Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Honour Killing in Britain (Excerpts)

The BBC recently aired a Panorama documentary about “honour crimes” in Britain. The link is only usable for viewers in the UK, so I haven’t actually seen the program. However, excerpts were made available to Vlad Tepes, and he has made a brief video from them.

I’m told the producers of the documentary went to a lot of trouble to disguise the overwhelmingly Islamic nature of honor violence, using customary euphemisms such as “Asians”, “cultural practices”, etc. Despite their best efforts, however, the M-word did creep into the sound track in a few places, and a couple of those can be heard in the clip below.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing that the BBC was willing to discuss the problem even to this extent:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying BBC article:
‘Honour Code’ Supported by Young Asians, Poll Says

Two-thirds of young British Asians agree that families should live according to the concept of “honour”, a poll for BBC Panorama suggests.

Of 500 young Asians questioned, 18% also felt that certain behaviour by women that could affect her family’s honour justified physical punishment.

These included disobeying their father, and wanting to leave an existing or prearranged marriage.

The results come as women’s groups call for action to stop “honour” crimes.

The poll, conducted for the BBC by ComRes, interviewed young Asians living in Britain between the ages of 16 and 34.

Asked if they agreed that families should live according to “honour”, 69% agreed, a figure that rose to 75% among young men, compared with 63% of young women.


bilbo said...

its pretty obvious to most UK residents who is actualy responsible.
the media are having a hard time comint to terms with their own dishonesty, but it is happening, slowly..

Anonymous said...

Why are they being called Asians in Britain? When I think of Asians I think of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, but muslims from Pakistan and the rest of the ME are as much Asian as I am Brazilian. On topic, it is sad to see that this is what is happening in Europe and what is even more sad is that the people who fought for women's rights are now the guardians of these mid evil arabs.

Qualis Rex said...

On a more intellectual note, there is in effect one sure-fire way for girls from Mohammedan familes to avoid honour-killings: embrace Christianity. This has been going on throughout Britain and the US, although very few cases actually get publicized since a) the families do not want to bring even more shame being associated with an apostate and b) the media do not want to cover any stories about Christian converts.

Although not too documented, they can be found through simple internet searches. A Priest friend of mine even runs a "safe house" for converts (mostly women with small children) and gets them legal/financial support while they attempt to escape their violent families. The case of Rifqa Barry in the US got a lot of attention, but that is just a drop in the bucket.

Qualis Rex said...


Hopefully that will make the censors.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex: The existence of Arab Christians depends on the proper definition of Arab. If Arab is defined as Saudi Arabian, then there are ZERO Arab Christians!

"Accurate religious demographics are difficult to obtain in Saudi Arabia[1] but 85 to 90% of citizens of Saudi Arabia are Sunni Muslims, who predominantly subscribe to the Government-sanctioned interpretation of Islam, while 10 to 15% of citizens are Shi'a Muslims.[1]"

Christianity in Saudi Arabia

In order for Arab Christians to exist, the definition of Arab must be widened significantly to encompass an entire region:

"Christians make up 5.5% of the population of the Near East.[17] In Lebanon they number about 39% of the population.[89] In Syria, Christians make up 16% of the population.[90] In British Palestine estimates ranged as high as 25%, but is now 3.8% due largely to the 1948 Palestinian exodus or Nakba. In West Bank and in Gaza, Arab Christians make up 8% and 0.8% of the populations, respectively.[91][92] In Iraq, Christians constitute today up 3%, the number dropped from 5% after Iraq war, few of these are Arabs.[93] In Israel, Arab Christians constitute 2.1% (roughly 9% of the Arab population).[94] Arab Christians make up 6% of the population of Jordan.[95] Most North and South American Arabs are Christian,[96] as are about half of Arabs in Australia who come particularly from Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories."

Arab People

Islam is the religion of Arab supremacy. As such, Arab Muslims forcibly murder, convert, and evict Arab Christians from Arab lands at the soonest possible time and opportunity. When Arab Muslims (seek to) permanently eliminate Arab Christians from Arab lands, how long must we persist in the myth that Christian religious refugees are Arabs - or even represent Arabs in any way?!


Qualis Rex said...

