weeks travelling around Britain in 2008 and met many British patriots who only need a galvanizing voice in order to be heard above the negativity that now passes for 'good government' in modern day Britain. I travelled 5,200 miles in those four weeks and spoke to many British patriots who lamented to me what is currently occurring in Britain at the hands of a ruling class that has completly lost touch with the rest of the Island.

In my humble opinion, once a leader can be identified that can unite those Britons who will then stand and protect what is rightfully theirs, stand and fight they will!

myurbanphilosophy said...

I would firstly like to object about the complete boycotting of muslim businesses etc. This is the assumption that all are bad, and that out of the several million or so muslims, there isnt a single one that actually works hard and obeys the law.

Secondly civil unrest is only the beginning of an eventual conflict. As we saw during the London riots when law and order breaks down, the most natural of instinct ie tribalism kicked in. The sikhs protected their area, the turks theirs, the pakistanis theirs, and the white people in enfield. This should be an eye opener for everyone.

Thirdly, I am one of those believers that if something is not done we will end up at the point of internal conflicts, the demographic/geographic map that has emerged in Britain would be a fertile ground for inter ethnic/tribal warfare.

I think the brits in general have a tolerance level, that once crossed will not stand for things anymore. I think this has in some ways been pushed by the lack of any hope in a reasonable political party ever getting elected. This is why the edl i.e a street movement is huge here than say france or germany. But then again after recent events in France,who knows what direction things will go in now, will also depend on who gets elected.

Once again I also object to this whole native white britain talk, in the assumption that all non whites are somehow against British values. Ive heard cases of non whites voting the bnp out of pure frustration, because of the situation here.

If the point ever comes and i hope that it never does, and that ideological line is drawn in the sand. I imagine there will be people of all colours on both sides (granted one side will be predominately white and the other predominately brown.)

But the argument itself is not about race. Its about what direction the country will take, and about the preservation of what went before.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who asked about oil
dependence, Britain could buy all the oil it needs from Nigeria,a Christian country. The massive influx oftotally unsuitable [Moslem]immigrants could be stopped and reversed easily but Cameron is
dancing to another agenda[for money]and doesn't care about the British people's needs or feelings.
He is nothing more than an asset stripper, of the UK's assets that is.

Qualis Rex said...

@myurbanphilosophyI would firstly like to object about the complete boycotting of muslim businesses etc.

That's the beauty of it: it's your money, you can spend it how you want. But here's what I would ask: that lovely family who owns the Paki-shop down the road that you think are "some of the good ones", can you be sure that none of that money leaves Britain? And if it does, can you be sure it does not go to any fronts for terrorism? Or even spent towards Mohammedan evangelization in your own country? If you can be absolutely sure of these things, then maybe, just maybe you would be justified in patronizing this establishment. If not, don't you think it best to put your money where you know it will do good?

@Nemesis - we could have a very long debate here, but it takes more than "national pride" and a charismatic leader to build a society, if we've learned nothing less from Nazi Germany.

Myurbanphilosophy said...

@qualis Rex. True but you cannot guarantee your tax money isnt being used by politicians to fund second homes and duck ponds or our business elites aren't syphoning funds into Swiss bank accounts or that your local White shop owner ( were I live not likely) isn't claiming incapacity benefits on the sly. There is no guarantee to anything. As we have seen govt funding Muslim groups have been linked to terrorists. Today the most trusted London college has been caught in an immigration scam.

All I can do is take people as I find them I cannot assume that just because a shop owner Is a muslim Iam inadvertently funding terrorism. But at the same time I cannot assume that behind that smiling face he may hate my guts. But end of the day because I cannot disprove something does not mean I should not have faith in people. You cannot disprove that the spotty teenager at mcdonalds has not spat in your burger, you go on faith that he hasn't.

For me the test of ones character (perhaps character is the wrong word) is when that faith is broken? Do you ignore it and carry on as usual? Do you lash out innapropriately against all spotty teenagers and McDonald chains? Or do you tackle that branch and that person to stop it from happening again? And if you find out that this habit is endemic in all McDonald chains then you expose and tackle them too, highlight the trend and put a stop to it.

The problem in the uk is most people ignore the truth. They try so hard to believe the facade that they were used to. And in many cases the undermining of ones ideological beliefs can be too hard to grasp, so they keep quiet and pretend everything is fine. The other lot lash out and then set to use it as an I told you so to launch into a wider attack. These two camps use their disbelief Of what they see as the other groups delusions to further reinforce their own views. Meanwhile the problem does not really get solved as those in power try to pacify which ever group (along with the perpetrators) makes the most noise.

The law and the system should be universal,impartial and tackle things as they come swiftly and correctly as to nip it in the bid before it becomes an epidemic. Seems so simple but I imagine with all the different forces and factors at work, even the most simple things are no longer that.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous at 3/29, 6:03--
Are making this assertion on the basis of your knowledge of the oil industry? I'm not trying to challenge you--I just want accurate information. I know that there is almost a civil war going on now in Nigeria and, although the Christians may control the oil at the current time, I don't know what the future will bring. Perhaps you do know. But I would appreciate your giving a little background and context to your assertions about the viability of Nigerian oil for the UK.

Regarding the rest of your post, I agree.

Nemesis said...

Qualis Rex..."if we've learned nothing less from Nazi Germany"

I'm not talking National Socialism, nor am I promoting national pride; what I'm talking about is Patriotism! You know that word which has been systematically denigrated into irrelevancy by those who hate the nation states? Hitler and the Nazis may have championed a form of national pride based on racial characteristics, but they were not patriots!

Not everyone can be a patriot, because it takes the love of one's country and the appreciation of what it stands for to produce a real Patriot! Black, White or Yellow, does it really matter the color of the skin so long as the patriotism and national pride of the individual shines through?

And I'm not talking about building a society, anyway, what is a society but a collection of individual social groups with their own special interests? I'm talking about maintaining and then re-building the cultures that made the West what it still is today, and while it remains achievable, because the West still clings however precariously, to the basics of its many cultures that only need to be re-asserted.

The followers of Islam while they cling to that totalitarian ideology can have no future in Western nations!

Columnist said...

Muslim and white are not mutually exclusive. There are some white Muslims, and many people are neither. Do Muslims groom non-Muslim black girls? If not, the problem isn't Islam, but the hatred of whites spread by the Cultural "Marxist" establishment.

Linda Rivera said...


In the Bible, our Merciful God gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping and the DEATH sentence for murder, to prevent the suffering of more victims from evil monsters.

Protect victims and future victims, NOT vile, filthy predators!

Blottonthelandscape said...

It is unfair of the british media to label the rapists as asians. 'asian' includes many ethnicities and to tar all with the same brush is unacceptable. I am not demanding that the perps be labeled muslims, for the above reason. the media must have the courage to name the actual perps, they owe it to their profession. Else just print 'englishmen' after all they are living in england, on UK govt. benefits and posess or are on their way to posessing UK citizenship.