Friday, March 30, 2012

George Galloway, Islam and Britain’s Future

Following on the Leicester Tiger’s take on yesterday’s by-election in Bradford West, Paul Weston examines the larger context of George Galloway’s victory, and what it means for the future of British politics.

George Galloway, Islam and Britain’s Future
by Paul Weston

George Galloway has won the seat of Bradford West, much to the apparent shock of the sixth-form student unionists masquerading as adult Labour politicians.

This must make Mr Andrew Neather feel a tad foolish. His proud boast that by importing the Third World Labour would “rub the noses of the right in diversity” appears to have backfired pretty spectacularly.

George GallowayBut Labour have a misguided right to feel shocked. One of the reasons for transforming Britain into a divisive multi-racial country was to ensure Labour’s rule in perpetuity. In the 2010 general election the Conservatives won only 16% of the ethnic vote, whilst Labour won the support of 72% of Bangladeshis, 78% of Afro-Caribbeans and 87% of Africans.

Labour have long pandered to the Muslim vote, for obvious reasons. Muslims wield far more electoral influence than other groups, because they vote who they are told to vote for by the local imam. Jack Straw, for example, was utterly dependent on the Islamic bloc vote in Blackburn, hence his uniformly anti-English sentiment.

But the sheer vacuous stupidity of Labour politicians and their complete inability to absorb the reality of Islam means the Galloway success is only just the beginning. Ken Livingstone will run for Mayor of London on a pro-Islam ticket. Lutfur Rahman, a Muslim with links to hard-line Islamists, is already mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets: The East London Mosque

Contrary to the wishful thinking of Labour’s traitor class, Muslims will not vote for them once they become demographically large enough to vote for one of their own — or even for fanatically grovelling Islamic apologists such as the infidel Galloway. So if the Muslim demographic continues to double every decade — as it has since 1960 — then the future of British politics (and Britain) can only become increasingly Islamic.

Galloway’s election spiel had little to do with Britain or the British; he pandered only to the Muslims, even invoking Pakistan and Kashmir in a letter beginning with “A Salaam o Aleukum”. Some snippets follow:

God knows who is a Muslim. And he knows who is not….let me point out to the Muslims brothers and sisters what I stand for…..I, George Galloway, do not drink alcohol and never have… I, George Galloway have fought for Muslims at home and abroad, all of my life….what has the Labour candidate ever done for Bradford let alone Pakistan and Kashmir?… etc etc.

Muslims vote on tribal/religious lines. As their numbers swell to six million, twelve million, twenty-four million over the next few decades, so Britain will cease to resemble the cohesive liberal democracy our ancestors fought to preserve.

Immigrants in Birmingham

We have already seen widespread Muslim electoral fraud, courtesy of the postal vote. Out of a turnout of only some 30,000 in the Bradford West by-election, 33% of votes cast were by postal ballot. And this comes on top of Baroness Warsi’s claim that the last general election was swayed by Muslim postal vote fraud.

So there goes the democratic representation of Great Britain. Certain constituencies now revolve only around the Islamic faith and the internal squabbles of countries far away. Why is the Kashmir question relevant to the non-Muslims of Bradford?

I can only hope that I live to see the day when our present political class is held accountable for the betrayal of their country and their own people.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

How will Labour react? In the only way they can, by going even more towards islam in their desperation to regain their "lost" voters. They can't turn right - heh - but even the Tories are stuck in this appeasing of mozlems!!
"O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"!!

Nemesis said...

London has around one sixth of the British population within its town limits. London and other large cities like Bradford, also have a large proportion of all immigrant numbers. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the immigrant vote now matters. I can't recall the turnout at the last general election, but I believe it was well below that of previous general elections which tells me that the majority of voters are not even bothering to cast a vote.

It would be interesting to compare the voter turnout at the last general election to all previous elections going back to the 1960's when all this 'diversity' was first imposed upon an unsuspecting British public.

My guess is that over the decades as the masses of non-British immigrants were starting to become apparent to the native British populaton, and the governments of the day became less and less representative to Britain and its native peoples, a lot of Britons just gave up voting for any party in outright disgust.

Maybe Mr. Weston could research what I have suggested which could provide some valuable insights into what could influence those native Brits that have given up voting to once again front up to the ballot box, and which in all likelyhood could change the dynamics of future elections.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I tried searching how may polling stations there are in Bradford West and got nowhere. I have lived in towns/cities all my life and have never been further away than 500 yards from my nearest polling station. Why is it neccessary for 1/3 of Bradford Wests voters to use the postal system?

