Friday, March 23, 2012

Culinary Jihad, Danish Style

Cultural Enrichment News

Earlier this month we reported on the grievance filed by and compensation granted to a culturally-enriched young woman in Sweden who believed (erroneously) that she would be required to taste pork if she enrolled in a culinary arts training course.

A similar incident is going to court now in Denmark. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from the Norwegian MSM about the case.

The translator includes this note:

Here’s another episode of culinary jihad, this time from Denmark. Just as in the incident from Sweden, which GoV featured earlier this month, this Muslima also refused to sample the goods.

Expect to hear similar stories from Norway in the future.

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Muslim forced to eat pork — awarded compensation

The case is now going to court in Denmark

A Muslim student was forced to taste pork while undertaking a culinary education. She wanted an exemption from this, Aftenposten writes. The educational facility in Holstebro in Denmark now refuses to accept a fine of Dk 75,000 and the case will go to court.

“It’s not the school that forced her to become a Muslim,” one source that is annoyed at the compensation says.

The debate is raging in Denmark at the moment whether this is a case of racism or not.

“Some people refuse to taste sauces containing alcohol another one says. This person believes that the best solution is to adapt Danish culinary education to better suit Muslims, Jews and Jehovah’s witnesses.”

The Muslim woman was born in Lebanon and grew up in Denmark. She follows Muslim tradition and wears a hijab. Her refusal to eat pork is based on religious beliefs.

The school told her has she didn’t have to swallow the pork, but only taste it and then spit it out.

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babs said...

I am reminded of a few suits against the Boy Scouts here in the US. Parents enrolled their boys in the Boy Scouts and then demanded that no mention of God should take place as it was an affront to their family's conviction. One family (the father) fought the Boy Scouts tooth and nail.
What I thought then and what I think now concerning cases of people trying to change on-going institutions is that those that object to certain parts of an established curriculum should start a school or organization of their own. Surely someone that is a Muslim knows how to cook. A Muslim cooking school might actually be a good business in Europe considering the changing demographics.
But that is not the way things happen anymore.

laine said...

Sorry, Babs' "solution" would not be considered one by Muslims whose real agenda is changing the West to abide by sharia law. They purposely start careers or join organizations that have requirements incompatible with Islam, then push for those requirements to be changed to be Islamocompatible (police and military dress/headgear, zoning to allow mosques, surgical hygiene, refusing to check out pork products as a cashier, taxi drivers refusing to transport anyone with alcohol, objecting to celebration of Christmas in public schools, forcing their praying into public areas including footbaths etc.) This is sharia creep. Even when the requirement is not changed, the complainant is paid off so Islam wins either way. Either the western way is changed or it's sucked dry by Muslim lawfare. Both responses are abasing dhimmi ways, giving in to Muslim direction and/or paying tribute jizya as though to conquerors. Every devout Muslim advances sharia creep, each in his own way.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims, like the Leftists are using the West's legal system against itself.

Whether it's atheists, Gays and transexuals trying to wreck the Boy Scouts to Muslims beating up on public schools for set aside spaces and education exceptions to banning public displays of Christianity and imposition of speech codes. Our whole society is under siege from these demons.

Salome said...

Laine--'sharia creep'--love it. It's an expression we should all use more often. (I'm still sore that I never got 'stealth jizya' (e.g., having to pay for meat that's come from an abattoir that pays the halal fee, whether or not it's marked 'halal') off the ground.

goethechosemercy said...

A Muslim student was forced to taste pork while undertaking a culinary education.

Sounds like a lie.
Sounds like the rumor mongering of Jihad.
I had no idea that tasting pork was so central to culinary education.
Yeah right.

eddy.canuck said...

This is not so far-fetched and reminds me of one of the causes of The Indian Mutiny of 1857. The British had just introduced the Enfield Rifle and the "sepoy" battalions were issued new gunpowder cartridges that were widely believed to be greased with cow or pig fat, which insulted both Hindus and Muslims. The reason it was considered insulting was the normal practice of ripping the protective grease-paper cover off with one's teeth to expose the (hopefully dry) gunpowder before loading the shot.

This was not true (or at least it was denied and said vegetable oils were used) and sparked outrage that had been growing for sometime among the native forces. The mutiny had to be put down with great ferocity - including for good measure the barbaric custom of lashing ringleaders across the cannon mouths and firing off a fusillade as the mutinous mob attacked. I recall reading this in Lucknow, India many years ago. Apparently, a full account of how the "mutiny" was put down took some time to reach England, but when it did these practices were roundly criticised. But it had the intended effect and England ruled another 90 years before Independence. Of course that eventually unleashed another brutal religious war.

X said...

And yet the menu I had stuffed in my letterbox for a new curry house that's opened just down the road, despite being stamped with the arabic word halal on the top right, warned that their pork might contain bones.

Anyone ever heard of halal pork?

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Definition of Hell:

a world without bacon.. and scotch

I would rather be dead than to live in such a world.

babs said...

laine and anon - I agree with you. I was just trying to present the "sane" approach.
There are people in the west, be they Muslim, athiest, or what ever axe they have to grind that want to tear down historic institutions to meet their political goals.
A cooking school? Really?
As I said before, start an Islamic cooking school. I think I have hit on a fabulous business opportunity!!!
Hell, if I lived in Europe I would actually consider doing this. Let the Islamic crazies PAY ME for the priveledge of not washing themselves correctly and banning pork!