Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/20/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/20/2012French police originally thought that a known neo-Nazi group was responsible for the shootings at the Jewish school in Toulouse, and possibly also for the murder of the Muslim soldiers. However, the police have now investigated and cleared the Nazis. The authorities now suspect that Islamic extremists were behind the killings, possibly on the orders of Iran.

In other news, Mitt Romney won a decisive victory in the Republican presidential primary in Illinois, strengthening his lead over the other contenders.

Meanwhile, according to a recent poll, a significant majority of Swedes would vote to re-elect President Obama.

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That it was muslim inspired was obvious from the start,yesterday we had reports that the assailant had a camera around his neck,how many people can see some one with a camera around thier neck and not notice thier race?it is done in an instant,information recieved at a glance,but in these cases deliberately ignored.

Anonymous said...


The Telegraph is reporting that the piece of garbage is an Algerian who claims to be a member of Al Qaeda and has been arrested by French police after an armed stand-off in a Toulouse apartment.

Watch the Marxstream Media drop this one like a hot potato!

Rollory said...


The FIRST thing I thought was "mohammed coefficient". So, congrats for that.

(and this is FYI as much as anything, feel free to not publish if you don't want to)