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Salvation is well within our grasp,
even via the electoral process, if the sheeple are presented with a
decent leader and can wake up in time.If the vast majority of Ethnic Britons [80% plus']fail to vote we can never win democratically. The followers of the 'Perverts Charter'
[Koran]all vote, and they make up a significant proportion of ALL those
voting.If everyone voted, the votes of the followers of the Perverts Charter would be irrelevant.

Vortac said...

Emphasising all the time that "present political class will be held accountable" will just ensure their increasing and continuous loyalty to islam. Under future islamic rule, they will become second-class citizens but they will remain ALIVE and reasonably well-off which is still much better than to be "held accountable" (i.e. ending up in prison, not to mention other more unpleasant endings).

As the times get tougher, many lower-echelons Labour politicians will soon start with usual whining: "I am not really responsible for this upheaval, we were forced to appease islam, I never really believed in Labour leadership". Such people will then be ready to change sides, if given a chance to make such a move. Wise politician should leave one way out open for them, otherwise they will stick with islam beyond the very end. It's time to start thinking about allies, because chances of single-handedly winning the fight against islam are steadily decreasing, as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

Vortac: So, you've got it all figured out, then?

Well, I have a different opinion. When the winds change, the British people should BAN the lower level Labour leaders from ever holding any public office again. Period.

If you rely on quislings as allies, then you are bound to be let down when quislings continue to change allegiance depending on who is winning - whether it be the Muslims or the New World Order of the Muslim-led United Nations.

To me, the danger is that newly 'sympathetic' lower level Labour leaders will act as double agents for their Muslim masters in the coming civil wars!

History is chock-full of examples of foolish rebellious leaders who lay down their arms after 'peace' talks - only to have threatened leaders SLAUGHTER the rebellious leaders and ALL of their naive supporters.

Here and now, it's all about oil - who has it - and who does NOT have it. Get your own oil, and you will get independence from Islam.

This war will NOT be won at the street level if the Muslims and their friends turn off the oil that supplies food and water.

English people need to stockpile private reserves of food and water.


Vortac said...

Just one quick example: during the Croato-Serbian wars in former Yugoslavia, Croatia offered full amnesty to all Serbs who took arms against independent Croatian state, but didn't commit war crimes. If we could be so generous towards former armed rebels, native Britons can surely consider pardoning some of their own people. Labour party has almost 200 thousand members, don't tell me that they are all traitors and quislings? Even former Nazis were not all "held accountable" nor permanently banished from public offices.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vortac: Different time, different situation. I rather doubt that your own governmental leadership has facilitated the mass importation of Islam over the objections of the native Christian population! Plus, Christian Croatia has a very small Muslim population to worry about at the present time. It is quite a different proposition to allow quisling British politicians and Labour party members to remain free British citizens versus to remain the leaders of free British citizens whom they actively tried to enslave to Islam. You may feel differently about amnesty for government leaders if and when Croatian leaders import Islam hand over fist into Croatia instead of defending Christian religion and Western civilization against the most barbaric and backward aggressors that the world has ever known.


"Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats (89.6%), while minorities include Serbs (4.5%), and 21 other ethnicities (less than 1% each)."

"One explanation for the recent population decrease is the Croatian War of Independence. During the war, large sections of the population were displaced and emigration increased. In 1991, in predominantly Serb areas, more than 400,000 Croats and other non-Serbs were either removed from their homes by the Croatian Serb forces or fled the violence.[8] In 1995, during the final days of the war, more than 120,000 and perhaps as many as 200,000 Serbs fled the country before the arrival of Croatian forces during Operation Storm.[9][10] Within a decade following the end of the war, only 117,000 Serb refugees returned out of the 300,000 displaced during the entire war.[11] Most of Croatia's remaining Serbs never lived in areas occupied in the Croatian War of Independence. Serbs have been only partially re-settled in the regions they previously inhabited, while some of the settlements previously inhabited by Serbs were settled by Croat refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly from Republika Srpska."

"The main religions of Croatia are Roman Catholicism 87.8%, Orthodox Christianity 4.4%, other Christianity 0.4%, Islam 1.3%, other unspecified 0.9%, and none 5.2%."

Demographics of Croatia

Anonymous said...

With Islam democracy is not possible. The idea of democracy is that the government allows opposition to win elections. In islamic law it's otherwise - opposition is killed under accusations of blasphemy, apostasy or sth. similar.

Islam is a form of artificial breeding of religious people by increasing the reproductive rate of religious and killing of anti-religious while persecuting non-religious.