Egghead, if a Christian self-identifies as Arab, due to language, family and social ties then he/she is Arab. You don't get to decide this. I know many MANY Christian Arabs. In the US, there are more Christian Arabs than Mohammedan Arabs. And I guess I am missing your point here (if there is one). Are you wanting or trying to blame all Arabs for the evil that the Mohammedan Arabs do? Or are you saying all Christians should renounce their Arab culture and history because it was hijacked by Mohammedans? Is that what we tell Germans: because the Nazis hijacked your culture 60 years ago, you can no longer call yourselves German, speak German, or associate yourself with German history?


Anonymous said...

The more one finds out about Islam the more one despises it as an ideology. If Islam was measured on the same scale as Voodoo or the Moonie Cult,most people would realise
that Islam outstrips them all on
brutality, unproductivity and sheer
destruction.Islam undoubtedly should
be outlawed Worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex: My ancestors on either side hailed from a small variety of foreign countries whose languages neither my parents nor I speak. While I am proud of my heritage, I am a fully assimilated American from birth.

There are more Christian 'Arabs' than Muslim 'Arabs' in America (for the time being only) BECAUSE Muslim Arabs ethnically cleanse Christian Arabs from Arab lands.

Are the persecuted German Jews who settled in Israel now considered to be German or Israeli or both or simply Jews?

I have heard Palestinian Muslims argue that German Jews should leave Palestine and return to the same Germany that tried to murder all Jews based on Muslim prodding.

Are the persecuted German Jews who settled in the USA now considered to be German or American or both or simply Jews?

In this age of divided national and religious loyalties, questions such as these are very relevant.

If Christians want to be labelled as Christian Arabs, then these self-identified Arabs should go live in Arab lands.

When Christian Arabs immigrate to the USA, said Christians may be Christians of Arab heritage, but they may NOT be Christian Arabs when they are now United States citizens!

On the other hand, Muslim Arabs who live in Arab lands may indeed call themselves Muslim Arabs AND Germans who live in Germany may indeed call themselves German.

But, we do NOT hear Arabs call themselves Muslim Arabs BECAUSE their own presumption is that ALL Arabs are automatically Muslim. If that is good enough for them, and they run their countries, then that is good enough for me as an observer.

At this point in time, the word Arab is so associated with 1,400 years of unmitigated Islamic evil that Christian Arabs should reject any identification as Arabs in the same way that moral Germans reject being identified as Nazis.

Christian Arabs who rely on the Christian charity of Western nations should gladly re-label themselves as Western Christians rather than Christian Arabs.

You initially claimed that there are millions of Christian Arabs, and it is up to YOU to provide statistical data - rather than anecdotal personal experience - to support your claim.

Christian 'Arabs' who continue to call themselves 'Arabs' while they live in Western countries may be disloyal Westerners, but they are most definitely NOT NOT NOT Arabs!


gsw said...

Qualis Rex said "... all Christians should renounce their Arab culture... ?"

How about the Arabs, Asians, Pakistanis and Indians start getting 'offended' when the MSM refers to muslims as 'Asians'?

How about they start insisting the the MSM says muslim when it means muslim and ceases to paint all Mid-Eastern ethnic peoples with the same brush?
They could do a lot to make the situation better.

Anonymous said...

gsw: I like your succinct answer even better than mine. Let's let Muslims take full credit for all of their 'accomplishments.' Hmpf!


Qualis Rex said...

Egghead, your lack of logic is astounding. Despite your biggoted viewA Christian Arab living in the West is under NO obligation to renounce ANYTHING. That is the beauty of freedom. And nor am I under any obligation to provide a source to you, when information is readily available. But since I really doubt your reasoning skills, you can start here.

GSW - the media is little help in anything, save the specialized ones. Personally, I follow Zenit.

Anonymous said...

Dude: A Christian Arab who lives in the the West is a Western Christian who is at best suffering from really bad Stockholm Syndrome or at worst acting as a traitor to the gracious natives who saved his or her people from being tortured and murdered by the defining trait of 'Arab' culture which is the willingness to torture and murder everyone who is NOT Muslim Arab - all the while LYING to everyone involved - including the victims - about how 'peaceful' Arab culture is.

It is high time that Westerners EXPECT - neigh REQUIRE - loyalty from political, religious, and/or economic REFUGEES from the East.

Would you rather that Westerners acquiesce to Arab - really Christian - refugees acting as surrogate Muslim Arab conquerors ready to recreate the situation that the - again self-identified - Christian Arabs fled in terror for the existence of their very lives?!

