Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinkwashing the Perps

There is a special kind of madness abroad in Sweden, even more so than in Norway. The news report below is one of the best illustrations of Swedish lunacy I have ever seen.

Just think of it — the producers of the equivalent of “Sweden’s Most Wanted” not only pixelate the face of the wanted perpetrator, but they also disguise the enricher’s race by turning up the beige on his blurry face. Viewers are then supposed to use the video images to help police find the criminal.

Wot th’—?!?

To make matters worse, you’ll notice that the faces of law-abiding Caucasian Swedes are left untouched. That is, only the faces of wanted criminals are anonymized. Everyone else is there for all to see — “Hey! There’s Sven and Ingrid!”

Nothing is crazier than this. Those cultists who committed suicide so they could be transported onto alien spacecraft were saner than Swedish media moguls.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a transcript of the subtitles:

00:02 These surveillance pictures show how Philip
00:06 was robbed at knifepoint on the platform at the Civic Square metro station in Stockholm.
00:12 Around 9:30pm on June 8th last year
00:22 a man and a woman asked Philip for the time.
00:26 Shortly afterwards the man approached Philip down at the platform
00:32 and robbed him using a knife.
00:36 He managed to get Philip's mobile phone and wallet.
00:44 Before he left he told Philip that he would stab him if he followed him.
00:49 Now the police needs help to identify the robber.
01:03 He is between 25 and 28 years old
01:07 and about 180 centimeters tall.


Harry the Horrible said...

Actually, if I understand correctly, they have to pixelate faces of the perps for liability and legal reasons (in the US showing the perp's face would be considered to potentially contaminates the jury pool).

Anonymous said...

Is the average European in denial about the scale of the problem?

I wonder what conversations at bars around the continent sound like when Islam/Muslims are mentioned.

Dymphna said...

I've seen lots of video tape of people in those flash'n'dash mobs - the ones who rob convenience stores. No pixelation:
Here's a sample

You can see a lot of other choices on the sidebar, mostly from last summer. I wonder how many more there will be this summer?

Aldo said...

Pinkwashing is also very popular here in Finland.

On few occassions cctv pictures of "pepetrators of very heavy pigmentation" have been released by the media.
But usually those pictures dissappear within hours. I wonder why? ;)

News on criminal activities today have to be read like Pravda back in the "Good old days".
(A.K.A. Between the lines or Knowing the correct euphemisms.)

mazarin said...

This has been common in Sweden for over a decade and probably the main reason to why our police hardly ever catch the criminal anymore.
If you're the victim of a crime in Sweden there's almost no chance of it being cleared up by the police, you'll just get a letter after a month or so where they say they're closing the investigation.
The police themselves actually do give a full description when asking the public for help but the media censor out the parts they think is too sensitive for the swedish public to know about.
Some brave journalists might sneak in a line saying "spoke swedish with an accent", but that's as far as they'll go.
In the unlikely event an actual swede is wanted for a crime though, they'll usually leave the face unpixled and point out he/she has a swedish appearace.

Anonymous said...

If you were a public servant, would you rather a) do something to earn your pay. or b) collect your pay for doing nothing. And no one MAKING you do your job.

It's easier to sit than stand....
You know the drill...and the answer to the question with these people.
Except it comes to harassing the normal citizen.

Anonymous said...

Instead of pixelating muzztards, why don't you just superimpose the bomb-turban Mo on top of their faces? Gets the idea across a lot better.