Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shoot the Boer (Again)

We’ve posted videos in the past showing South African officials singing about “killing the Boer”. But this latest call for genocide one isn’t being sung by some low-level flunky — this is Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, singing with joy and enthusiasm about killing white people. The occasion was a conference at Vodacom stadium in Bloemfontein on Sunday, 8 January 2012.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The reader who sent the tip for the video had this to say:

You are probably aware there’s been a rumour going around South Africa for quite a while. It goes something like this: when Nelson Mandela dies, the Blacks will rise up and the Whites will be killed.

The ANC Youth League president Julius Malema was recently expelled for, amongst other things. calling for the killing of White South Africans. The South African president, Jacob Zuma, appears to have very recently called for the killing of Whites. Some of those who have commented the video affirm that the translation is in fact correct. Please publicise the existence of this video.

Genocide Watch placed SA on Level Six — ‘Preparation for Genocide’ last year.

Genocide Watch recently returned SA to Level Five. Obviously this downgrading was premature. It is vitally important to alert the world to what is being done to Whites in SA.

I am completely gobsmacked that the president of South Africa has called for the killing of Whites. In the video the president and those around him seem utterly relaxed and even jolly as they sing this dirge of death.

The fate of White South Africans is potentially the fate of all the Whites in the West when they inevitably become minorities in their own lands. The demographics in the Western countries are changing much faster than we are aware of or are led to believe.


Columnist said...

The Boers taught the Black man Christianity. Christianity taught the Black man colonialism is wrong.
Or does Christianity?

Lime Lite said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone . What did they think would happen to South African under black rule? Not only are whites suffering, but many millions of blacks are also. Yet, next election they'll vote for the corrupt, evil ANC again. The ANC are stealing South Africa blind, yet their people say nothing. And neither does the world, or the liberals out there who pushed for this to happen. When South Africa resembles Zimbabwe one day, then maybe someone will wake up. Or maybe not. The next 'enemy' is Israel after all. Stand strong and don't make the same mistake South Africa made!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this video on your blog. Us whites living in South Africa are watching all this with trepidation.
jacob zuma speaks with "forked tongue" when he speaks to his anc cadres, this is the kind of rhetoric that comes out of his and all his cronies mouth's. When he speaks to the white community and the international media he speaks in a totally different manner.
We fear that after Mandela has died, the systematic Genocide that is already being committed against the White Farming Community, will spread throughout the country.
It is time for the whole world to see and hear what is going on here in South Africa!!

Lex said...

This young fellow gets it -

Anonymous said...

And the mainstream media - BBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, et al.... [crickets]

Pierre_Picaud said...

If the Dutch are smart they will open their borders so the Boer can return to their ancestral homelands when these massacres inevitably begin. (This is far from certain though as the Lisbon treaty defines asylum and refugee policy as an increasing competence of the EU.)

If they do this Holland might just buy itself 10-20 years of staving off the demographic inevitability of being eradicated by "people of Moroccan background".

Boers also know how to fight.

Anonymous said...

It's not genocide if it a minority committing it don'tcha know.

laine said...

Whatever advantages South Africa has/had compared to its neighbors are a degenerating white patrimony that is unappreciated with the resulting wealth merely appropriated, but the cultural machinery not maintained (as it was in India) by the new black overlords. As with American blacks, African blacks in formerly colonial areas seem to get their greatest joy from rejecting whites and the culture associated with them, including a legal and work ethic that brings success to any race or creed that follows it or invents something similar themselves (Asians come to mind). Talk about literally shooting yourself in both feet since blacks on both sides of the Atlantic have substituted nothing productive for their nihilism and are extremely fond of gun play or failing that, machetes. South Africa having progressed the farthest under whites will take longer than Zimbabwe to deteriorate, but deteriorate it will. As we saw with Obama's so called church, Black Christianity hardly seems Christian as its very ministers are often the most racist against whites and part of the problem. Even if a realistic and constructive black leader appeared again (and Mandela was highly over-rated, merely because the old communist was less bad than the worst of African leaders) the masses would not follow what they would consider boring prescriptions full of hard work and eschewing violence. Their tribal competitive nature militates toward stamping out other tribes, even ones that closely resemble them (Hutus vs Tutsis in Rwanda). White flight will accelerate for survival (no mercy will be shown to those who stay too long) and South Africa will revert like American cities dominated by blacks into swamps of ghetto behavior, idleness and corruption. The veneer of civilization will rub off in other words. Only those blacks who get beyond the tribalism of mere race and join the tribe of conservatives or business owners or teachers etc. escape poverty and violence. But too often, scratch even such an accomplished black or half black as in Obama's case and the primeval urge to be racist and tear down whites emerges. Whites at the behest of its liberals (a poison pill that no other race has developed) have been damping down their own survival mechanism of discrimination for generations now. But simultaneously white libs have been feeding black racism by urging them to dwell on grievances, ancient real ones or imagined in the present. Leftist libs with their disordered "thinking" and inability to learn from experience will be the death of us all.

laine said...