In the past, political, religious, and/or economic refugees knew how good they had it in the West, appreciated the West, and thought of themselves as Westerners FIRST.

As an Christian American woman, I call foul when Christians come to MY country and identify with the aggressors who necessitated them to leave their former country. I am fine with the term 'Christians of Arab descent' but any use of the term Christian Arabs is a patent lie if those Christians immigrated to the USA to ESCAPE the real Christian genocidal Muslim Arab culture.

And, yes, YOU are obligated to cite your source when you claim that Arab culture is distinct from Muslim culture and that there are millions of Christian Arabs as if Muslim Arabs either have permitted or will permit that situation to exist in Arab lands.

The use of the term Christian Arabs purveys a patently false picture of Arab lands which might have used to have Christians at one time - but which are now permanently eliminating all non-Muslims - be they Christians or Jews - as quickly as possible.

Have we ever heard Jews claim to be Jewish Arabs? If so, that is a suicidal label, too.

Below is a fascinating article about this verbal conundrum that proves that words have meanings. In Mohammed's Saudi Arabia, the definition of 'Arab' is 'infidel genocide', so the identification of Christian Arabs translates to Christian genocide:

Arab Jews


Dymphna said...

@Qualis Rex-

The Baron has let your comments through but you're pushing the envelope. Calling others names, or dismissing their arguments as "nonsense" is at odds with our rules.

After many years of observing these comment threads, I've noticed something. For lack of a better word, I call it the "sloppy syndrome".

A comparison could be made to the phenomenon they've discovered after instituting strict dress codes in "slternative" schools for problem students. To the surpise of teachers & administrators there is a marked decrease in behavior issues. Students who wear "office-type clothing" behave better and are more courteous. Their grades go up.

I call that phenomenon in schools "different modes of dress create different modes of address". Not very elegant, maybe, but it sums up the situation.

Same thing here: when the level of courtesy drops, so does the level of information.

So please omit further name-calling and the dismissive terms like "nonsense". A more civil form of disagreement is required here. It takes practice, but it's worth it.

BTW, the site you referenced, PBS, didn't seem to say much of substance. PBS tends to skate on the surface, repeating MSM bromides, some of them patently untrue. Look at the conclusion:

After 9/11, anti-terrorism policies of airline passenger profiling have disproportionately affected Arabs and Muslims. Some have been taken off planes or not allowed to board because of their ethnicity. Anti-terrorist programs and policies that single out people of Arab descent have also contributed to creating negative bias in the public eye, not to mention fear of the police and hesitation to report hate crimes among Arab Americans.

Considering that 100% of the 9/11 hijackers were Arab Muslims, the "negative bias" is a natural response. It is hardly, as they claim, "disproportionate".

And many NYC Arabs have applauded the profiling by their police department. But don't tell the leftists at PBS.

Qualis Rex said...

@Dymphna - I do not vouche for 100% of the PBS article's content; I merely used it as I was asked to provide a source that there are millions of Christian Arabs. Frankly, if you are Christian (and I'm assuming you are since you are taking the name of a blessed Saint) I'm unclear why you do not feel compelled to stick up for your Christian bretheren, namely Christian Arabs in this case, and correct the offender, who is trying to equate all Arabs as Mohammedans.

Didn't silence kill the Jews 60 years ago?

Dymphna said...

I'm not sure the Christians in the Middle East consider themselves to be "Arabs" at all.

For the most part they are the indigenous people who were there before the Islamic invasions of Bedouins massacred so many. The Nestorians, the Assyrians, the Copts (Copt used to mean "Egyptian"), to name a few.

Though these people were conquered and many groups annihilated, and though the Islamic hordes attempted to erase their history, they hung on.

In this lastest upsurge, that may no longer be possible. Just as all the Jews were evicted from Egypt and their homes and assets stolen after WWII, so will the Copts be vanquished within the next generation.

Ironic, since they learned deep lessons of anti-Semitism from their Islamic overlords...

The Christians in Iraq are disappearing fast, though they managed a precarious existence while Saddam was in power. He protected them while he persecuted the Kurds viciously. *Some* Kurds have taken *some* Christians under their wing, but in the South, among the Shi'ites, only death or emigration is possible.

In Iran, there are still Christians and Jews and a few others, but they are disappearing too.

North Africa, home of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo? A few Berber Christians.

