Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Bomb Attack in Thailand

At least eleven people were killed today in a series of bomb blasts in southern Thailand.

While Vlad was processing the video that accompanies this story, I asked him what was in the clip. “It’s typical post-bomb footage,” he replied. “Could be anywhere after a Religion-of-Peace meet.”

He’s got a point: the aftermath videos of most Muslim atrocities are depressingly similar. The only major variables are the language on the street signs and the type of foliage in the background.

I can just imagine a special studio library of such footage. When news of the latest incident breaks, the producer yells, “Quick! Fetch me a stock clip from the Muslim Atrocity Archives!”

The available footage would be substantial, so it might have to be subdivided into specialized categories:

1. Camera panning across a blood-soaked sidewalk
2. Shots of a huge bomb crater and burning cars
3. Parents weeping hysterically over their dead children
4. Quick clips of severed limbs scattered all around
5. Bodies under sheets arranged in rows
6. People with bloody faces being carried away
7. A “moderate” imam on TV saying, “We are all concerned that there might be a backlash against the Muslim community.”

#7, of course, is the one that would be most frequently used.

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Here’s a news clip from RT about the incident. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the accompanying article from RT (Note the stock phrase “restive South”, which is how the mainstream media always describe the Muslim-dominated southern provinces of Thailand, where Islamic terror attacks occur with horrifying regularity):

Bomb Attacks Kill 11, Injure More Than 100 in South Thailand

Three bomb blasts have struck the southern town of Yala, killing eleven people and wounding dozens more, local officials say.

The first two bombs are thought to have been hidden inside motorcycles, while the third was planted in a nearby car.

They detonated only minutes apart, damaging vehicles and setting the surrounding shops and buildings on fire.

The public health ministry said 10 people were in critical condition with severe burns.

Yala city is the main commercial hub in the country’s south.

Thailand’s restive South is plagued by regular terrorist attacks and violence from Muslim extremist insurgent groups operating in the region. [emphasis added]

Other reports list a death toll of at least fourteen.

The “restive South” also appears in this CBS News report:

Bombs in Thailand Kill 14, Wound 340

Suspected Muslim insurgents staged the most deadly coordinated attacks in years in Thailand’s restive south, killing 14 people and wounding 340 with car bombs that targeted Saturday shoppers and a high-rise hotel frequented by foreign tourists.

A first batch of explosives planted inside a parked pickup truck ripped through an area of restaurants and shops in a busy area of Yala city, a main commercial hub of Thailand’s restive southern provinces, said district police chief Col. Kritsada Kaewchandee.

About 20 minutes later, just as onlookers gathered at the blast site, a second car bomb exploded, causing the majority of casualties. Eleven people were killed and 110 wounded by the blasts.

More than 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces — Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala — since an Islamist insurgency flared in January 2004. [emphasis added]

Hat tips: Nick, Fjordman.


Anonymous said...

Soon that 'restive South' will be falsely labeled as participating in a 'civil war' - as if BOTH sides are fighting each other equally rather than Muslims brutally terrorizing everyone else in order to conquer Thailand for the greater ummah via the implementation of Sharia Law.


Anonymous said...

"Soon that 'restive South' will be falsely labeled as participating in a 'civil war' - as if BOTH sides are fighting each other "

No. That won't happen (or at least, not just the south). Last year I saw a statement that 85% of buddhists have left the 3 southern provinces. Even if the Thai government gives up those three provinces, the problem will continue. The disgusting BBC (on the odd occasion they do mention it), describe the murderers as nationalists. The murderers have never identified themselves or what they want. They are simply conducting ethnic cleansing, and the pathetic Thais are allowing it to happen.

I was speaking to a Thai man about this a few days ago. He says Bangkok is probably 50% muslim. So, he fully expects the jihad to move on to Bangkok. Maybe when their tourism industry starts to suffer, the Thais will try to do something. But by then, it will be too late. At best Thailand will end up being 50% of what it is now.

Even buddhists need to be prepared to fight back against islam. Thailand is screwed. Half of all its graduates move to Bangkok. Many of the female graduates have no children (because it will mean a life of drudgery, in what is already a difficult city to manage).

The provincial poor and the urban graduates have almost diametrically opposed aims. That is what the whole red shirt/yellow shirt riots were about.

The country has no sense of joint interests. Which is probably what the jihadis are able to take advantage of.

Once it affects tourism, then things will rapidly go from bad to worse.

Another country to benefit from the blessing of islam.


Qualis Rex said...

Joe - I think you are really misinformed here. The Thai government (including the police and army) is anything but passive. They have conducted extensive campaigns against the Mohammedans (and Christians, FYI). Mohammedans make up roughly 5% of the entire Thai population, and the majority of them are in the south. So there is numerically now way they could comprise 50% of Bangkok.

The Philipines has their exact same issues with 5% of their Mohammedan population in the South, namely in Mindanao. These are simply VERY vocal and active minorities. Don't let them give you the sense they are growing or somehow more powerful than they are. They are not.