Whites have been made scapegoats for all the world's problems, past and present (and for these purposes Jews are lumped in with whites). The inhuman behavior of all other races both past and present is airbrushed out of lib history books. Centuries of Japanese vs Chinese and Muslim vs Hindu mistreatment of each other require no groveling apologies. Neither does the longest lasting slave trade conducted by Arabs and African blacks with millions of whites as victims. American Natives do not regret their extermination of rival tribes. In the present, how many people turned a hair when Muslim militias at the behest of a Muslim government slaughtered 500,000 black Africans in Sudan including women and children? Do you think you might have heard a bit more disapproval if the killers had been white? In the same time period, Israeli Jews were condemned repeatedly at the UN and elsewhere for the deaths of a handful of Palestinians in retaliation for Palestinian aggression. 500,000 innocents dead at Muslim hands and radio silence. A handful of Arab fighters dead at Jewish hands and there's no end to the media cacophony. The whites who still retain common sense (non-libs) have to throw off the pernicious lib invention of political correctness and its false accusation of racism toward the people who are now the LEAST racist on the planet (and therefore most at risk of extermination) i.e. whites. Discrimination against other races is a form of survival mechanism. Laying down yours unilaterally while agitating the rest to build up their racism against you is race suicide, pure and simple. Either everyone puts down their race cudgel or whites have to become more tribal to survive. (Short sighted blacks don't seem to understand that blacks unbuffered by whites will lose to the much more canny and ruthless Asians who don't feed their children but give them guns to kill each other and make their resources more available).

Anonymous said...

If the white southafricans had been blessed with a little more brains and a little less feling of being better than anybody else ,they could have retreated in the eighties to a much smaller white homeland in the souternmost part of the country , and become a majority there . Instread they clung fewerishly to all-or-nothing , and got nothing . This is an important lesson for the future of Europe , for whom an BALCANISATION process might soon be the only hope of escaping a future as minority-dhimmies in a sea of muslim domination . This is what happened to the Germans at Stalingrad as well , if you cant cope psycologicly with retreat , youre finished.

Ole Burde

Anonymous said...

Europe and the U.S. (and for that matter the Africans)would have never tolerated a White only homeland in SA.

It would always be seen as a colonial holdover and it's residents punished.

The major Western powers would have eventually forced the Whites to accept Blacks and in time Black rule.

laine said...

It's obvious that whites would never have been allowed their own country within Africa. We're not allowed one even in our own ancestral lands! Multicult is forced on and enforced only in European white established countries as supposed atonement for "racism". However, the world is content to let every other race be racist and keep large chunks of the planet exclusively for their use: China for the Chinese, India for E. Indians, Africa for blacks, South and Central America for hispanics, the Mid-East exclusively for Muslims/Arabs/Iranis. An envious world cannot tolerate whites having a good time (and excellent standard of living) on their own without being forced to share.

Anonymous said...

If the whites had drawn back to a DEFENSIBLE homeland , noboddy could have stopped them anymore than they could stop Israel from drawing back from Gaza and building its securityfence . Dont forget they had a nuclear weapon and a battlehardend army comparable to Israels , an army who like the israeli one had adapted itself to become the dominant military power in its local environment . The fact that noboddy even tried to make this realistic form of "apartheid" (=separation) happen , doesnt mean it couldnt have happened , but only that the major actors were suffering from major illusions , until much too late.
Its never too late too learn from the past . To believe that the white comunity in Southafrica were automaticly "doomed" by their sins and/or that they were automaticly too week to determine their own fate , is to succomb to the PC-brainwash we have been drowning in for a generation . The lessons are many , and perhabs the most important one is that WE have to do our own manual dirty-work , in order NOT to become terminally addicted to cheap imported third-world labour , whether muslims in Europe , Latinos in the US or blacks in Southafrica . If the white southafricans had not been terminally adicted , they might have had the same kind of chance as Israel (who was build on the ideology of "hebrew work)
Think about it next time you consider a piece of " White Trash" mowing your lawn , empying your garbage bin or asking your daughter out ... think about it if your son wants to work as agarage mecanic instead of studying french literature...
As you might have guessed I have hard skin on my hands !

Ole Burde

Foregone said...

Well, they've got a very good bass section, mind, but no top tenors, that's for sure.

Papa Whiskey said...

Were this to happen, it might have two countervailing positive effects:

1) America could become a refuge for white South Africans, whose mass immigration could favorably alter our demographic situation.

2) Such a catastrophe could wise up white Americans, alerting them to their potential fate under a "majority-minority" regime and prompting them to discard their current deferential attitude toward black racial chauvinism.