India? You'll find some ancient cross-and-lotus stonework, reputed to have come about thru St. Thomas' evangelization. But the rest is better left in silence.

And through all these places, once the breadbaskets of the Mediterranean, the Arab nomads brought their goats and sheep who chewed the grass to dust. They broke down the intricate irrigation systems. Large cities simply disappeared, along with their wealth and productivity.

Reading the various histories of Islam's attempted erasure of Judaism and Christianity makes one realize how resilient is belief and culture. They shouldn't have survived, but they did. It is unfortunate they weren't allowed to continue their agriculture.

Again, I can only urge you to read Mohammed & Charlemagne. I promise you'll never be quite the same.

BTW, many Coptic monaateries, as well as those which fell under Turkish rule, survived for a long time because they were rural and isolated. The cities of North Africa, easily accessible, fell almost immediately and were never rebuilt.

Qualis Rex said...

Dymphna - I'm not sure the Christians in the Middle East consider themselves to be "Arabs" at all.

Really? then try talking to one. You can go to a Maronite, Palestinian Catholic/Orthodox or any other number of Arab Christian churches throughout the US. I was not referring to Copts, as they are ethnically not Arab. Nor was I referring to Kurds, of which there are actually tens of thousands (not only new converts, but the ancient ones from before Mohammedanism). I was not refering to Syriacs (Nestorians) or Malabars in India (of which you are quite wrong, the church there is flourishing with over 6 MILLION of them...hardly "better left in silence"). No, I was referring specifically to Arab Christians and I am very familiar with that group.

Since this is the internet and you don't know who you are talking to through the benefit of a formal introduction, I will advise you that Rest assured, I know far more about Christianity, Mohamedanism, Arab, African and European culture than the vast majority of people you will come across on this blog or in your lifetime.

I thank you for the book recommendation, and I will repeat mine: try talking to your priest or an actual Arab Christian (once again, there are millions) if you have doubts on this subject. Arab does not mean Mohammedan. Not by any stretch.

As a P.S., I have been or lived throughout many of the places we just spoke about (with the exception of India). I am painfully aware of the situation of the church in North Africa pre and post "Arab Spring". But if you think for a minute the Copts will be gone within a generation, then you are dead wrong. They have suffered for over 1,000 years under the harshest, most cruel persecution known to mankind. And still they exist (actually in the millions, but the Egyptian govt will never let anyone know this). Why? Because they are true witnesses of Christ, and are also very tied to Egypt as their homeland.

Have faith.

Dymphna said...

It is good to have someone of your experience commenting. We welcome your knowledge.

However, the Christians I have known from some of those places corrected me if I said "Arab". As did the Persian Muslims. As did the Lebanese Catholics.

Seems like many of those folks do not consider themselves to be what you say they are.

As for the survival of the Copts in Egypt, only time will tell. I hope you are right, but the Christian diaspora out of the islamic turmoil is picking up speed. As Egypt begins to starve - which will be soon - look for the attacks against Christians to escalate precipitously.

The reality on the ground has changed in Egypt and even the Saudis are worried. The military may be able to contain the hatred, but only if we can send enough "aid" (bribes) to whomever scrambles fast enough to become King of the Hill. Meanwhile, the few freedoms that hung on so precariously for so long are disappearing. Newspapers are closing, the treasures of Alexandria will be destroyed. Intellectual pursuits not sufficiently "Islamic" will disappear - classical dance, music, painting, literature, etc. It's already happening.

Meanwhile, average Americans are becoming tired of the whole thing. The fog of war has worn them out; they fear our 'boys' are dying for naught. Easy answers have disappeared along with a lot of individual prosperity. On those factors may hinge the sad fate of many stranded Copts...

They once said there would *always* be a Jewish community in Yemen. It was thousands of years old after all. But now Yemen, like the others, is Judenrein.

My "faith" isn't based on the ephemera of world events - as in whether there will still be Copts in Egypt. I do not doubt there will be Copts; it's just that they might be - they are now - in California and Chicago, just to name two places.

Qualis Rex said...

@Dymphna LOL, I can definitely see why a Persian Mohammedan would not want to be called an Arab. Only someone completely ignorant of world history would ever make that mistake as they are completely different people, languages and cultures. As for "Lebs", during the civil war in the 70's there was a strong movement for Christians to disassociate themselves from Mohammedans by saying they were Phoenician and not Arab. However, when I speak to any Christian Leb in Arabic (none of them speak Phoenician...nor does anyone on the planet) I have never heard one refer to themselves or their family as anything other than Christian, Lebanese and/or Arab; it just depends on the context and audience.

