Sunday, March 18, 2012

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Cultural Enrichment News

Do you remember last year when the culturally enriched refugees on the island of Lampedusa kept burning down the facilities provided for them by the Italian government?

The same sort of thing happens fairly frequently in Norwegian asylum centers. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of a brief article about the latest incident of culturally enriched arson. He includes this note:

This article from is about a fire at an asylum centre in Haslemoen, which is situated in the eastern part of the country approximately 2 hours north east of Oslo.

Maybe these asylum seekers were Afghans nationals seeking to avenge the burning of the Koran in their native country?

And the translated article:

Asylum seekers apprehended after a fire broke out at an asylum centre

[summarized from Ø]

By rubb

There was a major fire at Haslemoen asylum center on Saturday evening. No lives were lost, but the building suffered extensive damage. Three asylum seekers have been arrested in connection with the fire.

Police prosecutor Ann Elisabeth Billa from Hedmark Police precinct confirms that three asylum seekers were apprehended in Haslemoen on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning.

The suspects have been charged with aggravated criminal damage, which in this case means arson. The fire will have an effect on the daily operation of the asylum centre. Fortunately, no lives were lost in the fire.

The three men who are currently in police custody in Hamar will be questioned by the police either today or tomorrow.

“Police have on the basis of the current investigation found it necessary to arrest three individuals. They are now officially suspects in the case and we have reasonable grounds to suspect that they caused the fire,” police prosecutor Billa tells local newspaper Østlendingen.

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Anonymous said...

Never give children or the edcationally sub-normal matches.

Anonymous said...

Norway: 5 million

Norwegian regime celebrates having reached 5 million inhabitants during the weekend

Looking forward to reach 6 million by 2028, which "will be earlier than you may think", according to Statistics Norway, SSB's Helge Brunborg

A look at the chart could make you breathless following the latest uphill.

As an example of the successs(...) an individual is at the moment waiting to bring his wife and nine children to Norway soon.

Anonymous said...

No one in these leftist governments will ever permit the words "deport them". But that is what must happen when any criminal law is broken by the illegal invaders.

Anonymous said...

SSB 2008: Norway has 4,5 million inhabitants

Anonymous said...

Absurd as it may seem

The fact is that a Swedish representative of Swedish politics offered a typical Swedish little gift at his recent visit to French socialists meeting in one of Paris' suburbs.

The gift was a box of solid Swedish matches. Of course, the type you need when lighting up your fireplace - in a normal home, that is.

The Mohammed socialist politician and his colleagues immediately openede the box and tested the matches, as you would if you never had seen those larger matches before.

From a distance, probably also the Swedish politician realizes he might have chosen a Swedish painted wooden horse, or anything but matches on a visit to that particular suburb area which was on fire in 2005.

Dane said...

This incident together with the breeding rate of Muslims, show us the way to deal with the Muslim problem:
* Send them all home
* Seal them of from our part of the world
* Sit back and watch what happens. Are the deaths caused by infighting going to balance their unchecked birth rate?
If not, are they going to start eating each other when their numbers become greater than their lands can support?

laine said...

People this animalistic, who do not even sense that it is wrong to bite the hand that feeds you but to burn down the roof he puts over your head should be deported immediately to their home Muslim countries where they are better caged.