Personally, I doubt that either eventuality will come to pass, as the whites of South Africa are probably capable of forestalling their annihilation.

Robert L. said...

@Papa Whiskey -- I'm curious: how do you suppose the white population is capable of forestalling their annihilation? From what I understand, they have mostly all been kicked out of positions of power in the country. And a huge percentage of them are now living in material squalor, such as was completely unknown twenty years ago.

Bierpens said...

Please advice who did the translation of the Zulu to English.

chris said...

The only solution for the Boers (white Afrikaners) is self determination on sovereign territorial basis (own state).

R7 Rocket said...

Killing off or expelling the Afrikaners in a great Uhuru war would be an enormous logistical undertaking for the ANC. There are over 3 MILLION Afrikaners. This isn't a few thousand scattered Anglo-whites in Zimbabwe. This doesn't even include a further 3 million Afrikaans-speaking Cape Coloureds who the black dominated ANC would also have to liquidate.
That's six million people folks. It took the High IQ peoples of Germany, Russia, and China a huge amount of industrial effort and forward planning to conduct their extermination campaigns. The medium IQ Arabs of Khartoum in a landlocked country could not even eliminate the six million people of Darfur despite having considerably greater numbers. Plus, South Africa has a huge unprotected coastline with the Atlantic and Indian Oceans which can resupply the Afrikaner resistance fighters with fresh ammunition, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and other ordinance. Provided if the Afrikaner is willing to live in a small defensible homeland where he is willing to do all the dirty work.

Columnist said...

Bierpens said... 17 Please advice who did the translation of the Zulu to English.

3/22/2012 8:56 AM

If the Boers had learned Zulu and Xhosa, they would be far harder targets.

padlangs said...

The translation is not entirely correct. A more direct (and accurate) translation of the song is as follows:

Sizobadulula ngembayimbayi,

We will shoot at them with a machine gun

bazobaleka du;

They will run away

Sizobadulula ngembayimbayi,

We will shoot at them with a machine gun

bazobaleka dulula;

They will run away – shoot

Ulibhunu, sizokushaya, uzodutshulwa;

You are a Boer, we will hit you, you will be shot

Ulibhunu, sizokushaya, uzobaleka du;

You are a Boer, we will hit you, you will run away

Sizobadulula, bazobaleka dulula;

We will shoot at them, they will run away – shoot

Sizobadulula, bazobaleka dulula;

We will shoot at them, they will run away – shoot

Ulibhunu, sizokushaya, uzobaleka dulula;

You are a Boer, we will hit you, you will run away - shoot

Ulibhunu, sizokushaya, uzobaleka dulula;

You are a Boer, we will hit you, you will run away - shoot

iCabinet izoyidulula, izobaleka dulula;

The Cabinet will be shot, it will run away - shoot

iCabinet izoyidulula, izobaleka dulula;

The Cabinet will be shot, it will run away - shoot

Ulibhunu, sizokushaya, uzobaleka.

You are a Boer, we will hit you, you will run away.

** Crowd/chorus sing in background: ”dulula ngembayimbayi” – translated as “shoot with a machine gun”.

NB: It is important to note that this is a struggle song against apartheid, hence the enemy was collectively called a boer since they were the architects of the apartheid regime hence the song refers to the boer cabinet.

The word umbayimbayi is used to denote a very powerful gun and is subject to many interpretations about the actual nature of that gun hence I think an artillery gun based on the age of this song is more suitable other than a machine gun interpretation.

Columnist said...

@padlangs said... 21

As I said, knowledge of languages is very useful. You are an example of this.

Anonymous said...

Now the world can see why apartheid was established. When apartheid was in place South Africa was punished by the world with sanctions and boycotts. I even remember groups protesting in Europe that more must be done to end apartheid. 90% African People unfortunately never will accept laws or discipline. Just look at the world's prison populations by race. I have come across many you tube videos that reflects how things are going in South Africa. Till this day i hear the media reporting on a daily basis blacks blaming apartheid for the state of the country.

I have been saying for years that our leaders from the past made a huge mistake by not forming a defendable home land. The apartheid regime gave many ethnic groups their own homelands in the past.

The problem with White South Africans is that they do not stand together. Place 3 Boers in a prison and they will come out with 3 political parties; 3 Churches and 3 schools. What the Boers need is a leader, anybody that show signs of leading the Boers to freedom is swiftly silenced.

In 2010 my Parents was attacked and tortured on their small holding by 2x black men. A week later the government hospital sent him home and he died 2 days later. The postmortem was released 8 months later stating that he died of lung cancer and the police closed their investigation. I still believe to this day that no investigation ever took place as we never received any feedback from the SAPS.

There are a evil force loose in this country and one can feel the tension rising. Soon true agendas will be revealed.

White South African