Back to Copts, they are probably the most territorial of all middle-Eastern Christians, meaning they view Egypt very much like Jews view Israel. Israelis emigrate by the bus load to the West, but there will always be Jews there. Same with Copts; that's the best analogy I can give you.

Anonymous said...

"I merely used it as I was asked to provide a source that there are millions of Christian Arabs."


Your source showed that there are millions of American Christians of Arab heritage who are living in America BECAUSE they completely believed that Muslim Arabs living in Arab lands fully intended to torture and murder ALL of the Christian Arabs.

And, if these American Christians continue to identify as Christian Arabs, then I want to remind them that I think that they are being ungrateful to American Christians who have rescued them from Arabs!

The opportunity for Christians to be rescued from Muslim lands has recently been eliminated as the formerly Christian and currently 'Muslophilic' United States has put the Muslim-led United Nations in charge of defining refugee status, and the United Nations refuses to grant refugee status to Christians attempting to flee from Muslim lands.

It is high time that American Christians began to call out refugees like Christian 'Arabs' who romanticize their past - and would be future - Muslim Arab oppressors.

Again, I ask YOU to define 'Arab' culture in Arab lands as separate and distinct from Muslim culture for the last 1,400 years.

Precisely what cultural elements do ALL Arabs share that are NOT Muslim-derived or Muslim-caused?!


Qualis Res said...

Egghead - this is very simple: literature, music, art, and overall learning. You may or may not know, but music and art are "haram" in Mohamedanism, meaning they are a "no-no", and what passes for art in Mohamedanism equates to bathroom tiles with Quranic script. Christian Arabs have preserved the legacy of Arab painting, artwork and music (also a no-no in Mohammedanism). Also, Christians are the inteligentsia in Syria and Jordan (and formerly Iraq), precisely because they think and teach both accademically and critically, whereas the alternative Mohammedan madrassah system teaches jihadism.

So...you're wrong yet again. And this will be my last post to you.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Rex: I asked you to provide cultural elements that ALL Arabs share - whether those Arabs are Muslim, Christian, or Jew - that are NOT Muslim-derived or Muslim-caused.

I asked you this question in a true Socratic manner in order to help you to understand that Arab culture is nonexistent if Arab culture cannot be expressed separately from Islam and still shared by Muslim, Christian, and Jew.

Certainly, as you yourself reveal, Muslims outright forbid two of four items on your list because music and art elevate the human soul which 1,400 years of Muslim Arabs sincerely believe must be enslaved to Allah.

But, we both know that Muslim Arabs also de facto forbid the other two items on your list because literature and overall learning would teach Muslim Arabs to question their enslavement and begin to lead Muslim Arabs out of subjugation.

In other words, Muslim Arabs who still live in Arab lands would reject your definition of Arab culture because it contradicts their definition of Arab culture. And thus, the very examples that you provide would be the examples that Muslim Arabs would destroy given the chance.

I asked you to provide Arab cultural elements that ALL Arabs share that are NOT Muslim-derived or Muslim-caused, and you have FAILED to provide a single example - unless YOU are arguing that Muslim Arabs are NOT Arabs which would be YOU making an equivalent (although opposite) argument to mine about Western Christian Arabs not being 'Arabs' - and thus COMPLETELY proving my point.

If you maintain that I CANNOT refuse the label of Christian Arabs to Christians of Arab descent who LIVE in the West, then I maintain that you CANNOT refuse the label of Arab to Muslim Arabs who LIVE in Arab lands.

So, clearly, the answer is NONE. Christian 'Arabs' share NO Arab cultural elements with Muslim Arabs that are are NOT Muslim-derived or Muslim-caused.

Thus, since Muslim Arabs rule Arab lands while Christian 'Arabs' run for their lives, Arab = Muslim - at least for the last 1,400 years.

Despite any immoral precedent or romantic sentiment, all Christians MUST morally reject being called Arabs - and I would be willing to argue that point before GOD given the chance.

Western Christians of Arab descent should be grateful to escape Arab lands with their lives and sanity - and should witness that miracle to everyone that they meet instead of pretending that any Christian tolerant 'Arab' culture exists inside or outside of Muslim Arab culture in a bizarre modern public relations campaign that ultimately benefits the Muslim Arabs who plan to eliminate all Christians first in Arab lands and then in the West!


