Monday, March 26, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/26/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/26/2012Dubai’s police chief warns that the Muslim Brotherhood has plans to overthrow the emirs and kings of the Gulf region and establish full Islamic rule. Their goal is to be achieved gradually, with the current leaders turned into figureheads before eventually being deposed.

In other news, French president Nicolas Sarkozy says that Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi is not welcome in France.

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Nemesis said...

On the Queensland election; a truly fantastic result, and a result that without any stretch of the imagination is a harbinger for the federal government when it comes time to give it what it so rightly deserves come 2013!

wheatington said...

But will these new members get rid of Muslims. Or even try to get rid of them?

Nemesis said...

wheatington....we have more chance with 'conservatives' in state and federal government than the socialists they will replace. And while I despair at times at the complete lack of current world events that 'conservatives' so often display, I believe is it up to all of us to push our elected reps. to at least recognize the genuine concerns that a lot of us have regarding Islam's encroachment and the Left's destructive policies.

In other words, if we wish to avoid the coming troubles that Europe and Britain will see, it is up to all of us who value our freedoms to become 'politically active'.

I'm doing my bit, how about you?