Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gang Rape in Mariannelund

Cultural Enrichment News

We’re all used to culturally enriched horror stories from Sweden, but this one is more horrific than usual. Kitman has gone through the latest material and produced a translated summary. He includes this introduction:

Mariannelund is famous as the hometown of the beloved author of children’s books Astrid Lindgren. It prides itself on its idyllic scenery, known throughout the world from the movies about Emil from Lönneberga. The area also features the largest so-called “Runkesten” in the world — a huge stone which happens to be positioned in such a way that it can be moved back and forth by the simple touch of a hand.

However, the construction of an asylum centre has recently made Mariannelund home to many strangers from backward countries. Suddenly the quiet little town is making much more sinister headlines: robberies, rapes, and attempted murders have been occurring lately in Mariannelund, all somehow related to the population replacement policy of the current regime.

The victim in the case below knew one of the perpetrators and “thought she was going to a party in Vimmerby”. Instead the trip went to the immigration facilities, and here her nightmare began.

Below is his translated summary (Mohammed Coefficient: 25%) from Avpixlat.

WARNING: Sensitive readers may want to skip the rest of this story. It contains clinical details that may be disturbing:
Vimmerby Tidning: Worst crime ever
Gang-rape without parallel in Swedish criminal history

Quote (from image of Vimmerby Tidning headline at Avpixlat):

Gang-rape of mother of two in Mariannelund Asylum Centre “unprecedented in Swedish criminal history”

This story concerns the case of a brutal assault on a mother of two in December 2011, for which eight Afghans are now facing charges. The assault took place in the Mariannelund Asylum Centre and was extended over a seven-hour ordeal. According to the men, the victim was “a bad woman, and a whore.”

The woman went into shock while the rapes were still underway, and has since been in a heavily traumatised state. She is now subject to nightmares and panic attacks, and lives in a psychiatric clinic. She is bound to a wheelchair due to damages to her abdomen, and suffers from faecal incontinence. However, the woman has sufficiently recovered to testify in the trial. She has demanded damages of 1,250,000 Skr.

The extensive gathering of technical evidence, mainly collection of the sperm stains, will be instrumental for the prosecutor Gunnar Brodin. Eight men are facing charges, and there are suspicions that there was a ninth perpetrator. However, this man has not been caught or identified.

During his final remarks the prosecutor spoke of 78 pieces of clothing submitted from nine individuals for examination by the State Forensic Laboratory. A task “beyond the usual” for the forensic lab. Altogether there were 48 sperm stains from the asylum centre apartment. Sixteen of the stains contained DNA from at least four persons, four had DNA from three persons, and fourteen stains contained DNA from at least two individuals. Sperm samples from four individuals were obtained from the victim’s intestines and digestive system.

“This confirms the victim’s testimony,” Gunnar Brodin said in his final remarks.

The prosecution is now ended, after an additional charge, as the prosecutor sought to show how the defendants subjected the mother-of-two to lethal danger by the taping her breathing passages.

The following individuals were facing charges:

  • Rafi Bahaduri, 25 years old
  • Salahedin Hashemi, 20 years old
  • Mohammadi Zia, 20 years old
  • Morteza Afzali, 20 years old
  • Mohammadi Aziz Ahmad, 33 years old
  • Rahmati Hedayat, 20 years old
  • Azim Ahklaghi, 20 years old
  • Rustam Ghafory, 21 years old

According to additional Swedish sources, the main perpetrator Rafi Bahaduri had already committed four other rapes in Sweden. He was recently convicted of the violent abuse and rape of a young girl in 2008. Unfortunately, he “cannot be deported” due to the fact that he came to Sweden in 2002 claiming to be less than fifteen years of age.

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Anonymous said...

The people running that country must be TOTALLY INSANE to allow this
continuous destruction of their
people and country. Europe cannot go
this way, without even a whimper.At least bring the death penalty back
for this kind of thing, and apply
it generously.

Qualis Rex said...

This is not an indictment of the victim, and I am in NO way saying "she had it coming", but it's just common sense that if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. This woman should have NEVER gone to any "party" with a Mohammedan, regardless of whether or not she knew him, thought he was "hot", wanted to have a "good time" etc. Europeans simply do not "get it" that women in the West are simply seen as "spoils of war" and "what the right hand possesses" to Mohammedans as per the Qur'an, meaning they are fair game to rape due to their "immorality".

I repeat my earlier comment on morals: as long as Western European countries are effectively emptied of morality, they will continue to be victimized by others who adhere to their OWN morality (however perverse). In other words, had this woman stayed at home with her children rather than felt compelled to party with a Mohammedan, this would never have happened.

In street terms: don't start none, won't be none.

Anonymous said...

If he ws convicted of rape in
2008, how come he was on the streets in 2011 and not in jail?

George Pal said...

The people of the country must be totally insane for allowing the insane to run the country. There being no evidence of sanity anywhere in the country, Sweden may be the first democratically constituted asylum for the criminally, clinically, and politically insane. It's what comes of insisting every nightmare is a pleasant dream waiting to happen.

Honey said...

It is insane. Sometimes I feel like our governments hate their own people.

I moved to Sydney in the mid-90s from a regional location and had never met Muslims before. I joined the Army reserve hoping to meet people. One of the friendliest people was an Afgani guy, who during the period I knew him became an angrier and angrier person.

Eventually he told me he had been part of gang-rapes in Sydney (not the infamous ones, ones before that). He had even tried to introduce me to his Lebanese friends but I found Lebanese men scary so declined his invitation. I think he was setting me up to be gang-raped; it is like they try to find isolated women and then entrap them.

It's disgusting. Our government should be warning people that some groups have unsavoury intentions. We shouldn't have to find out that way. I know they don't want to stereotype, but a lot of ethnic groups don't hold back with their racist stereotypes of whites.

Frank Kitman said...

"If he ws convicted of rape in
2008, how come he was on the streets in 2011 and not in jail?"

he only got two years in jail.

Qualis Rex said...

Honey - you nailed it. I'm so happy you saw through them. And FYI, MUSLIM/MOHAMMEDAN Lebanese. Be sure to use this qualifyer. The Chritian Lebanese are NOT the ones doing the raping in Australia. Not one has ever been accused of any rapes there. They were ALL Mohammedan. Christian Lebs are very good people.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I can't help noticing that there's no mention of DNA recovery from the place one normally associates with intercourse, including rape.

I've heard they prefer what they're used to - and since little boys don't HAVE female parts, well....

This would seem to bear out that stereotype.....

They should each be custom-fitted for a nice new hemp necktie, then left to dance the transylvania-twist from convenient lamp-posts for as long as the fowls of the air will allow - por encourager les autres!

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, he “cannot be deported” due to the fact that he came to Sweden in 2002 claiming to be less than fifteen years of age."

A punishment quite different from deportation is required.


Anonymous said...

The Swedes I met in Stockholm in 1980 were already becoming emasculated by rampant PC/Feminism and now they and their women are easy prey for rapacious Mohammedans who hunt in packs. Swedes are now paying the price of almost a century of cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Most of rapes in France are comitted by Mohammedans or African migrants. This country open its borderline to 200 000 immigrants per year from Algeria, Maroc and Tunisia, the rapes of french women are reported with 2 or 3 short lines in a small corner of the newspaper to minimise this growing tragedy - If French people as all the Europeans don't awake up, they will pay a very strong price of their multiculturalism ideology.

Anonymous said...

Where are these victims men? Their fathers, brothers, boyfriends? What are they good for if they can not protect their women? If the government will not punish rape, how much would it punish rightful revenge?