Qualis Rex said...

Anyone who would "argue with God" cannot be reasoned with. That proves my point.

Dymphna said...

@ QR, who says--

Anyone who would "argue with God" cannot be reasoned with. That proves my point.

There's a middle term missing in your implicit syllogism there, but I'm not sure what it is you haven't quite stated.

Just speaking for myself, I've lived a life interspersed with "arguments with G-d." There have even been moments when I made my point.

In any ongoing dialogue with another, including the Supreme Somebody, there will be times of disagreement. Otherwise it's not an authentic dialogue, is it?

I believe in obedience in the mature sense of that virtue,but I don't think we were created for blind submission.

Once, in a discussion with our bishop about the endless, useless diocesan-directed "Anti-Racism" conferences, he suddenly interrupted himself, looked at me and said, "in the argument between you and God, I feel sorry for God".

Thus, QR, I disagree with your premise & too-hasty conclusion. I am indeed most amenable to reasoned discourse. I would hasten to add that argument and conflict must remain the spice that improves the sauce, never the main ingredient.

Qualis Rex said...

Dymphna - if you are a true Christian, there is no "aruging with God". That is a Protestant (or Americath) notion. God is not Democratic, nor is the church. One can question God's plan in relation to themselves or the Universe. This is healthy. You have not stated whether or not you are Catholic. If you are, you would do well to read the catechism on "Sin against faith".

Dymphna said...

@ QR--

If I am a TRUE Christian, then I follow your precepts? No thanks. My dialogue continues as it always has, whether or not it meets your requirements for orthodoxy or your definition of who and what G-d is.

I prefer the arguments of, say, the Psalms.

Is there nothing on which you are not the resident expert? Since you're not my spiritual advisor, I'll stick with his suggestions rather than your pronouncements on my religious experience.


I do hope during your tenure here in the comment threads you're able to overcome the unfortunate propensity for name-calling. For example, writing off a whole group of people as "bloodthirsty and stupid" will guarantee the oubliette for such remarks.

It would be a lot easier on the moderators if you were able to grasp when a particular notion passes our boundaries re civility. You don't have to agree with our censorship, but in order to have your comments see daylight, you have to abide by the rules.

Once again, I ask you to refrain from talking ugly.

Qualis Rex said...

@Dymphna - do you know where the word "Serb" comes from and who gave them the monicker? If not, it explains my comment.

Anyway, I am certainly not your spiritual advisor, but yes, I am an orthodox catholic; I don't pick and choose. I understand that is not en vogue these days, but we all answer to a higher power, don't we? Also, if you are Christian, I'm wondering why you feel the need to write "G-D" as certain Jewish factions do for attention, instead of just writing God. It is not at all accademic or historically correct to write "G-d", since the word is not God's first/proper name (that is YHWH, which many Jews write without vowels instead of "Yahweh" in the American bibles). I'm asking because once again, it has no basis in Christian history or orthodoxy.

But as you say, I am not your spiritual advisor.

Dymphna said...

Lighten up, QR...your impugning others' motives for the way they choose to write G-d, i.e., - that they are "certain Jewish factions [who do it] for attention" is unacceptable. I published it so other commenters could get a feel for your rhetoric. IMHO, it appears to be deteriorating.

This is my last communication to you. Further attempts to actually be heard wouldn't be a good use of your time or my limited energy.

Vaya con Dios...

Anonymous said...

Dymphna: Thanks! :)

Qualis Rex: You grossly misquoted me and then used YOUR misquotation to malign me. Very naughty of you!

I said that I would be willing to argue that point before GOD given the chance (rather than with God).

I meant that I would be willing and confident to stand with you before our final arbiter God and have God judge my intentions and morality regarding this issue.

Western Christian 'Arabs' provide cover for Muslim Arabs - and they need to STOP giving Muslim Arabs the ability to use the existence of Western Christian 'Arabs' as a (false) proof of Muslim tolerance of Christianity both in the West and in Arab lands.

Let the Muslims be Arabs. It is better for the Christians of Arab descent to be Western Christians.

By the way, I am a proud American Catholic, and I would NEVER call myself an Italian Catholic or a Czech Catholic because I live HERE.

I am an American Catholic - just like Christians of Arab descent who live HERE are American Christians. Period.