Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2012A supermarket in upstate New York has posted a sign on one of its checkout lines asking customers purchasing alcohol or pork to please use a different register. The checkout clerk at that particular register is a teenage Muslima who says she is uncomfortable handling alcohol or pork because of her religion, and the store management put up the sign in an effort to accommodate her.

In other news, Greece’s trade deficit dropped by almost 30% in January, but the reduction was almost entirely due to a decrease in domestic demand as a result of the financial crisis, and not because of an increase in exports.

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Anonymous said...

I won't shop at Wegman's any more. Logically if all the cashiers were muslim and objected to handling alcohol or pork Wegman's would be forced to stop selling either one.

Anonymous said...

I live in upstate New York. I am assuming this was Wegmans? They are by far the largest chain in the area, family owned and operated. And now, minus a family full of customers. The young lady knew going into the job what would be required.To accommodate her religious requirements is ridiculous. As a Christian, I would have a problem checking out half of the magazines they have in the aisles. Somehow I doubt they would ask paying customers to bow to my religious sensibilities, and carry their goods to the next check out over.

babs said...

Sorry Anon 6:48 You don't count. Suck it up and get over it. There are more important issues to discuss vs. your slights...

babs said...

You should take the time to speak to the manager of the store and tell him how offended you are. You should also write a letter to the corporate office telling them as well how offended you are.
When I first moved to NY I was disgusted by the service in my local grocery. I got into a number of arguements with the store management. In fact, the disgust with the local grocery became cocktail circuit conversation.
Eventually, they were driven out of business.
If you do not like the changes in your local grocery you have to SPEAK UP. Just boycotting the store won't get what you want.
Imagine the slow progression to every other grocery. Then where will you shop?

Laura9 said...

Rather than boycott, you and ten dozen of your friends need to go to this store and stock up on bacon. Use this specific line, and politely decline to use another. If the girl refuses to process your purchases, complain to the manager of her racist behavior.

There must be some calm and firm and visible pushback to this sort of thing.